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You could be here.

In all our travels in the MAKE community, we’ve found makers to be creative, resourceful, perpetually curious, self-motivated and able to solve just about any problem placed in front of them.

That also describes the people we want working here. We are hiring for a web product manager, web analytics manager and WordPress developers. If you have skills in these areas, please consider applying. Working remotely is fine though we ask that you come visit the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area (at our expense) once a quarter.

These positions are posted on Linkedin here:  You can apply through LinkedIn.

Parker Thomas

Parker Thomas

Parker leads the team that keeps and running. He used to build two-seat, 200 mph airplanes and now focuses on treehouses, zip lines, Lego dioramas (Hogwarts and Tattooine), pens and anything else his kids want to build. He can be reached at [email protected]

  • Randall “texrat” Arnold

    Nice opportunities, wish I had those skills!