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Argentinian cardboard artist Pablo Curutchet will be just one of the 100+ makers convening in Santiago, Chile this coming weekend for Santiago’s second annual Maker Faire.  Some of you may have seen Pablo’s fantastic 2012 giant cardboard man installation in Cordoba, Argentina.  At the Santiago Mini Maker Faire, he’ll be constructing a very big cardboard dog.

Another famous South American maker tribe, Parguay’s Landfill Harmonic, will be in residence at the fair and performing. If you somehow missed the 3 minute video about the story behind this orchestra and their homemade instruments made from Cateura’s landfill—or last night’s 60 Minutes feature—here’s your chance to catch up on one of the more inspiring maker videos of the last few years:

Then there’s cool U.S. maker Travis Feldman. His project, Molecule Synthis the world’s first physical electronics modular synthesizer and experimenter’s design set. By arranging and rearranging hexagon-shaped modules, users can create their own musical sounds and design their own instrument!

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Just one more to whet your appetite…

RE:3D will be presenting his Gigabot, one of the largest comercial 3D printers built to last. I saw this machine at Maker Faire New York this past September, and can attest to the impressive scale of their prints.

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That friendly fellow above is Santiago Mini Maker Faire organizer Tiburcio de la Carcova.  Kudos to he and his team for creating a fantastic South American anchor event for Maker Faire!

Watch the MAKE blog for more reporting over the weekend from Santiago Mini Maker Faire.

Sabrina Merlo

Sabrina is the Maker Faire Program Director. She works on stage content for the flagship fairs (Bay Area & New York), and also runs Maker Faire’s licensing program for locally and independently produced “Mini” Maker Faires. She also co-creates the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in her town, Oakland, CA.

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