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The human sacrifice, posing with his robotic predator just before the hunt.

The human sacrifice, posing with his robotic predator just before the hunt.

MAKE visited the folks at Game of Drones in sunny American Canyon two Sundays ago to see the latest in DIY battle drones. We saw a man running from hellfire of paintballs rained down from above. We found a group discussing lasers and wooden battle props. We saw copters crashing in the sky. “Hey, I want to strap on a Go Pro and crash into you.” This isn’t your everyday fly-in. Here are a few of our favorite scenes.


And here are some moving photographical images to really help you feel the energy of the day.

First, two quadcopters battling for dominance of the sky.

Also, one man with a paintball gun cowering helplessly as a hexcopter pelts paint-filled projectiles at his person.

Finally, here’s some sweet FPV footage from one of the pilots at the event.

Game of Drones – Fly In – Launch Event from Singinius on Vimeo.

Sam Freeman

Sam Freeman

Raised in the galactic capital of Earth, Sam Freeman was destined to work for Make Labs – testing, designing, and breaking projects for MAKE.



  1. terre says:

    Am I the only one who sees the future and it’s not a bunch of happy go lucky makers in a field controlling the drones?

  2. Rahere says:

    Nope, they’re to be conscripted as worker Bees in an Amazon hive. Someone recently pointed out that the average van is about 600 times as efficient, and guarantees delivery. Just dumping it on the lawn is a certain way to see it walk around here, indeed rumour has it a chain-gun factory is being built to down their drones before they get anywhere near.

  3. terre says:

    Wasn’t even thinking about amazon…

  4. V says:

    Are these truly autonomous drones or just remote controlled quadopters? (There is a VERY big difference)

    1. Sam Freeman says:

      These were remote controlled. Sorry for the confusion, the post has been updated.

  5. El7ias says:

    That was a lot of fun! Thanks for being there Make!