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Wearable electronics wizard Becky Stern wrote to tell us about a stylish new “Cyberpunk Spikes” project she created for Adafruit Industries. For under $100 in parts and materials (which includes an entire spool of Ninjaflex), you too can make and wear these limber desktop 3D printable accessories.

Make your own flexible, spiky, glowing accessory using NeoPixel strip diffused by NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing filament! Magnets let you attach the spikes to anything in your wardrobe. The soft flexible enclosure holds GEMMA, the tiny microcontroller that animates the LEDs, and a rechargeable lipoly battery.

Ready to get started? Check out the detailed project instructions available on the Adafruit Learning System and grab the printable files from Thingiverse. You’ll also want to check out their Ninjaflex guide for extrusion temps and printing tricks.

Already ordering the parts and downloading the files? Becky invites you to share your Cyberpunk Spike creations and variations on Adafruit’s weekly show and tell on Google+.


Have you created cyberpunk fashions of you own? Write me at anna <at> makermedia <dot> com. I’d love to hear about them!

Anna Kaziunas France

Anna Kaziunas France is the Digital Fabrication Editor of Maker Media. She runs the digital fabrication hardware testing for Make:. If you’re a digital fabrication hardware vendor who would like to submit a tool for review (3D printer, CNC, laser cutter, etc.), contact Anna directly at: anna [@] makermedia [dot] com.

She’s also the Dean of Students for the Global Fab Academy program, the co-author of Getting Started with MakerBot, compiled the Make: 3D Printing book and ran the 2014 3D Printer Shootout.

Find her on her personal site, Twitter, , and Facebook.

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