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7 meters of RGB LEDs crammed onto a centurion’s helmet? It makes perfect sense once you see it in action.

When you’re a creative developer with a name like Roman, you’re bound to find yourself recreating things from antiquity. Roman Porry found his inevitable foray into ancient Roman culture resulted in this interactive centurion helmet.

5 The Centurion Project: LED Helmet

Roman Wrote into the Adafruit Blog to explain how he started with an old movie prop that had a horse hair plume. A modern day centurion would need something a bit more flashy, so he removed that, and replaced it with a laser cut panel and 25 rows of Adafruit neopixels amounting to just under 7 meters.

4 The Centurion Project: LED Helmet

The LEDs are being run by an Arduino Due which is getting its information from Cinder, an open source library for creating impressive visuals.

It is still very much a work in progress, but as you can see in the video above, it appears to be coming along quite nicely.

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