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powered by Movers & MakersLast year, 10 contestants consisting of individuals or groups of makers were given the challenge of designing their “Ultimate Maker Vehicle” using a 2014 Ford Transit Connect. We’ve seen earlier Transit Connect models outfitted for drone and motorcycle transport, as a mobile photography studio and camper, and even for the delivery of microgreens.

However the Ultimate Maker Vehicle challenge was simply a proposal, a hypothetical “what if” build with real-world limitations like physics and budget. Eventually four members from Twin Cities Maker in Minneapolis were announced the winners, and awarded an incredibly large check for their entry, the Hackmobile.

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In the Hackmobile, multiple sliding racks provide several workstation and fabrication platforms, as well as access to storage of materials for electronics prototyping and additive manufacturing on-the-go. The idea of swiveling seats, a ceiling-mounted projector, and even POV LED hubcaps further excited us about this already impressive entry.

Now the challenge is on! The folks from CGS Motorsports in Chino, California, have been tasked with actually fabricating the Hackmobile for unveiling at Maker Faire Bay Area, just two short weekends from now.

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We’re as excited as you are to see the Hackmobile in person. I can’t wait to see how the elements of the vehicle interoperate and imagine workflow in the field. Look for the unveiling early on Saturday, May 17th, at Maker Faire Bay Area, and we’ll also post the unveiling here for those of you who can’t make it to this year’s “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth.”

As a reminder, here are the entry videos from the contest. We hope these videos will inspire you with ideas for designing your own Ultimate Maker Vehicle:

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