Is it fair to say this was the best Maker Faire yet? Yes, it is. Check out these hot-off-the-card shots from Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 by our photo editor Jeffrey Braverman and photographer Gunther Kirsch.

  • Cornelia Hoskin

    Looking forward to watching the Chris Anderson presentation!

  • Ted Chiasson

    Ok, just need to comment on your new gallery setup. It has issues. In order to have the “next” button on-screen, I need to scroll down far enough that the top of the picture is cut off. Am I missing something? I realize I could have better resolution, but running on a TV/media computer, this is a fail.

    • Jake Spurlock

      Yeah, there are some issues when we run more then ten images… FYI, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to go through the slideshow.