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f41580c2c79f2c13ed092ccc9d5f26c2 DIY Edge of Tomorrow Exoskelleton From Household Materials

This incredible exoskeleton, patterned after the film Edge of Tomorrow, is actually built from basic household items. Peter Kokis poured over 300 hours of work into creating this movie replica with painstaking detail. He used all kinds of peculiar items in this build. It can be surprising what interesting shapes you can create with household items.

mousetrap,  kitchen egg timer,  hair clipper spacer,  6 toilet paper roll holders,  air hose, digital voltmeter,  handy talky,  ergonomic bottle opener,  6 lawn sprinklers,  weightlifting belt, 4 shoe formers,  7 kneepads,  3 bicycle frame bottle holders,  3 egg slicers,  3 water gun mags, 52 velcro straps,  3 compasses,  door hinge,  5 flashlights,  6 flower pot bases,  telephone cords, 2 hacksaw handles,  lots of ice skate blade guards,  2 toolbox lids,  toolkit box,  4 utility boxes,  nomex flight gloves,  faux flight suit,  Army boots,  lots of military web gear,  headband,  3 faucet strainers,  paintball mask,  ski goggles,  sport helmet,  4 hockey leg guards,  2 shin guards,  ShopVac parts,  door closer parts,  4 spraypaint can pistol grips,  embroidered skull,  wire bundle hangers, outdoor outlet cover,  nylon rope,  thermos parts,  swimmers’ kick board,  fish tank manifold, 4 storage bin dividers,  2 electrical connector bars,  2 radiator knobs,  toy truck parts,  toy rifle, lots of plumbing supplies,  lots of vitamin and soda bottlecaps,  lots of electrical tubing

It looks incredible, as though it walked right out of the movie. While it looks like it could weigh a ton, he says it weighs 150 pounds. Not quite light, but certainly not as impossible to carry as it appears at first. Then a gain, I personally might need an exoskeleton just to be able to lug around 150 lbs all day!

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Caleb Kraft

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