Make teeny tiny feet even more adorable with this super-cute crochet baby flip flop sandals pattern from Bethany at Whistle & Ivy!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • carol

    trying to get the pattern for the baby flip flop sandals

  • Rachel

    I am not really understanding the toe strap instructions. I have it made but I don’t understand how it attaches to make it so the big toe goes separate from the other toes. Does the attached strap get attached and that’s where the toe goes and the separate piece is just the over strap? Any one have any other pictures of this made?

  • Remi

    What do you mean Single Crochet into the same stitch? Tha’s been my biggest challenge during this…I’ve been guessing…… But it doesn’t work to go through the same stitch, it falls out. :(

    • ali

      I’m guessing you are doing a slip stitch, not a single crochet, if it falls out. Are you in the UK, perhaps?

  • angela

    I would like see video show so I will understand this.

  • angela

    try looking for show me how to look with baby flip flop sandals.
    please video.

  • Tina Melancon

    I can’t even download the pattern. What’s up with that?

  • Connie Bowling

    How can I get this pattern?

  • Betty Roth

    How can I get this pattern?

  • Alex

    Thats a nice pattern o.o got it on Powerbank!!

  • Mary Downs

    I don’t understand all the pattern. How can I get better instructions?

  • http://sparkleanddoomdesigns.com/ Anita Jensen

    Great pattern. I’m making a 3-6mo pair for a client. I had to add 2 chains to the back strap and change the heel space to make it even. But very cute!

  • Debbie

    can someone post the pattern? It wont come up

  • Tina Kelly

    While I don’t have infant feet around to try these on yet, the pattern does not make what is shown. The pattern is written so that the part that goes between the toes is crocheted attached to the edge of the flipflop. The picture makes it look as though it is attached to the sole (away from the edge/inside of the edge), much like an actual flipflop. argh. I’m hoping I can make necessary adjustments but would appreciate any feedback.

  • Jenna Lee

    love this pattern, thank u so much! easy and so quick to whip up. al though i dont use the strap across the foot… i just use thethong part and add decor from there :) great job

  • Carol Anne Stamm

    I am trying to print this pattern. I want to make these for my first great-granddaughter! But when I print it, the words are interspersed with keyboard symbols &%?%@. How can I print it so it is readable?

  • Nancy Droste

    I would like the pattern for these flipflop sandals. I’ll like to know how many stitches you should have when you finish the sole, as I am having a problem with the heel strap. I’d like the written instructions.