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drenehtsral’s Makeshift Bubble Machine uses a CPU fan and gear motor to produce bubbles

drenehtsral’s Makeshift Bubble Machine uses a CPU fan and gear motor to produce bubbles, and fascination

Kids are simple when it comes to entertainment, even a cardboard box can have the same magic effect as a videogame console does at providing pure enjoyment. The same can be said for bubbles, which have amazed and astounded children since the 17th century (perhaps longer). What’s better than blowing bubbles you ask? How about a machine that does it for you, such as the one created by maker Drenehtral to amuse his kids.

His ‘Makeshift bubble machine’ was designed using a 15-rpm gear motor that rotates the bubble loops through the soapy solution that sits in a cutout plastic vinegar bottle. A CPU case fan provides the blowing power, which is powered by a 12V battery and a 5V regulator to maintain a steady rpm (too fast and the bubbles are a no-go). All the electronics and battery are housed in a Rubbermaid Roughneck 3-gallon plastic tub, giving it that ‘neat, streamlined’ look. Obviously, you could simply purchase a bubble machine to keep your kids endlessly entertained, but where is the fun in that? Not to mention using materials that are already on hand, makes this a cheaper alternative. See the YouTube video below for more.


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