The Bazaar is back for this year’s Maker Faire with 85 amazing booths to peruse. The variety of wares for sale is astounding and everyone is sure to find something that will spark their fancy. Here is just a small sample of what is awaiting you under the Bazaar tent.

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Claire Sanders from Fluff Engine has a variety of stuffed animals for sale. While most are normal, but still fun, her adorable snails have a little secret inside. Their shells can unroll and reveal a pocket where you can hide a note. Once you roll the snail’s shell back up, you can give it to someone “snail mail” style. If you are more interested in making, she also has patterns for sale so you could make these adorable creatures at home!

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Jen Amos from Sparrow and Sundry had adorable miniature dioramas on display. Each one was handcrafted by her and depicts an unique scene. Some boxes are enclosed and have moving pieces inside while others are open. Each one is illuminated by a LED at the top of the box. Make sure you take a closer look when you walk by.

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Sarah Grams from Pockit Lab has a unique little booth in the Bazaar. Instead of selling finished products, she is selling kits to make leather wallets. Once you pick out the design you want, you get to chose the leather pieces in whatever color you want. The pieces are then packed up with everything else you will need to make the wallet at home.

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Klai Brown has a unique collection of mugs that she handcrafted and hand painted. Each one is unique and is unlike one you would find in a store. Get up close to see the amazing detail on these beautiful cups.

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Mark Negrete from M.A.N Made Metal: Garden Art made every single piece he has on display. His beautiful designs are inspired by nature, but even with that overlying theme there is still a lot of variety. The little Totoro trio is great and has amazing detail.

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Eva Devon Soni from Sweaty Taxidermy makes fake taxidermy using real mounts and repurposed sweaters. She has long been interested in the playful side of taxidermy and decided to look at it in her own unique way. Each one of these is fun and they can easily brighten up your day just by looking at them.

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Tony Fredericks from As Wood as it Gets has now been to six Maker Faires. He is excited to be back and is showing off his amazing handcrafted wooden pieces. Many of these beautiful pieces would be perfect for your kitchen including mugs, pepper grinders, and colorful cutting boards. Make sure you check out his amazing collection of pens as well.

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Dough MacNeil from Recover Your Thoughts makes journals from old library books. Many books reach the end when their pages become torn and worn, but these books have been reborn. Old covers are combined with crisp white pieces of paper for journals you won’t find anywhere else.

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Pam Tellew from Frankenstuffies takes well-loved stuffed animals and gives them a new life! Many stuffed animals get worn with time, but with her creative reuse, these toys can become something new. Looking around her booth, you won’t find a single one like the other.