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Getting Started with Arduino Kit Giveaway

This week we’re giving away a Maker Shed Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2. This kit has everything you need to follow the examples in the Getting Started with Arduino book. It’s a great way to learn Arduino right out of the box. And when you’re done, you have some core components you can use for further Arduino projects. Besides a copy of the book and an Arduino Uno microcontroller, you also get a solderless breadboard, a deluxe jumper wire kit, LEDs, resistors, photo resistors, a momentary button, and more.

To be eligible for this drawing, all you have to do is tell us why you want to learn Arduino and maybe what projects you might like to do with it. Eligible entries will end at 11:59 PST, Tuesday March 15th, 2011. Good luck!

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  1. I’d love to make my own iPotti for work with one of these!

  2. Jason says:

    I want to make an animatroic animal controlled with a wii mote for my two kids. Im a programmer that wants to learn more about microcontrollers and hopefully get my kids interested in software, hardware, and generally taking things apart to see how they work.

  3. Drew Marold says:

    I’m a software guy, but I’ve always wanted to learn more about the hardware side of things. Interested in doing some projects with sensors, and maybe throw in a few XBees for remote access.

  4. Ethan Dicks says:

    I would like to learn more about controlling steppers and servos with Arduino and build an automatic timed pet feeder to detect that the bowl is empty and fill it up to a certain amount twice a day while tracking how much food the cats eat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to finally get around to making that etch-a-sketch robot I’ve always wanted to make — then, THEN, I will have finally conquered the perfect circle. You are an evil mistress, you Etch-a-Sketch.

  6. I’m a software girl – designer, artist, editor. I’ve built my own computer, and soldered a few projects in my hackerspace, but never really got an in-depth lesson into the hardware that makes all the electronics I love function. I’m excited to make everything and anything I can with the help of this kit!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would like to use the Arduino platform as the basis of the next revision of my time-lapse motor controller, integrating an automatic watering system for consistent moisture levels, and velocity adjustments for smoother transitions on the motor drive.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I want to learn how to use an Arduino to make a multi zone temperature and humidity controled cheese cave.

  9. Conrad says:

    While I don’t have any specific project in mind, I’d love the chance to learn more about the Arduino and its capabilities. This would be a good way to introduce my kids to microcontrollers. Thank you for this contest and all the great things you do!

  10. Levi Mefford says:

    I find the nearly limitless possibilities of the Arduino mind-boggling. The fact that it is fairly easy to learn and relatively cheap make the Arduino a very good way to get into the hardware of electronic engineering…would love to win this drawing.

  11. Scott Estes says:

    I’d still really like to turn my coffee maker into a voice activated one. Or maybe add the ability to unlock my door with the NFC chip on my phone.

  12. kris says:

    I’m a musician who works with old game systems to make chip music, and I’m interested in trying to find a way to use the Arduino to make a MIDI interface for the Sega Genesis to access its FM synth capabilities. I have friends who use Arduino to make some really cool stuff, including Batsly Adams who made the DrunkenNES breathalyzer NES game, but I really know very little about using microcontrollers other than following directions verbatim online.

  13. Patrick Reid says:

    Can’t afford an iPad.
    Can’t afford a Xoom.
    Can’t afford a Galaxy.
    But with a free arduino, some scavenged bits and the getting started book – I can MAKE my own!

  14. Thom Edwards says:

    I want to design and build the best sensor-driven, interactive Haunted House known to man. I’m willing to start small, though! ;-) Have the kids figure out which key opens the candy treasure chest. (HINT: The one with the right RFID tag is the one you’re looking for.) A ghost that tries to block you from going forward ( Have fog ( shoot out when you get too close to something. I’d love to do some things like that!

  15. Bronwyn ECG says:

    I want an Arduino so I can learn how to solder the right way and start to make my own circuits to control robots! MWAAAHAHHHHHHHHAAAA!! XD

  16. Chris Hudetz says:

    I’m actually hoping to build a indicator system in my office which will allow people to hit a button at their seat that lights up in my office and tells me that I’m needed, but also allow for different types of indicators as well as timers that will alert me if a light has been lit for too long and such by blinking faster and faster as time goes on. They hate trying to come and find me :)

  17. I’d like to spend my spring break learning about the Arduino. I’m a science teacher at an all-girls school where I offer a technology course. So far, I’ve stuck mostly with 555 timers and simple transistors. I think the Arduino could be a cool addition to the course and would pilot it this year as a bit of advanced study during the last few weeks. If things went well, I’d probably look at how I could incorporate it into next year’s class more fully. I’m honestly not sure what projects I would come up with, but I’d love to see what my students could create.

  18. Paul says:

    I have been considering making the jump into Arduino for a looooonng time and would love this kit to get me started. Specifically, I need to make a tachometer for my lathe and another for a wheat grinder I want to hook up to an exercise bike. With an arduino I could also (I think) make some monitor to let me know when the hopper on the grinder is low and it’s time to add more. That would rock!

  19. I’d really like to get into hardware programming. Software I get, but hardware is a whole new animal I’m dying to explore and Arduino is a perfect way to do it. Much like with sculpture, my guess is that the material will speak for itself and suggest what to build. I must say, though, as an audio geek, I’m interested in what I might be able to do with MIDI, especially with instruments (would love to make a Roland TB-303 clone) and DJ consoles. Also as a guy that works in manufacturing, I’d be into playing with what sorts of tools I might be able to drum up. I’d be pumped if I could make a lathe! ;)

  20. Andreas says:

    I’m sick of having to get up early to let the chickens out, and having to be home by a certain point at night to put them away. Solar/timer controlled coop door actuator, here I come!

  21. Twitter-enabled washing machine and dryer. That is all.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I would like to learn the about the arduino to get my grand children interested in robotics and electronics, ( I also want to make a robot dog).

  23. Mason says:

    I want to build the secret knock gumball machine with my 10 year old daughter :)

  24. I’ve always been interested in Microelectronics, and haven’t done much micro-controller work since College on the 68HC11. I’d be interested in using it for flash attachments for my camera and RC Airplane stuff.

  25. Anonymous says:

    My first project would be to create a interactive robotic children’s toy.

  26. Jim Cavera says:

    I’ve a digital clock project in mind.

  27. I was taught about microcontrollers using Parallax’s Stamp. Now I want to learn all about the cooler and better chip. And make a robot.

  28. Paul says:

    I have been considering making the jump into Arduino for a looooonng time and would love this kit to get me started. Specifically, I need to make a tachometer for my lathe and another for a wheat grinder I want to hook up to an exercise bike. With an arduino I could also (I think) make some monitor to let me know when the hopper on the grinder is low and it’s time to add more. That would rock!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I want to be able to make the yogurt maker. Then I could demonstrate to our Maker’s Club @ our next meet up in April. Plus I’d like to know more about it than my son ;)

  30. kelley steen says:

    I have an idea for an auto flusher and an alarm clock and air purifier and maybe a key pad entry system

  31. Todd says:

    Learning Arduino is my next step toward world domination (and impressing Charles Kantz’s girlfriend).

    I plan to create a working scale model of the NASA press site launch countdown clock that can be used as a launch controller for my Cub Scout pack’s summer rocket day.

  32. Keisuke Oki says:

    arduino makes almost everything possible around my situation. What I would like to do now is to bring it to the developing countries to make many things possible.

  33. I want to learn Arduino so I can build some of the cool projects I’ve seen on this site. I really want to build a physical world push notification device. so when the garage is open too long in the winter I get an alert on my phone. I also saw a keg flow tracker that will come in handy for my brewing!

  34. I want to learn Arduino so I can create a Makerbot with my kids. I am a young father with 3 kids, my duaghter always asks, daddy, when will you make the robot??? She always sees the makerbot image on my desktop PC. I would like to start with the makerbot, and move onto a Prusa Mendel, perhaps starting with the Clonedel, Ive also been looking at making my own molds for the Clonedel. I am also a follower of CNC building and am currently working on a diy version, Arduino…….oh……the possibilities!!!!!

  35. Pan Pan says:

    I’d love to revisit hw circuits and micro controller programming. At university I only had one semester and though I was good at it … never found enough time.

  36. hzebra says:

    I would very much like to experiment with microcontrollers in general to build all sorts of things. I happen to have an idea for an LED watch possibly combined to an external outdoor a sensor to also be a barometer and/or a thermometer. The possibilities seem endless!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I want to build a a sound meter that would tweet when the sound level gets too loud in my house from my noisy neighbors.

  38. Brenton Pahl says:

    I have been wanting to start tinkering with an Arduino for several months now, and I think the first thing I would do is wire up my garage door opener so that I could open/close the garage door from my phone!

  39. Addidis says:

    I generally use PIC, I would like to learn Arduino so i can be of more help to those who use it.

  40. Brandon says:

    i would like to use this to monitor and possibly automate some home brewing processes.

  41. J.G. García says:

    I want to learn Arduino because is a growing tool and have a very nice comunity… Full of people like me… A project that come to my mind, it’s a full “RPC able” function for languages like Python and Ruby…

  42. I’ve been a computer programmer for years, no one told me when I was in college if I wanted to marry software skills with hardware and microelectronic skills that I would need to be an engineering major. I was always jealous of the hardware hacks that those majors could turn out.

    The arduino looks like the perfect platform to begin as I’ve had a number of ideas and too scared to know where to start.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I do volunteer craft and science teaching to kids and would like to include some robotics instruction. I’ve done some electronics instruction with them but it has all been “brainless” electronics instruction so far! I think the Arduino would be perfect for stepping things up to smarter, environmentally interactive circuits.

  44. Karl Bunnell says:

    I’d love to work on some projects with my boys (4 of them ages 8-18) on projects related to home automation and control. While they already toilets that tweet, etc, I’d like to work on something more useful like turning things on/off remotely or based on environmental triggers (temperature, moisture detection, etc). We’ve worked on Radio Shack “Electronics Labs” projects but this kit would definitely allow us to go to a whole new level!

  45. I’d like to learn to Arduino to refresh my long lost programming knowledge and take on some more electronics projects and also to build a really sweet iPod dock with the VFD I bought a while ago.

  46. Mark says:

    My son and I would like to build our own weather station.

  47. 0m4r says:

    I would *simply* like to learn Arduino! :)

  48. Would love to use arduino physically prototype ideas!

  49. Igor Stojic says:

    I would like to make robots (3D printers)in the future and the open source project it based on the arduino..

  50. I plan on learning Arduino to finish off my Daft Punk helmet with flashing, programmable LED arrays!

  51. I’d like to learn the basic components of electric devices and how things communicate within.

  52. It seems like a good way to get started with microcontrollers. I’ll probably start with an intervalometer for my dslr.

  53. This would help me find out where my ability to take on and learn new things would end up

  54. speedmaster says:

    Just heard of this. It would be fantastic for getting my kids interested in tech!

  55. Mike Creuzer says:

    I am a web developer and I want to ‘jump the divide’ into embedded programing. Devices done with the Arduino such as the tweet-a-lot are exactly the types of things I want to do!

  56. Matt Boggie says:

    This platform lets you make magic (that is, sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic.) From physical representations of digital data to just cool and cute buzzers and beepers, what WOULDN’T I do with this? I want!

  57. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to learn arduino and to have one in order to get my daughter interested in making, through some fun projects like interactive toys and robots

  58. Chris says:


  59. Anonymous says:

    I want to learn Arduino to expand my engineering tool set. I would like to add to the capabilities of an inexpensive intrusion alarm offered by the Harbor Freight company. I purchased two of these units. They do not do all I think I need for them to do. In the spirit of the MAKE: community, I want to hack them to add (among other things): battery backup, with monitored charging; touch pad arm/disarm; remote klaxon sounding unit; and maximum number of alarm cycles before turning off (to avoid issues with police and neighbors in case of spurious trips). I believe the Arduino will help me to achieve this goal.

  60. Jason Cavett says:

    I’m beginning a real-time systems course and our professor has said that the Arduino microcontrollers are some of the best out there. I am excited to learn more about the technology and better understand the real-time systems (specifically hard real-time systems) that control so many important aspects of our lives. Would love to start with this package. Particularly looking to make a (basic) artificial pancreas which would be useful for those with diabetes.

  61. MC_KitFox says:

    Amateur animatronics for low budget movie-grade applications are on my plate and i need an easily customizable and expandable microsystem….that i can program in C (hopefully this can be turned into a long term solution :) )
    This whole Arduino thing really seems to be the best solution and im glad its come about
    Thats why I want to learn Arduino

  62. I’d like to learn about Arduino for temperature control for sous vide cooking, refrigeration and homebrewing.

  63. I want the Arduino kit because I’m making a small robot controlled with my N1

  64. I want to learn Arduino to control and record the flight details of a high altitude rocket competing in NASA’s Collegiate Rocket Competition. Go team Falcon One!

  65. Mrs Generic says:

    I would like to give this as a gift for a particularly geeky member of the family. I suspect they would create something to go with their collection of hexbugs.

  66. I’m a aspiring developer looking to expand my capabilities to micro-controllers. Looking to get into micro-controllers for home automation along with a few simple sensors for web based output.

  67. I want to learn Arduino because is an awesome platform that I can use to expand my knowledge in information security into some real-world physical security gadgets!

  68. I want to learn Arduino because is an awesome platform that I can use to expand my knowledge in information security into some real-world physical security gadgets!

  69. I love making stuff, i want to make a dancing robot, with an integrated alarm clock. Maybe he could even make breakfast! Just kidding. Or am I?!

  70. I love making stuff, i want to make a dancing robot, with an integrated alarm clock. Maybe he could even make breakfast! Just kidding. Or am I?!

  71. Joshua Brown says:

    I would like to learn Arduino with my son, because I think we could both have lots of fun and learn new things!

  72. I want to inspire my two sons to become Makers and introduce them to digital microcontroller technology. Once we’ve gotten over the introductory level tutorials we’ll work on home automation and small robotic projects.

  73. Matthew says:

    I have no experience whatsoever with this stuff (so I want to learn!), BUT I would love to make a full-bodied LED suit which would flash in sync with my rockin’ keytar!

  74. I want to learn arduino to build my own CNC machine.

  75. Because I will RULE next Halloween with the nasty things I’ll build with this.

  76. When riding a subway they say to mind the gap… my reason for wanting to get into Arduino is because like so many other things before… I fear it. Most things that I have tried to do that become a normal part of my working back of tricks were things that I initially feared. I feared doing physical computing up until Arduino because it was hard… it was expensive and if it got messed up… it was even more expensive. With Arduino there is a mystery about it… and I fear it less than basic stamp…
    I also want to make my mom and grandma a liason box:

    So now that I know there is a gap in what I know and what I want to know I must keep it in mind.

  77. Julian Hupp says:

    I want to learn Arduino because I am learning to be an electronics engineer and I don’t know the system yet. While there are several projects that I want to complete the one I want to do the most currently is a project with the uno and a voice shield. I want to integrate them into a project 64 kit, to make a custom life sound board. Something that has funny sounds and quotes for me and my friends to enjoy.

  78. booksmuggler says:

    I want to teach my son the relationship between programming and the physical world.

  79. I want to learn Arduino, because I already have a NetDuino. As a .NET programmer this works great, but a lot of the projects I come across to help me with my project are for Arduino or are derived from Arduino, so why not go back to the root and start there?

    My project is a monitoring system for a watertank that is on our roof. It seemed to drain unusually fast, so I want to have a monitoring system to keep track of how full the tank is and if it is being filled. The project involves a water detection circuit (already done, but I need 5 or more and combine their data to send to a micro-controller. Then the data needs to be sent to an LCD display (through another micro-controller… Arduino seems like a good fit!

    Now, if only ….

  80. Nathan Koch says:

    Arduino seems to be pretty simple and straight forward – a good starting point. I want to build a submersible ROV.

  81. I would love to have an arduino for many simple projects, especially testing equipment when building electronics, and for some fun builds with friends which would require a microcontroller.

  82. Jym McMurdo says:

    My 4th grade daughter has been fascinated with Make for the past couple of years and went through the Arduino issue front to back. She wants to do something for next year’s science fair (5th grade) and I think this would be the perfect thing to learn!

  83. Anonymous says:

    I would like to learn programming on Arduino to build a remotely powered tripod head and digital camera control unit.

  84. keulbeanz says:

    Because I fear the silicon brain and want to learn to master it. Then to build an army of Daft Punks.

  85. Andy Troup says:

    While I’m more of a netduino fan, I want to build a stock bench PSU power supply and an arduino would be perfect.

  86. ricksegrest says:

    I would like to experiment and possibly prototype some new inventions!

  87. John Mathews says:

    I want to make stuff to entertain my kids. I have an idea for an interactive hopscotch game to tire out toddlers, using motion sensors and spotlights.

  88. whitu says:

    I started a project about intimacy & proximity last year while i was facilitating an artist residency in Banff ( At the end of my time there I had to give everything back. If i won this kit, i’d actually be able to make it properly! Part of the project was to make a ‘how to’ guide so that others could make it too… it was gonna be my first ‘make’ posting! (I’m not just being charming, it really was part of the concept :)

  89. Philip Lexow says:

    I’d like to make a ‘near-space’ balloon project with it!!

  90. Kevin says:

    I would love to learn how to use the arduino kit and come up with some cool controller applications to monitor my pets as they come and go when they escape out into the neighborhood. I would love to use the arduino kit to learn how to remotely turn on my external lighting.

  91. aswanson says:

    I want to make things! For a college student taking intro to electrical engineering courses I would love to go beyond what’s being taught and explore what’s possible for the modern hobbyist.

  92. Warren Blyth says:

    I’d like to start experimenting with human computer interactions for online learning. (saw talk at GDC last week where software developer was tracking SLC data, via trodes on a user’s hand. super eager to recreate the experiment and see how far biometrics can be taken by the everyman).

  93. I want to build a simple capacitance meter with an arduino. I always thought that these were expensive tools, and yet there is a simple sketch to start one right on the arduino website!

  94. Fud Works says:

    I would like to learn Arduino because it cutting edge tech. It’s one of the first steps in creating electronics for use in bio-metrics scanners that can be used in project for electronic security and help prevent identity thift.

  95. Cody Beltram says:

    Apparently the Arduino can do anything. My goal is to develop a cloaking device and anti hostile UFO defense array. I think the real difficulty will be interfacing it with my TRS-80! Or I might just use it to make the most awesomest haunted Halloween display in my front yard.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I want to figure out how to automatically open and close the door on my henhouse based on the time of day and whether all my hens are inside it or not.

  97. bnt84714 says:

    amateur radio APRS application with Amateur radio

  98. I would like to learn programming and this seems like a good place to start. I would like to use it in various photographic applications.

  99. Roland says:

    OK, maybe my last entry/idea was a tad ambitious. Maybe I should start learning Arduino by seeing what sort of things I can hook up to it as inputs, and then make it do stuff with motors and blinky lights.

  100. Daniel Morgan says:

    I’m a physics teacher. I’d like to get this into the classroom, but I also want to make an Arduino-based laser tag carnival shooting game in my back yard. I haven’t played with one yet, but one of my students is always showing me cool stuff he’s doing with it. I want to join the fun.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I would like to automate the door on a chicken coop- so I can sleep in once in a while!

  102. Joey Kelly says:

    I want to use it with my LEGO Mindstorms NXT! Maybe to make new custom sensors! Or, to just use it for a “next step” in my robotics “walk”

  103. I am a home school father with two kids who desperately want to learn how to program. Being 12 and 10 years old they do much better with hands on stuff rather than abstract coding terms. I would love to use the Arduino to help teach them using real world physical examples. I would also use the kit to spark interest in the kids in the home school group that I am part of.

  104. I have to be honest. I’m going to use this Arduino to crush my enemies, see them driven before me (with a pin-hole camera), and hear the lamentations of their women (with a microphone from an old cell phone). Of course, things won’t start out so dramatically; I’ll begin my domination by building gadgets like an small vehicle set on a timer. Every 15 minutes it starts from my workroom, drives into the kitchen, then makes a loud, obnoxious tone until my girlfriend puts a beer onto the pressure switch. Then it returns and the timer resets.
    In all seriousness, I read and Make Magazine and see all of the awesome things you guys are doing with this device and I am envious. It seems like people who have learned how to use this are only limited in what they can do by their imagination and I want that ability. I have watched hours of tutorials and read countless articles and I don’t even own an Arduino! I figure when I finally get one it will be nice to have some kind of education.
    Anyway, great contest and great magazine.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Why? Arduino is awesome! I haven’t done much electronics tinkering in 25 years but the potential of this thing has pulled me back in. I have already started sourcing parts to automate my hydroponic garden. Step one will be using an automatic sprinkler control valve & float switch to maintain the water level. By limiting the time water is allowed to run I can prevent any serious flooding even if the float valve fails. Something that has kept me from trusting a mechanical float valve. Next will be automating pH regulation. Then the pump timing for an ebb and flow addition and eventually nutrient changes. Eventually all I will have to do is plant, shake the tomato flowers so that they are pollinated and of course harvest.

  106. i’m a microcontroller projects lover. And i recently heard about the versatility of Arduino for make prototypes and test in a few minuts. The use of arduino open the possibilities to make “your dreams” come true. Is a easy to use plataform and of low cost. And last, the support and advices of all the developers of the world is available in the internet.
    PD. i’m learning about Arduino to teach other students how to make his projects with this powerfull tool.

    Best regards from Colombia.

  107. Steve says:

    I think the reason I’d love this kit is the same as why I wanted the book. I have some PLC programming experience and would love to get inside the ‘black box’ and see if I can make my own systems.
    Ideas: Custom sprinkler system with rain sensor, time and temp
    Door checker with lighting control – make sure all the doors are locked and be able to turn off the play room lights without having to go downstairs and check, after I climb in bed.

  108. ChargingPaladin says:

    I’m thinking whole house interactivity. Think something like that Disney movie Smart House but not awful.

  109. I am a teaching candidate and once I have a position in a school, I would like to start an after school program to teach kids about physical computing using arduino. I would act as a facilitator to help the kids follow their curiosity about electronics and hopefully help them realize an invention or two of their own.

  110. Fun stuff, want to build an LED cube.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino so I can make my house more efficient. I have four solar hot water panels to collect energy for space heating. Unfortunately the panels receive partial shading at certain times of the day. I’d like to monitor the outlet temperature of each panel and be able to individually valve them into or out of the collection loop depending on their output temperature.

  112. Mike Reader says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn Arduino and get into programming, I am a computer technician with a geek-lust for gadgets, also being a bit of a car nut, and DIY addict. I thought it’d be seriously cool making for example a remote controlled wireless car, or a internet trackable GPS unit, or any number of awesome projects! but first I need to learn how, so this would be an excellent starter kit! Thanks :)

  113. I’m currently a college student studying technology and engineering education so that I can teach junior high and high school. One of my areas of focus is electronics. Arduino is quickly becoming one of the most popular micro-controllers available. I want to learn how to program and use Arduino so that I can teach it to my students. And soon we will be able to take over the WORLD!

  114. Anonymous says:

    I have had one of those on my Wish List for a while now, but Free would be more inline with my budget. There are so many projects available it is hard to pick one! Just to freshen up some old skills and learn the Arduino programming would be nice.

  115. The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!

  116. I want to get into Arduino because it is not intimidating to get started with, yet the possibilities seem endless.

  117. Paul Orselli says:

    I’d like to try Arduino out with some teacher-training projects!

  118. DZofCD says:

    Wow, the projects I could dream up. I’ve been interested in learning how to use Arduino for too long. I would start with modding my niece’s RC robot dog for voice activation and have it speak instead of bark. Then I’d make her an electric guitar. Oh, a voice activated guitar would be awesome to sing with. And….and…

  119. I would love to use this Arduino Kit to expand the media that I can use in my art. Adding LED, sound chips, IR recieves, ect.. The possiblities for this kit for me would allow me to take my art to the next century. Like many artist today, I am tired of using the same media that has been used for cenutries. This will not sit on a table in my gagarge but be put to use day 1 if I was so Lucky.

  120. Sam Cookson says:

    Been eyeing up a new baby Arduino for some time now, something to keep me occupied when my Fine Art degree is over. Better yet, it’d sure be swell if i could stand proudly at my end of year exhibit, show the art world (in Lancashire, UK) that all sculptors are Makers, but not all Makers have to be sculptors!

    … With the help of a semi-sentient, human-friendly art-bot.

  121. T'Saavik says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino because my current micro-controller (the Ubicom/Parrallax SX) was EOL’d :(

  122. Guest says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino because my current micro-controller (the Ubicom/Parrallax SX) was EOL’d :(

  123. Fred Key says:

    Develop the basic components of a water or liquid dispensing system that will be used orally by a bed-bound patient. This system can be used in a hospital or home situation where
    1. The patient is essentially paralyzed or has minimal control over body movement
    2. Has limited motion control of his hands and arms,
    3. Has limited head and lip movement,
    4. Needs liquid nourishment,
    5. And In cases where the patient has severe bed sores, a component of this system (that delivers the liquid to the mouth) can stay in sync with the movement of head and mouth as the body is slowly moved with a motion air mattress.
    I have tried to develop a simple mechanical process. Poor results. Need the power of a series of processed and automated controls to deliver a safe, functional solution.

  124. Eric says:

    I’d like to lean Arduino because I don’t want to pay nearly $600 for an evapotranspiration sprinkler controller. I’d much rather DIY it and gather info from internet sources or our weather reach radio transmitters. Eventually I’d like to release the design as open source.

  125. I would love one because I have two daughters who I was already planning to introduce to electronics and computing with the arduino; if I won one also, they wouldn’t have to share. That would make me a very happy daddy.

  126. I haven’t tried to control anything with a microprocessor since the Timex/Sinclair 1000 days. I’d like to get back into experimenting doing remote sensing and data collecting.

  127. J R says:

    I want to enjoy the new platform for embedded programming for controllers and stop messing around with solutions with limited usability. Arduino seems to be the logical choice. Please let me have one so I get convinced of its seemingly amazing capabilites.

  128. I would like to do some additional monitoring in the server room at my office. We currently have a way of checking the temp, but there is a lot more information that would be useful to have. I want to set up a magnetic switch on the door (to log when it is opened), a temperature sensor, a light sensor (to see when they are left on), take a decibel reading at a given interval (to see if the server fans are spinning up faster than normal), and perhaps some sort of moisture sensor (to see if water leaks from the next room again).

  129. I have been into electronics for over a year now, but my projects would benefit greatly if I was able to learn programming with Arduino. With an Arduino, it would be much easier to complete my school projects in physics and to try and convince my friends to join the marvels of the DIY community, and how this can expand your knowledge over many areas, especially one friend that is keen on programming, which could help me writing code. We both had an idea to prototype a graphic calculator which was more user friendly than the Texas Instrument ones, and an Arduino would benefit us greatly.

  130. Bj Backitis says:

    I’ve got two Arduino projects in mind. The first one is for my amateur radio work with emergency communcations, using the microcontroller to help with remote antenna tuning. The other project is to work with my model railroading and controlling the track turnouts and other electrical systems to make them a little more “kid friendly”… so my six year old can use them without my having to worry about burning out switch solenoids and trains crashing into each other!

  131. I would love to use the arduino in my computer applications class. The problem is that I need to take the time to learn it first so that I can make plans with it. This would be a great way to get started and a great way to get kids excited about what can be done. May even set them on a career as a maker.

  132. I would love to make a scada prototype. :)

  133. I’ve developed a lighting system to control improvising musicians via the internet but it requires expensive theatrical lighting. I’d love to develop a cheaper Arduino version so that more ensembles can use the system. (See for a video on how it works.)

  134. Over the last month or so I have started following Makezine and other “DIY” communities. I do not have any experience with engineering, but I really want to get started. There are many projects that I have seen on the web that I want to try my luck at. If I had to choose one I would say a custom LED status board/clock hybrid.

  135. Hobe Scholz says:

    I have recently become interested in Arduino as a way of procrastinating instead of paper writing. As I approach 40 I realize the so called “athletic counselors” at my undergrad school steered me into humanities by telling me I couldn’t do an engineering degree and be an athlete too. I spent some with a soldering iron this past week and it has brought back memories. Mainly I am interested in integrating with the lego creations I build with my sons. Why have a static display when you can add lights sound and animation?

  136. Zeke says:

    I have always been interested in electronics but have never ventured into micro controllers. Currently I’m working with FIRST Robotics Team 401 doing basic wiring of the robot and would love to expand my knowledge. I have a lot of leds and dot matrices but no way to interface them. The Arduino is just an amazing product and I would love to start using it before I go to college.

  137. kc8bew says:

    Want to teach my young boys electronics. They are at the right age to start. Also it will get them going on their Ham Radio license.

  138. Dion Curchin says:

    I thought it would be an interesting way to build a head tracking blue tooth mouse for a friend who is in a wheelchair and struggles to use a computer with voice recognition only.

  139. Anonymous says:

    My friend Angela is an incredible Arduino artist, and I’d love to try my hand at being half as awesome as she is.

  140. Bob Lawson says:

    I have always wanted to explore the world of electronics, what better way then to start with Make and Arduino

  141. Daniel says:

    I like to tinker and have been meaning to get an Arduino kit. This would be the perfect start for me. I’d like to make a project that automatically dispenses food for my cats while I’m out of town.

  142. Rob says:

    I would like to build a temperature sensor network for my house in order to help better insulate it.

  143. Kevin says:

    To start, I’d like to try an easy lighting project. After that? Who knows…

  144. Jenny Kostka says:

    I run the design & engineering workshop at a charter school in Mass, and some of my students are interested in electronics. My background is in physics, so I know a lot of the theory behind electronics, but this is really uncharted territory for me. I’d love to win this kit so I can learn Arduino and share it with my students!

  145. Abe Garza says:

    I took a robotics class in college and I want to try my hand at making a 3 degree of freedom (at least) robot arm that I can later mount to other projects. The possibilities are endless!

  146. Max Lawson says:

    Because my GF and I are out the house for so long during the day, I’d like to build something that will feed our rat terrier at a designated time in the evenings when we can’t make it home in time.

  147. My daughter and I would like to eventually build a robot to show off to her girl scout troop. This would definitely be step in that direction!

  148. rjshirts says:

    I’m an amateur geek, wishing I would have spent more time in school learning these kinds of things instead of concentrating on girls, etc.. I have SO many ideas that an Arduino would fit in perfectly, but I have no budget. Please, oh, please help me geekify my world.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Having seen the Equinox clock (bram knaapen) I would like to create something similar only applied to a steampunk R2 design – kind of a clock with a retro-android feel mixed with Raymond Lowey styling. To infinity a long time ago. . .

  150. ciphersson says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one. I would like to try to make a physical Intrusion detection system that shut down power to computers but all so cut power to the ups. This would involve lasers. Another laser idea i have is anther forensic/infosec idea involving sound capture thu lasers. I think the Arduino platform would be a good platform to start out with for its ease of use and form factor size.

  151. Mike Reiner says:

    I want a flexible and affordable open source microcontroller to continue with hobby robotics and some other projects such as Home automation, intelligent security systems and automatic/SemiAutomatic Bicycle transmission with Digital readout project

  152. Rob Herrmann says:

    I would like to learn Arduino in order to see it’s capabilities with home automation projects

  153. Todd Rook says:

    I’d like to build a robot broject or possibly a UAV.

  154. Greg Lyons says:

    I want to learn Arduino to make custom DIY musical instruments. I’ve made some acoustic instruments with my kids and/or by myself, but I’d like to expand to electronic ones. There are some cool concepts, like continuous touch controllers, that are just begging for creative, enterprising enthusiasts to really dig into. The Arduino, with its rapid prototyping capabilities and extensive, accessible knowledge base, is a great platform for that kind of thing.

    That’s why I want to learn Arduino.

  155. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been excited to get back into electronics tinkering, and the Arduino seems like an ideal platform. I want to build stuff to interface with a SLR camera to do more interesting triggered long-exposure photography, so I don’t have to stay up so late.

  156. Benn Smith says:

    I would love to learn Arduino as I am a second-year CS major and would be greatly interested in getting some more robotics and computing under my belt. You know, for the sake of knowledge and experience. (And for example, it would make for some great battle-bots we build in the robotics course.)

    *Insert gushing about how awesome Make is and how I’ve been to every west coast Maker Faire except for one.*

  157. Saxena says:

    My sprinkler system has a bypass shorting switch. I want to create an Arduino circuit that receives twitter feed from weather channel and based on the forecast for the current day, it will skip the system from watering the landscape if rain is predicted that day. I know I can do it, I just want this kit to achieve this dream of mine.

  158. Dan Luong says:

    I want to build some interactive lighting systems!

  159. I worked with a couple of classmates last semester using an Arduino board as part of a system to spoof RFID tags. Unfortunately that board belongs to the university. I’d love to have one here at my house to use for projects. The first project I would try is to build a multi-effect guitar pedal of sorts.

  160. Viraj Shah says:

    -Use it in a space balloon launch in conjunction with cheap GPS and camera functionality.
    -Want to connect to my SLR to take long exposure shots of the sky.
    -Building a AM radio for a school project but need access to a microcontroller.
    Why do I want to learn Arduino: Because in this day an age the intersection of programming and hardware control is inevitable but I’ve never used a microcontroller or programmed. It would be nice to connect all sorts of mechanical systems to a chip and control it from the computer.

  161. Bridging the digital and physical worlds is more important than ever. I want to learn Arduino so that I can design useful and practical devices to solve real life problems. One of the first projects I’d like to build is a device that will aid the visually impaired with waypoints and haptic feedback.

  162. Chris Saenz says:

    I have to admit to being a late comer to electronics and “making.” I have always been intimidated by the gizmos and soldering, but the Make: Electronics book has been a fun and informative first step into this interesting world. I am just about to start the experiments with the PICAXE and the chapter mentions the Arduino as another microcontroller to explore. I don’t even know what I would do with it, except play and see what it can do. I must say, after reading through the projects in the latest Make Magazine, I want to get my hands on one.

  163. Taylor Hill says:

    We’re using Arduino for a product design class focused on toys, and it’s surprisingly versatile (I’m using mine to run some IR detectors). It’d be cool to see what else I can do with it on my own time.

  164. I was into robotics some years ago, it got on hold from then, and now I want to get up to speed and don’t want to use the old Basic Stamp II (even if I got two of those). Too expensive and too slow at times, no timers.

  165. Nathan Byrer says:

    I’m looking for a way to up the ante on our Halloween display. I want to go interactive. On top of that, Arduino just looks like fun. I could use the projects to introduce my kids to programming. What better way than to immediately have your program actually effect the real world.

  166. Mike Dennis says:

    Why learn Arduino? I do my Make-ing and Electronics on a shoestring. From what I’ve seen, the Arduino is becoming the electronic version of the Swiss army knife or Leatherman — what you can do with an Arduino is limited only by your imagination! It’s not pricey, and there are plenty of folks who can pitch in and help!

  167. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Two projects are possible if I win. One is a on board computer to my electric vehicle, a maxi scooter. Telling me temperature, speed, odometer, and the most important part, state of charge for my battery pack. The other I want to make is a automated gardening system. To know when to water based on actual temperature, soil temperature and humidity, time of day, light conditions, wind.
    Must say I’m a total newbie and never handled an arduino or anything to do with electronic. But I know my way around programming.
    Thank you.

  168. I want to learn the arduino and use it in a remote weather station.

  169. Anonymous says:

    A couple of reasons for learning:
    2. I have always wanted to learn programing, but am not interested in virtual activities. I want to work with real information I capture to make things occur.
    1. So I can teach my daughter. And have a year or two head start before she overtakes me.

    Home weather station
    whole house HVAC control and Data Acq System (with a web page)
    Mobile (motorcycle) Data Acquisition/weather/other cool stuff.

  170. Philip Roos says:

    I have an uno, and I’m planning to wifi enable my outdoor spa, getting info accessible from within the house. I’ll also add sensors to check water quality.

    The son (4 years old) wants to build a “cat-in-the-yard” detection system, using lasers as perimeter sensors…. I love his creativity, but lasers….? we’ll see… :-)

  171. Hi, I want to learn Arduino for teaching school kids more about electronics, I am a volunteer at local school in North Miami and been teaching them solar energy and some basics about electronics..(they already built an amplifier and some led projects) I am talking about 6, 7 and 8th graders, believe me, there is future! We are building a solar powered water fall right now…

  172. Greg Manrodt says:

    I am a professional IT programmer/consultant with two little girls at home (7 and 9) who are very interested in science, math and technology. I bought my 9-year-old Snap Circuits for Christmas and she has done almost all 700 projects and totally loves it. I am ready to up the ante and continue the learning curve. I would love to teach her how to make something “real” using Arduino. That would be totally cool.

  173. Steve Klemp says:

    Open Source Home Automation. I would like to learn Arduino to work on some open source home automation projects. Everything from controlling the lights to controlling the dimmers and fans. Also making it as interactive as possible. I have a Windows Media Center PC so I’d like to build an interface into that so I can use my remote to control the lights. Having a regular webpage and also building an app (Android….more open source goodness) that will allow people to see what the status of their lights is. If I turn a light on, and my wife comes in and turns it off, I’d like to know that. The Arduino will also track the usage of the lights and show me where I can save some energy. I already have a crude idea of how to implement all of this, I just need an Arduino to actually see the project through.

  174. Anthony says:

    I have four kids who have shown interest in programming and electronics. As a programmer, I see the usefulness of them gaining those skills. I have plans to make a disco floor, automated food dehydrator and would eventually like to build a robot with the kids.

  175. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to teach my kids more about electronics (while I teach myself!!). I’m really just getting started but this would be an excellent boost to my efforts. Thanks!

  176. Sam Alcorn says:

    I have little kids and I want to show them all the things you can do if you try to do something new. I hope they’ll make things with me and we can learn together.

  177. Jon says:

    I want to learn Arduino because I want to take my electronics knowledge to the next level. I’d like to make something that would create some cool light shows for Halloween or Christmas time.

  178. Dave Atwater says:

    I want to make standalone internet sensors that I can put on my home network.

  179. Joe Harker says:

    as a kid i bought the game Omega
    because it had a cool looking cover
    turned out to be a programming game
    i fell in love with programming AI
    would love to make a real Omega bots

  180. Lisa C says:

    I want to learn Arduino because when I was in high school and tried to take an electronics class, I got bullied out of it by the teacher. Now, almost thirty years later, it’s time I showed that teacher (and myself!) that a “girl” can learn electronics, and kick ass by creating cool stuff with Arduino. I would like to try and make a sound interactive with it….there’s so much possibility!

  181. I want to learn Arduino because.. ..Every mad scientist needs to start somewhere. Be it automated aquaponics, an airship fit for a steampunk hamster, or any other way to take over the world!

  182. I am parent who wants to teach his kids (and re-teach himself) about electronics and programming. The Arduino is such a great platform for doing that.

  183. Kevin Hill says:

    I’ve had a few ideas for home-grown midi projects that hopefully would be not too hard to build with the Arduino. I’ve heard good things about it.

  184. ToddW says:

    I would use my Arduino ad connect it to an electronic scale. From there I would make a keg weight / temperature monitoring station.

  185. Anonymous says:

    I have an incredibly creative, mad scientist of a 9 year old (whose birthday is actually on March 15th!) He has already dominated Lego Mindstorms and is ready to take on the “real world”. Arduino would be a perfect next step for him. He has already engineered a solution for opening and closing the door to our chicken coop and managing the lights for them. All he needs is a bit of digital “brain” to make it all work. Hope his progress to full-fledged maker status is a worthy application!

  186. beakmyn says:

    I’m into Ham Radio and I’ve got a few projects that I think the Arduino would be great for. First, I’d like to use one to build an APRS tracker with messaging via Garmin’s FMI protocol.

    I’d also like to build an antenna analyzer and use the arduino to calculate my antenna’s SWR and RF resistance.

    Thirdly once I’ve plotted out the SWR of my antenna it would be great to interface to my radio so that I know the SWR of frequency I’m on so I know how much power will actually be radiated. That way I know if I’ve got a chance of contacting that rare grid square. This one would be the most fun since I could make the output an analog meter, an LCD display, a 7 segment or even use it to drive some nixie tubes and a cat’s eye tube. That would be cool.

    After all this I’d be an Arduino expert. The Arduino platform looks to be the perfect choice with a large helpful user community. A low cost of development and an easy to use programming interface. No more assembly language, yeh!

  187. Anonymous says:

    I have always been fascinated by electronics and robotics, but never had a logical entry point to get started. This seems like a fantastic tool from which to learn.

  188. Anonymous says:

    A great entry point into digital electronics. Inexpensive, flexible, and open source.

  189. Doug says:

    I don’t know a single thing about electronics, but I’d love to start. I’m a web programmer, but I feel like a real hacker should know a thing or two about electronics. I’m also the skip of a curling team, so one project I would like to try is a shot percentage tracker that I could attach to my broom to keep track of how well I and my teammates are playing individually during a game.

  190. Robert P says:

    I would like to do some simple motion detection and turn on a small video camera for recording birds that visit my backyard.

  191. D H says:

    I would first use the kit to first learn more about electronics. My ultimate aim is to can build a diy LOM (Laminated object manufacturing) 3d printer – a machine that uses sheets of plastic, solvent and a cutting knife to build up the printed object

  192. I would love to win this getting started with Arduino Kit!!! It would really help launch me into the amazing world of microcontrolers! I am planning to build a RepRap 3D printer with it!

  193. Anonymous says:

    I’m interested in learning more about electronics and more on how the communication between devices work, but the problem is knowing a good place to start. I’m currently working on my career in IT as a DBA and programmer. From what I have learned about the Arduino, it would be great for some home automation projects I’ve been looking into and being able to connect my experience in programming with some new knowledge on hardware components. I’m really interested in the Arduino kit to expand my knowledge and continue to grow. Thank You

  194. I want to learn arduino because the programming language is very easy to learn, is an open source device , i can hack whatever i like and i want to make an alarm clock with some other functions because i cant wake up to go to school. And my birthday is coming so it would be a good present for me

  195. The main interest in this for me, is as a learning tool for my daughter. We are both fascinated by electronics and I know my daughter would have a ton of ideas for this

  196. I help run a hackerspace called NESIT ( I’d like the getting started kit so i can help show others how awesome arduino is. It’d be fantastic if we had an arduino dedicated for people just to learn on.


  197. Pieter Bos says:

    Because you can never have enough Aduino’s at home for your projects. At the moment mine is used in a simple 3d scanner but i do not what to break it down ( but i really would like to build a new version of the scanner so i can scan my head ;-)

  198. Brunoip says:

    An open source robot with arduino sounds good to me.

  199. I have no idea what an Arduino is though I think it is a controller of some sort. I dabble in robotics and use LEGO Mindstorms NXT and would love to combine the Arduino and LEGO for some neat projects, the 1st being a handheld UPC scanner for the supermarket to keep track of what I am spending.

  200. Dustin Smith says:

    I love LED’s and and want to learn to use arduino to control them. i also love working with cars, and using the arduino in conjunction with my car/s is something i have wanted to do for a very long time.

  201. Jon says:

    Remember Doc Brown’s house in Back to the future. I want to be able to do those kinds of automations in my home. Because of this I’m currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering.

    I got interested in the hardware hackery world last year at DefCon, and have been tinkering ever since. I have built one of Adafruit’s Tweet-a-Watt kits, made a few DC power converters, an FM transmitter, a light activated relay, and an exhaust fan for the soldering iron. Next on my list would be a Breathalyzer, and then maybe a motion sensor that sends an sms or a tweet, to let me know when someone has tripped the sensor or turns on a camera and sends me a message to view it.

    PS: Keep the make live show going.. I’m learning a lot of cool stuff with it.

  202. I’d like it because I’m new to the maker world and it looks like this is useful for many things and is pretty easy to learn. My son is also getting to the age where he’d be able to learn it with me.

  203. Jim(my) Orr says:

    Oh, the projects I’ve been tossing about range from toy hacking (adding sensors and sounds to stuffed animals), to educational toy creation (hacking an old mac keyboard to light up and speak letters/words), to homebrew lighting/environmental control (dusk/dawn, motion sensing, room temp monitors), to large scale interactive playground toys (buttons, lights, sounds, water features, child-position-aware slides!), and tying things to the web (internet of things, stats/analysis, web interaction)

  204. I’ve never touched an Arduino. I have plans for a project involving home-automation controlled via ethernet. Devices or appliances may be controlled from an internal and/or and external IP. I really think an Arduino would be a perfect part of my master plan! Mwahahaha!

  205. Rod W says:

    I would like to learn Arduino is for several low cost DIY home security ideas and for a video to web application.

  206. Warren Neily says:

    I recently quit smoking and to my surprise I found electronics tinkering to be quite relaxing. I discovered this when I pulled apart our broken coffee maker. I was mad that it was only a year old and I was determined to fix it. I was unable to.
    So, off i went on a google quest to learn about electronics and in the process discovered physical computing, Arduino, and a wonderfull world of invention and mad scientest like zeitgeist!

    Clicking on an icon on the mac desktop to manipulate my realworld desk (open drawers etc.)
    Tracking squirrel movements/shenanigans in the backyard and along the fence.
    Crazy LED scultures that react to the physical world (modeling flight or fight responses would be neat)
    House automation (but not mean like HAL)
    Collaborate and join forces with Pinky AND the Brain in their quest to take over the word (this will require several arduino’s and a considerable supply of duct tape…….I suppose)

  207. I’d like to learn Arduino because I want to try and build my own Terminal Node Controller (TNC) for amateur radio. I am also interested in using it as a fan controller for my smoker.

  208. Avi Baron says:

    I’ve never used an Arduino, but it always comes up as the component to tie everything together that I need. Most recently, someone suggested I use it for an old laptop touchpad I’ve been wanting to repurpose.

  209. ke bauc says:

    never used an arduino, but I think a cool project would be to put everything in a hat with an arrow on the top much like a propeller hat. Add some basic GPS, and make the arrow always point “home”. I’d use this with cub scout camping.

  210. InetKen says:

    I’d love to learn Arduino for a few reasons. I’d like to make a seismic type motion detector and am very interested in an Arduino based robot. Secondly, I’d like to really learn about Arduino programming hopefully to work with K-12 to start a Robotics Club or some technology club, something that I think is really lacking in our local K-12 schools. During Science Fairs I feel like I’m in the 1950′s or something, we need modern technology, how many volcano’s can there be in a science fair? (Though volcano’s are very cool and must be learned too.)

    I think both of my high-schoolers would be interested in this because they have worked with Boe-Bots and Mindstorms, but I think Arduino is a great inexpensive/open alternative for the projects I would like to work on.

  211. Brian U says:

    I am involved with the local FIRST robotics team, and I would like to expose the kids to other controllers off season.

  212. Anonymous says:

    i’d like to build a wireless sprinkler controller to replace my 30 year old 14 channel system, which is a pain in the neck to program. arduino seems like the easiest way to reach that goal.

  213. Adam Cox says:

    I have some computer hacking skills and I’d like to bridge those into the real world. I recently built a model railroad in my apartment and would love to learn some interesting ways to automate it with an Arduino.

  214. Crow says:

    Arrgh! I want to win the kit, but I’m already getting the book!

    Good luck everyone.

  215. I always had a passion for electronics since young age. I saw my grandfather fixing TVs with valves and saw the first TVs with integrated circuits when I was about 6 years old. My parents bought two electronics kits when I was 12 and since them I built several electronic circuits.

    When I was at college I had less time but learned electronics theory and when I started working with computers and servers, there was no time or space to have a desk for my experiments. Since I learned about Arduino, I saw a way to get back to electronics without the need for complicated tools or even circuits to do what I always wanted to build, a robot and now a quadcopter.

    This are the projects that right now make me want a Arduino, the IDE is simple and complet for what I need and I can take rust from my programming brain cells. I hope to get more people to work with me and also use Arduino for our projects.

    This is why I should get an Getting Started with Arduino Kit. Thank you for the opportunity to get one.

  216. honkytonk says:

    I am looking to make some electronics for home security that are not really availible out of the box. I live off-grid so many out of the box solutions will not work for me or are too expensive. I also heat my house with wood and I want some more options for temperature control, fans and well as temperature logging for more analysis. I have been reading a safari book online on arduino but I am ready for the next step. Most of the ideas I have are not big or complex but they are unorthodox! I also have been a loyal Makezine follower since issue 1 and I really want to have a project worthy for your site/magazine so I hope I can win!

  217. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to build an automated coffe maker for myself wiht an Arduino.

  218. I want to use arduino to make a access control for my house with RFID, and if is possible put together with a HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system. Best regards from colombia

  219. Mike Rhoades says:

    I want to build custom haloween decorations- sounds and lights that are motion triggered, as well as a sprinkler control. Also would love to spend my precious little freetime learning something new and useful…

  220. a2fan says:

    I’m interested in this kit because I don’t know very much about the Arduino platform and would like to try it out. I have a couple of friends who use it for robotics applications — I’d like to see for myself why they’re excited about it. As for my potential project, I want to get my 9 year old daughter involved, so I’d probably try to create in interactive special effects light board. I want to encourage her to learn about electronics.

  221. David says:

    I want to learn Arduino with my kids. I think it will open a new world just by doing a beginner’s project.

  222. I want to learn Arduino to approach to the world of microcontroller in the easiest way you can do that.
    With it I’d like to improve my work laboratory with ambiental control and maybe a speech control

  223. I’ve always had a fascination with electronics, and it’s something new to learn. I live to learn! Since I’m a programmer by day, this should fit nicely.
    As for projects? I’d like to come up with a light controller for my aquarium. Then, maybe some cool stuff for my Halloween decorations! The sky’s the limit!

  224. Isaac Doubek says:

    I’m pretty much terrible at programming, but I love making robots. I think this would be extremely helpful to me especially as i’m a student and have a hard time affording the real thing, haha.

  225. Anonymous says:

    I would love to get this kit to learn arduino. I want to make my usb woot-off lights to flash when there is a woot-off, Mailbox notification with wireless, and a garage door open/light left on with wireless. I know most have been done before, but I want to try them out.

  226. I’m a geek at heart, and bridging the gap between code and the physical world excites me. I would like to add arduino to my geeky home office for automation tasks including RFID, tweeting, and solar stuff. I’ll make that office the smartest office in my city!

  227. Quiglag says:

    I have always been interested in robotics but I have not really been able to do anything in robotics. I think Arduino will be a good first step.

  228. manuel says:

    Being almost 50 yrs of age, I remember the old electronics study kits of old. This platform would be perfect for me to learn the hows and do’s of programming and electronics……..something I want to continue on for my retirement age and beyond. ….something to keep my hands and mind occupied.

  229. IslandBear says:

    I am interested in the kit to learn how to program and learn how to use the skills to write different sketches using the basic principles that I’ve learned. I want to be able to learn how to eastablish the analog/digital pins to be used, the action to be taken and how to program multiple actions, and the amount or number of times action(s) will be run.
    My interest in a project would be to have random actions; lights, buzzers or recorded voice to deter potential burglars on my property tripped by a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) or infrared beam broken. My idea would be to not have the same exact action taken each time so there is no predictability to getting up to the house. I know there is code for random, I want to master it among other actions.

  230. Every day at work I admire all the Arduino project posted on Make. I have always wanted to learn how to build and program microsystems and it appears Arduino is the most open form and popular platform to allow me to do so. I have a very strong liking for LED’s and I would love to construct 3D Led matrices and signs.

  231. Anonymous says:

    Really want to make the yogurt maker in the last maker mag. Plus I want to know more than my Son;)

  232. I want to learn Arduino cause i’m a brazilian designer and i have a class called Fisical and Logical Interfaces and my project is to make a game with motion sensoring, capturing and other stuff, and to do this i’m going to use arduino and processing and this would help me so much.

  233. Larz Phyoox says:

    Hmmm… coupla things I’d like to figure out how to do: A sequencer for a JK optical printer (want to save runs and add some freestylin’ printing options.) A non-linear intervalometer for my super 8 camera. A superbright led strobe for same. A morse code trainer. Interactive lighting for my office. More ideas than time, really.

    I really want to learn arduino cuz of hardware! way back when, I used to fry all my TTL nand/and/or chips by using an led without a pull-down resistor as a logic probe – only since I didn’t know about pull-down resistors and since DIP chips dont look any different once they’re blown, I could never figure out why I only got my circuits to work ONCE! The frustration made me stick to software where the debugging was way easier. BUT I miss the hardware, so I am totally into the arduino phenomenon.

  234. Tom Walters says:

    All my life I’ve enjoyed creating and exploring with electronics, particularly when it comes to electronic music. Now that I’m the father of two electronics/computer curious little boys, I would like them to experience the joy that I know can be had by creating your own circuits and devices. The Arduino concept seems perfectly suited for this type of thing and the kit would certainly help us get going. Many thanks for this opportunity. I truly enjoy the entire concept behind “Make.” Keep up the good work!
    Tom Walters

  235. Qvant says:

    I want to learn Arduino because of the huge free library so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel over and over again to add common functionality. A project I would like to do is a wattage meter monitoring my house’s power consumption. The kit would enable me to monitor the power company’s digital meter that flashes a LED every time a watt is consumed.

  236. Hi there. I would like to introduce my son to the interesting and educational world of hobby robotics. He is a huge lego fan and loves taking things apart. And, like his dad of course, he thinks that robots are cool! I’ve thought about other options like mindstorms or parallax, etc. but Arduino is by far the most appealing option and I think the growing community surrounding and fueling its development is very exciting. After we build some robots to take over the house, we can move onto tackling an idea I have for building a homemade, inexpensive, Arduino-powered smart fridge to automagically handle my grocery monitoring and ordering tasks. 8-)


  237. Jeff Murry says:

    I am interested in Arduino to make many of my electronics ideas come to life quickly. I have played with AVr microcontrollers directly with WinAVR, but it is slow going. I want to learn Arduino to leverage all the capabilities to control displays and other communications more easily. I want to make a remote detector for a mouse trap. I want to make a better more customized sprinkler controller for my lawn. I want to make simplified electronics to play with my kids. I want to learn to use bluetooth or wi-fi to interact with a Arduino and write apps on my Android Phone to control them. Lots of ideas — just need a jump start.

  238. Chris Narinx says:

    I would like to get down and dirty into some automation project I’ve been setting off for far to long now. I’ve always felt the ordering in the US as a European was a mental barrier that is hard to cross as sending fees can easily rise quite high. I’d love to be part of the community and find my true calling.

  239. oponchik says:

    Already made HVAC/Navi/Audio Honda Accord CL7/9 (aka Acura TSX)headunit adapter to PC interface with STM32, however people demand cheaper solution.. Why not give Arduino a chance?

  240. JAmes says:

    I like Arduino. It’s a nice pub. ;)

  241. Scott says:

    I’d like to use this to experiment with some home automation/control applications. I’m familiar with commercial/industrial controls, but don’t need the robustness nor want the price- plus I could learn a bit more from getting it done DIY.

  242. I am interested in the Arduino Kit V2.0 because I am an electrical engineering student and hobbyist and think this would be a fun way to put some of my newly acquired knowledge of electrical circuits and programming to use.

  243. I am interested in the Arduino Kit V2.0 because I am an electrical engineering student and hobbyist and think this would be a fun way to put some of my newly acquired knowledge of electrical circuits and programming to use.

  244. I would love this kit as I’m discovering my love for electronics and this would help me to explore all the crazy ideas I have for synths and other musical electronics.

  245. Anonymous says:

    I’m more a hardware guy – I started with electronics as kid, but stopped when starting my first job. I just re-discovered it as a hobby half a year ago, and was astonished what now is possible. Especially something like the Arduino makes larger projects just way easier, since one can replace many chips with just some lines of software. And I want to learn how to do this – the Arduino seems to be the simplest way to start for someone not so familiar with the software side of things.
    My project would be for my kid – I want to build a small interactive learning toy. he should see that one can not only use things, but create and change them as well.

  246. jschroedl says:

    My name is Joe I’m 10 years old, if I had a Arduino kit I would biuld a model rocket that is controlled by an Arduino. The Arduino would controll the flight pattern and I would have it wirelessly send my the air pressure, temperature, air moisture, air speed, and rocket’s speed. I will write a program that graphs the data and I could put it on a website or show my school.

  247. sk says:

    Im interested in this kit for several reasons. one is for using it for aerospace robotics applications. there are several different things that i would like to look into using this along with hall effect sensors and some neodyminum magnets for measuring a magnetic field. the second reason and more personal to me would be for creating a coffee maker similar to the one being used in the green hornet along with servos, etc.

  248. Jaouen Loïc says:

    That would be so nice to show my kids that dream of Lego NXT what the open source offers.
    Plus there are quite a few projects that I would like to get started, the first one would be a set of heat sensors to gather statistics on a prototype of solar oven to dry fruits and vegetables and any other slow cooking recipes like meringues.

  249. I am an artist and after many years doing watercolors I am now doing art on the computer. Having seen some of the really great art projects done with Arduinos I would love to be able to learn how to use an Arduino in my art.

  250. Tim says:

    I’m interested because I am trying to get a hackerspace together in my area and having something to start projects one would help a lot.

  251. Anonymous says:

    I want to make a light-up hula hoop that reacts to change in which direction it’s spinning using the mini-arduino

  252. Anonymous says:

    I perform ecological research focusing on species losses in bees. Currently, we do foraging experiments using video which are time consuming to analyze. Our lab has looked into commercial available rfid hardware solutions for tracking bees, however for our setup it would be prohibitively expensive. I am convinced that pairing arduino with rfid could drastically reduce this cost and simplify the tracking of our bees. This kit could go along way to making this a reality for our research.

  253. Norman says:

    I would like to learn the Arduino Platform because I think its the easiest way to aproach to the Atmel atmega uCs and i would like to finaly steep away from Microchip PIC; also, the arduino user base seems to be a very friendly and helpful comunity.
    I would like to build a touchless infrared gesture detection system.

  254. Jonathan Kim says:

    I’d love to have the Arduino Kit ever since I wanted to start getting into electronics. As a computer programmer I have never learned about hardware. The kit would be awesome to have to jump start my learning. What project would I like to do? I would start with small and simple projects but my ultimate goal is to build a small robot that I can control using my cell phone :D

  255. Evan Day says:

    I would love to learn Arduino as it seems like a great way to jump into micro controller projects. I have basic coding and electrical circuit design skills, and have some ideas to implement. I am currently working on a set of brake lights / turn signals for my motorcycle helmet that receive a wireless signal to light and operate from the motorcycle. I would love to use Arduino to take this to the next level by having a micro controller based Heads Up Display inside my helmet that takes wireless telemetry (speed, fuel, mileage, etc) from the bike and displays it on a small display inside my helmet.

  256. Almighty deciders of the the arduino kit giveaway,

    At the moment, I have a very basic understanding of microcontrollers and circuits in general, that I would love to expand upon. I have always been intrigued by the ever elusive arduino but lately it has been out of my financial means… After all $75 is like 394.73 packets of ramen at my local Kroger.

    I have an electronic humidity sensor that I want to couple to an automatic water mister for my oyster mushroom cultivation. Also theres the death ray to enslave all of humanity.. I mean .. wait… never mind. At any rate, thanks for the consideration.

  257. I have been wanting to learn how to use an Arduino for a while now. I will use it to control and monitor most of the equipment for a salt water fish and reef tank. Control the LED lights, program them to dimming in and out, then program the moon lights and relate them to the actual cycle of the moon. Then I’d create a system to automatically feed the fish daily, maybe setup some dosing pumps for this. I’d also like to control the power heads inside the aquarium to reproduce the wave like motion of the ocean. Sooner or late I’d have a system that will simulate a thunder storm in the aquarium, using the LED lights and power heads. This is just the beginning as to why I’d like to learn Arduino! =D

  258. Hi,

    Today is my lucky day …
    I’m very interested in getting such a nice kit because i’m just finishing a diy video projector with a led panel as lightsource (pwm command) , lcd panel as a video source. It works great but i would like to improve and upgrade it : what about installing a auto focus on this device.

    I was thinking of the Arduino Microcontroller as the brain of the system. Here is how it will work :

    I would input into the Arduino’s memory a kind of database linking the projection distance with the positon of the objective into the Videoprojector . Distance would be evaluated with IR emitter and receiver…Arduino will “read” the distance via IR data, look for the best objective position in the database and move the objective to the reight position thanks to a stepper motor …

    It sound great isn’it ? The rail system and the stepper motor are already under way of construction …
    Arduino will be far better than the previously planned buttons …
    I can’t wait no more for this kit … It will be the icing on the cake …
    I cross my finger and keep on working on the system
    Have a nice day

  259. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Getting this ‘Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2′ would be the icing on the cake for me. I’ve already purchased the book and the V1 kit. I haven’t been able to afford V2 yet and really look forward to the time when I can or win it instead! My project to complete when I’m fully invested educationally, is to use vacuum sensors and a potentiometer to be able to synchronize the four carburetors on a vintage motorcycle. Then I’d put my project out as open source for all in the motorcycle community to use as they see fit.

  260. Ken Junkins says:

    I have this idea for modding tap shoes to create midi signals based on the area of tap, force ot strike and the relative position of the dancers body. These signals would then be sent to a synthesizer device that would “play” accomanying music to the dancer (rather than the traditional way of dancing to accomanying recorded music).My son, who is a theater dance major and AMDA in NYC, and I have discussed this over and over, but have not sat down to figure out the heardware needs nor to begin learning about the hardware. From what I’ve read, the Arduino would be the perfect solution to prototyping and tweaking this project.

  261. Anonymous says:

    I would use the Arduino to create a library for easily sending messages from a “computer” to an Arduino over TCP/IP and serial.

    This could be used as a simple way to send a “message” to the Arduino without having to mess around with the details of setting up and reading from the network.

    This could be used for ubiquitous displays, art installations, etc.

  262. Steve Mang says:

    I’m interested because I know very little about Arduino, but what I do know makes me think it would be perfect for introducing my students to instrument design. I’m a chemistry lecturer at a medium-sized public university, and there’s really no class in our department in which students learn what it takes to build an instrument. I teach them basic circuits and a little computer programming, but it seems like an Arduino would streamline the process on a forgiving learning curve.

    I would imagine projects such as taking data from a thermocouple or reading pressure in a gas cell, but it could also be a good way to give students some autonomy in visualizing and building their own instrument of some sort. Frankly I will probably end up spending my own money on this kit so I can develop this curriculum anyway, but I am a poor teacher and so winning the drawing would be a big help.

    If I don’t get chosen, Joe (the ten year old with the model rocket) should definitely win.

  263. Glen Millard says:

    My purpose? Well, I want to teach my kids about uControllers and electronics. I got the Radio Scrap 50-in-1 kit when I was about 11. Loved it. Now I can do the same thing with Multisim. However, nothing really beats the real thing.
    What we would like to do is a speech-to-text and it would display it on an LCD panel or even on the computer screen.

  264. I’d like to get the kit to start learning the platform – I haven’t worked with micro-controllers since I was an undergrad writing assembly for Motorola HC11s. The projects I have in mind are a soil moisture monitoring/irrigation system for a small garden and a temperature controller for a home brew fermenter.

  265. I’d like to get the starter kit so i can build a machine which knits to music, not joking.

  266. Rob says:

    I am looking at getting my son involved with design and what can be done. Long term is for us to make some robots and animatronics for Halloween. With all of the shields that are out there it seems like a great place to start.

  267. I’m interested in making robots and other cool stuff with the Aduino board.

  268. I would like to use an arduino to help automate radio controlled airplanes, easing the beginner in the art into it. Eventually, having an autonomous airplane with a GPS shield, programmed to reach user-selectable waypoints and return. Also, if the craft should lose radio comm with the controller, it could be made to fly automatically back to the origination point and circle, until radio comm was re-established.

  269. Tim Pham says:

    I used to study computer engineering before I went into the healthcare field and the prices of equipment were enormous for something so simple. I want to learn how to utilize the various sensors so that I can provide better care for my patients without having the patients take on some of the costs of those expensive equipment.

  270. James says:

    I am a public school teacher interested in learning more about Arduino for use in my science classes. I would like to work with my students on various projects including data collection with sensors we build in class. Arduino seems to be an affordable option for building our own dataloggers to use in our various experiments and projects. A long term goal, since I have many students for five years from 7th to 12th grade, is to use ham radio and arduino to set up stream gauges to develop a model to forecast flooding in our remote area to assist our community.

  271. Filipe Pedro says:

    Until I heard about Arduino, I was really put off about learning electronics, since my academic area has more to do with mechanics. However, with this amazing tool, learning electronics has become more easy, and thus more fun! The arduino can provide me with the basic building blocks so that I may later progress to bigger and more complex things. I would really like to build my own controling system for a small UAV, using the arduino and possibly also the XBee shield.

  272. Il Prince says:

    I need arduino to keep track of the time that I pass in each inception level, it isn’t easy to do it with a regular watch!

  273. iardiiem says:

    Because it is Arduino…

  274. I have always loved programming and hardware/electronics and originally was going to do embedded systems(design and code). I would love to be able to experiment with prototyping some of my crazy hack ideas(ie. a wireless, keyless security system for my house; some sort of rig with a kinect; etc). Have been wanting to get one for a while, but haven’t had the funds to do so, so a free key would be extremely welcome. … But if it’s between me that the teacher below, I would rather him have it. I wish I could have played with electronics in school. It was always just a hobby till college.

  275. Anonymous says:

    My children (15, 13) and I have been increasing interested in Arduino because we have been looking for a low cost platform to explore our next stage in robotics. After 3 years in the FIRST Lego League with the Mindstorm NXT. A level up in FIRST uses the cRIO and represents a $6000 investment as a FIRST FRC team!

    We would first use the Arduino in an LED Project since we have been building a PC from scratch and the new case comes with LED Fans and interior case lights. Would be interesting we think to put the Arduino inside the case, use the PC to write programs to the Arudio then have it run the PC case lights for the PC. Later I wanted to get them to create a robot using the Arduino, perhaps even robotize the case so it can move around the room or insert its own CDs (or something like that based on what they want to do).

    Thanks for the chance to get this kit!

  276. Motyla Noga says:

    I want to enstablish big company creating weather stations….. And I must start somewhere…..

  277. I would like to prototype remote controllers and relay arrays for offroad car with multiple lights and accesories. It would use doubled bus instead of multiple cables. Also it would connect to OBD II interface to gather some useful data and a PDA could connect to the network via bluetooth.

  278. I’m a Multimedia Design student, and i’d love to make an alternative music instrument,,, Besides that i’m very interested in amateur robotics…

  279. Chris Dunn says:

    I have two boys, and a girl ages 12,10 & she is 7. All of them love taking things apart, and the boys in particular have a fascination with making projects and they always have ideas for new gadgets. I often tell them “I bet with an Arduino you could make that” but without really knowing how that’s about as far as we get. I would love to learn this, and to do it along with my boys (and the girl if she decides she’s interested) would be great for this homeschooled family.

  280. george says:

    I’m hoping to trick out my elderly mother’s apartment with some sensors so our family can keep an eye on her and help her live independently. I have been thinking about a somethings-been-left-on-the-stove sensor that would send an SMS notification to me and include a web enabled interface to cut off the gas to the stove via the Ethernet shield. But first I have to master the blinking LED.

  281. Tom James says:

    I want to try to use the Arduino to put together a low cost soil resistivity meter, or maybe even a gradiometer for use in archaeology. Making archaeological tools open source would be fantastic.

  282. Thomas says:

    I went after my BFA in college but was always interested in EE. So much is said about Arduino’s usability for non-engineers, I’d like to see for myself. I’d love to find a way to include interactivity, motion, light and sound into my work. I’ve got a couple of installations in mind, including an object that might actually be configured such that avoids, or even attempts to escape gallery spectators. The starter kit and book seem a less daunting entry to the uC world.

  283. Arky says:

    Arduino Twitter blinkenlights !

  284. jays0n says:

    I am a software engineer and wish to learn to use that skill to control hardware besides what is given us in our computers. The first project I wish to attempt is to add switches (Weather sealed switches) to the non clipless side of pedals on my Extracycle (pedals have clips on one side and platforms on the other). I want the switch to alert me via some display when I am on both platforms. When I am riding my kids on the bike it is a little off balance sometimes and when approaching a signal I often have to check to see that I am not going to end up with even one foot clipped in after stopping, as any shift in kid weight can topple us. Not sure this makes sense but as I ride a lot my instinct is to always clip in and with the kids on I like to not be clipped in unless out of stop and go traffic. Currently I must look down to verify this. I would like to develop something to attach to the pedal that could give me some sort of indicator of being clipped in our out. Am I rambling?

  285. Bergen Moore says:

    I have been building with software since I was a but a pre-teen, and have started to tie it into my home and musical instruments, but really, truly, after 10 years of software, all I want is to experiment with more solid objects. I think the Arduino is the answer. Plus, I do quite a bit of interesting volunteer/activist tech work, and open source hardware creations could make for some great artistic social statements. Right?

  286. syd sirius says:

    i want to learn to use arduino and use it for my 3d printer project

  287. CVBruce says:

    I want to learn about Arduino so that I can build a controller for my UPS and external disk drives.

  288. I want to get into programming microcontrollers without the hassle of designing all the hardware myself and worrying about programming. I would like to make a 8 bit video game system that outputs to a tv and start designing my own games.

  289. EJ Gertz says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino so that I can do better reporting on what other people are doing with Arduino — particularly the DIY environmental monitoring and smart fashion.

  290. Faiz Azhar says:

    i am a magician, and i want to use arduino as a platform for new ideas regarding electronics magic. one of the thing that i have in mind is remote controlled ventriloquist doll. i want to make the pinocchio nose to extend itself when telling a lie, while standing far from the magician. other ideas includes designing my own fountain of cards effect and animated hanky.

  291. bdk907 says:

    I’d really like to create an auto-mated Advent Wreath that would change based on which week is it during the Advent calender series. I’ve already got a candle wreath setup that has been replaced with LED candles, just need a brain to control them now.

  292. Anonymous says:

    I would like to learn Arduino as a way to bond with my son and pass on “geek” culture. I had my son assemble his first PC. He did very well and I think he would be able to learn how to use Audrino to build a robot.

  293. David W-F says:

    I’ve got a degree in computer science and know a little bit about resistors and LEDs but never really got into building anything. I’d really like to learn. I have a few ideas for home automation gadgets that I’d like to build.

  294. i want to build a power usage monitor with it.

  295. I have always been interested in electronics and recently became very excited about Arduino. I quite like the endless possibilities of stuff you can do with it!

  296. As i am already experienced with microcontrollers, i want to usw the arduino as a starters platform to get friends and colleagues interested in microcontroller development.

  297. Sean says:

    I have always wanted to get into electronics as a hobby, but despite having the basic tools and having amassed quite a collection of salvaged parts that might be useful “someday”, I never seemed to have the time to do much. I now have the time, but unfortunately the current economic budget reality has put the brakes on purchasing. This would be an excellent opportunity to start learning and have some fun at the same time.

  298. coondognd says:

    I’m interested in the Arduino as a way to get my young kids interested in electronics, and making things in general.

    In the short term, I want to make a “poop sensor” (using the arduiono, xbee, and one of these: ) that can tell us when my 2-year-old needs a changing during his nap. Whenever he goes during naptime, he doesn’t sleep, so we end up with a cranky kid in the evening. If I could tell when he went, without having to go into his room and break up naptime, we’d be a happier family.

  299. andy kyte says:

    i want to learn arduino to make prototypes for my day job (i’m a project manager for consumer electronics company in Rhode Island)

  300. elderpyre says:

    I’d like to learn arduino mainly because it reminds me of when I was younger tinkering with the crystal radio kits and other various kits like it. Also getting a bit envious of all the cool stuff I see people making posted on Make.

  301. emilyj0y says:

    I think the melding of art and technology is amazing, and happening now more than ever. I’m incredibly inspired by Leah Beuchly’s work, and would love to experiment with soft circuits and what the Arduino can do. My ultimate dream is to make a huge, gossamer wind-sensitive curtain, with LEDS that light up as they’re moved by the wind.

  302. Anonymous says:

    i want to try and make a 3d printer, to make objects, also have an idea for a robotic tattoo machine, that can tattoo people, also have another idea about an robot you can inter act with…

  303. Everyone keeps talking about this so I want to know what all the hubbub is… bub.

  304. I am interested in the arduino kit because I am a student majoring in Computer Engineering that just joined a project completely run by undergraduates students that is working with a professor to build a camera trap system to be put into work in a national park nearby. We are using arduinos to control the movement of the cameras to focus on the animals that enter the parameter set by lights. I need to start learning the technology so I can help them as much as possible, having a starter kit would be a great way to learn more on my own.

  305. Adam Workman says:

    Hours recently cut back at work. Need to come up with a hobby or I am going to go stir crazy!

  306. Fractal LLC says:

    We’re a new program located in Madison, Wisconsin set up to teach disadvantaged youth science and math at local community centers. We’re trying to make our program free through grants and donations so anyone who wants to can attend can come. The goal of Fractal is to build self-confidence and a new way of thinking about math and science that isn’t being presented in the traditional school setting.

  307. seras says:

    I would start learning about this board and making various interesting projects :)

  308. Anonymous says:

    As a long time user of development software like Reaktor, Sonicbirth and most recently PureData. I’m very interested in being able to take my ideas from software to hardware. I think that my first major goal project might either be a polyrhythmic step sequencer (variable number of steps per bar per sequencer layer) or maybe an arpeggiator with similar polyrhythmic attributes.

  309. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice to have a system that can do simple things and record data without needing a full computer. I have plenty of homebrewing projects I’d like to do.

  310. Anonymous says:

    I have a strong programming background but when it comes to the hardware, I have little to no experience. I am looking to change that by getting involved with Arduino. After reading a couple of books, including Getting Started with Arduino, I have gotten very excited about it. The kit sounds like a great way for a programmer like me to understand the hardware side of things quickly.

    Some projects in mind:

    1. Displaying what range the current temperature falls in to help determine if I need to wear a jacket or wear shorts since the weather in Texas changes so often.

    2. A system that notifies someone when a package is placed in a box at the end of a rural driveway. The system would be powered by solar panels that always point to the source of the light and send a wireless message back to the house to prevent needless driving/walking to the end of the driveway.

    3. RFID controlled lights. Lights would turn on as I walked into a room and when I leave the house, all lights get automatically turned off to help conserve energy and keep the electricity bill low in case I forget a light on my way out.

  311. A.Mac says:

    In the fall I’ll be starting an Electronics Engineering program. On of the things we’ll cover is microcontrollers. I think this kit would be a great way to get a bit of a head start on things. One of the projects I’d like to do was inspired by this instructable. ( I’d like to do something similar, but taken to the next level with an Arduino.

  312. Abtin says:

    I would give it to my son, Armin, who will be 7 years old on March 17. He is very interested in Electronics and Computers. He has learnt to write simple programs using RoboMind. I am sure he would love to be able to control a simple “robomind” like robot using Arduino. I’m a software engineer and I will help him to build his Arduino based robot and to control it via robomind.
    -Abtin (Toronto, Canada)

  313. Anonymous says:

    I’m a long time analog geek/hobbyist and would like to expand to the uprocessor world. I have so many homebrew projects I’ve simply ignored due to my lack of experience or skill with these neat little power houses and this could be the fulcrum to lift me out of TTL.

  314. i would make a fully functional exoskeleton fore the disabled and i would need this for building it i can already imagine making this and helping the disabled or blind
    i realy want this and if i had this i could make the best robots make has ever seen
    but i am still learning so i am hoping this will help thanks

  315. tonreg says:

    I will automate the growing of the kind herb.

  316. Samuel says:

    I am an inventor and I need this kit to help me develop a prototype for an artificial muscle. The “muscle” is actually a linear actuator, consisting of Shape Memory Alloys, A.K.A. Muscle wires. I have solved the wires engineering drawbacks and this microcontroller would greatly improve my chances of quickly developing my prototype, so that I may unveil it to the world.

  317. Ronald Bynoe says:

    I want to build a baby monitor that logs his motion in the crib or cradle, the temperature, and the ambient light, and then wirelessly (XBee? Bluetooth?) transmits that data to my phone or PC and can alert my wife and I that our 1 week old son has stopped moving, or view a graph of the temperature logs!

  318. Nick Goulas says:

    i am planning in developing automations on home needs like oil alarm level !

  319. Kevix says:

    I have been trying to get a grasp of basic Electronics since my days with a 75-in-1 kit and Forrest Mims workbooks but never quite figured much of it out as a kid. After hearing about the growing movement of tinkerers using the Arduino, I was interested in trying my hand at it and blink an LED or make a light-activated alarm. Its amazing the number of project I’ve seen that use this microcontroller building block but my finances have limited my ability to get one. This book seems like a great book to really get started on my adventure in this electronics play land. So I look forward to getting my hands on this package that consists of book. electronic bits and wires.

  320. i will use the arduino to make a inverse kninematics QUARDRUPOD with all the ik calcultions and stuff.
    it will have a mandilbe to pick up things and it will too have a thorax , giving it a amazing could be controlled with the wii nunchuck and may too have eeprom to store some exciting moves.
    the actuators will be the robotis ax 12+ servos which indepently have one atmeg8 in it, they will controlled through serial line of the uno.the body comprising of cox,femur and tibia will be printed in my 3d printer(homebrew makerbot cupcake).it will too have a camera used in aeromodelling.the best part of the design is that it will FOLD ALL IT’S LEGS AND TRANSFORM IT INTO a car.the design and all the stuff is still inthe prelimnary stage,but it would love to get my hands on arduino uno.

  321. Brian Rotert says:

    Upon receiving the Getting Started with Arduino Kit, I would immediately give it to my eight year old son, who has a never-ending supply of questions about electronics, robotics, science, experiments, inventions, chemistry, physics, and computers. Hopefully the kit would buy me some time before I can send him to college. ;) Seriously … the questions NEVER STOP!

  322. I want to make an automated and geared tripod head for (SLR) cameras, and create some stunning time-lapse footage with it.
    The tripod head would rotate on two axis and move along the third, allowing for sweeping pans or zoomed out effects. To create the time-lapse images it would move a certain amount, stop, take a picture and then repeat. The process would involve a timer of some sort and should be controllable by only entering start/stop-positions (plus any interim positions) and timing between shots plus amount of shots.

  323. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the idea for some time now to take garduino to next level with controlling everything through web interface and collecting data and seeing grow history to optimize light/water usage etc. I’ve been learning objective c for few months now and it’s about time to get familiar with electronics as well.

  324. Tarek Ahmed says:

    i wanna make a home automation project.

  325. I have been looking into getting an Arduino, and getting started in electronics in general, but honestly have no idea where to start. If I happen to win this, then well, I guess I’ve found my start.

  326. Shava Nerad says:

    I’m a “beautiful assistant” to a working magician. This means that I’m often the co-conspirator on magic effects. Some time ago, we spoke to our local dorkbot folks about doing “Magic for Makers” — demonstrating the internals of some magic effects, not to debunk them, but to open the possibility of applying maker sensibilities to the art of creating magic effects — open sourcing them, as it were.

    I believe magic is a dying art due to the secretive nature of it. No one thinks, “Oh, this movie is crap, look — it’s all CGI!” But people do say “Look, this magic is all rubbish, it’s all tricks.”

    Magicians as a profession create this trap for themselves. In an age when magic books are in every library, not to mention revealed on the web including detailed reveals on YouTube — almost always framed as debunking, not technical wizardry — magic must open up and fix their attitude, or become obsolete.

    So give me a kit, and I’ll do a couple demo projects, throw it at dorkbot and Berkman and MIT geeks, and get the juices flowing!

  327. I would like to learn arduino to build a system for alerting my wife, who is hearing-impaired to events around the house, such as the doorbell ringing, the dryer buzzing or the alarm clock going off.

  328. I’m interested in learning arduino and applying it as a possible interface for HS science classroom experiment data capture. The expensive, black box-style solutions aren’t accessible nor helpful if you stray from the black box-style experiments. Students can also be empowered to learn and use the arduino as a tool in their own science projects.

  329. I am new to creating electronics and I know that Arduinos are the way to go. As a soon to be (2012) college student I hope that this can help me get started as an Electrical Engineer and seeing how Arduinos are so versatile they should be used by every beginner.

  330. Rob W. says:

    I want to build something using the XBee like the Networked On Air Light

  331. Anonymous says:

    I want to make things move, I want to make things react, I want to make things smarter, I want to make people think… I want to lear more about interaction design using Arduino, I believe I will find some good idea to play and make people play with it ;)

    More concretely I want to use Arduino to collect data within objects, and make the object answer the user in reaction, making the reaction physical.

    Andrea – Italy/Netherland

  332. I want to try a different platform for the some projects as it seems much easier for the configuration of arduino contrary to others like PIC
    Now im working on a internet-controlled automation for the home based on an msp430

  333. Jai Mayers says:

    I’ve always been interested in electronics, and the direction the Arduino is heading is very intriguing to me.

    I have an idea for a miniatures based war game that allows each figure to be aware of it’s current state, location, etc – I’d like to play with that idea.

  334. Thomas Sloan says:

    I have built some home automation with the Netduino and now would love to expand my home AI’s network using some Arduinos. This kit would be a great way to help me learn how to program Arduinos and how to use them to further my home’s AI network.

  335. aquadan says:

    My daughters and I have done a number of projects from the magazine in the past several years, and are ready to move up to more challenging things. My girlfriend’s son is a lego fanatic. I’m looking for ways to do joint projects where they can begin to bond, and the current thinking is to make our own mindstorms type of setup where we can build creations they all can enjoy.

  336. RyanE says:

    I’d use the Arduino to help my son learn microcontroller programming. He’s started learning robotics, and is very interested in robots!

  337. I’d love this for experimenting and building new circuits, as well as teaching my friends who are interested more about micro controllers and digital circuits. :)

  338. Hi! I`d like to use Arduino to make projects for people with special needs. My fiancee is physiotherapist, and she is helping children to retrieve some functions, they have lost. Some children are looking forward to have job connected with computers, but because their arms are not functioning well, they can’t use such devices like mouse or keyboard. I would like to make for them computer usage much easier, then before. With usage of Arduino and accelerometers, I will try to make something like Air Mouse pointing device. With some silicone, plastic, some buttons and Arduino, i`ll try to make keyboard, which can be used by only one hand, without hand moving.
    It is very important to help such people use modern devices comfortable and effective.


  339. Anonymous says:

    Make a cool bicycle computer with an LCD display, and GPS logging.

  340. In the past I’ve marveled at the possibilities of PICs in automation. However learning a new programming language and the skills to program a PIC seemed a bit too steep. Only recently I have discovered the Arduino boards and programming language. With its active user community, it would definitely help me to enter this new world.

    Projects in mind:
    - monitoring the conditions of my pond (temperature, acidity) and later on sending it wirelessly with xbee or a wifi shield
    - automated and timed fish feeding
    - sensing motion and distance when someone is nearing my hobby room
    - RFID entry in my hobby room
    - ultimately I would want to build a UAV

  341. Fl Pfeiffer says:

    I’ve used an attiny to build some wireless remote controllable power outlets through my router ( ) This was pretty hardcore. A couple of friends told me to do it with an Arduino, but i’ve never got the chance to get my hands on one of these…
    So with an Arduino I would build the power outlets from scratch. Trying to make them more reliable (with the current version the radio communication has still some hickups) and later maybe try to integrate the Arduino in the network instead of the router. I still remember failing to integrate ethernet into my atmel, so i would really like to see how easy this is with an Arduino :)

  342. Allen Houng says:

    I would contrast the arduino to FPGAs, seeing where the pros and cons are regarding an atmega32 processor and a soft-core nios processor. and then of course i would take over the world :)

  343. Truls Thirud says:

    I would like to build a very simple remote control with one or two big buttons so my handicapped daughter could control her stereo. One button for next song, one for rewind. And possibly one button to stop the music if her helpers put on a cd with swedish folk music … :-)

  344. Raul Giucich says:

    I’m going to build a water dispenser, reducing water wastage and maximize the recharge time at home.

  345. I’m looking to combine this with my other hobby/passion, homebrewing beer. Looking to start with a temperature controller build for use during fermentation, and build it up into a more robust central control system. Dragging my feet on getting started, so winning one would get that going.

  346. Mo Abrahams says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of arduino for a while now. Having fallen out of love with programming in general, it seems like just the thing to give me some new inspiration. I haven’t any specific project ideas yet, I think I need to understand more before I can come up with real ideas, but I like the idea of interfacing with my N900 in some way.

  347. I study on the subject of man-machine interaction, and my interest in using the microcontroller would be for it. I’m currently trying to develop a multitouch system.

  348. Franks Maia says:

    I’m a civil engineering student in Sao Paulo University ( and very interested of possibles applications of arduino on my projects! Especially the integration of it in a low cost and intelligent voice controlled house. Please guys, help a student with no much financial resources!

    Thank you very much!

    Cheers from Brazil.

  349. Austin Glass says:

    My experience with Arduino is greater than my actual understanding of it. A couple of years ago I worked with a friend designing an Arduino-based wireless special effects trigger (for film applications), where I said “It’d be great if it could do this,” and then he’s the one that actually made it happen. I understood the concepts of how it worked, but every time I tried to get my hands dirty in the understanding of the code and hardware implementation, I got a headache. Since then, I’ve been constantly thinking of cool things I could do with Arduino, if only I knew how to make it happen.

    Here we are in 2011, and I’m working on a new project. This time around, it’s a timelapse dolly, hopefully with multiple axes of control. I’m starting with Dynamic Perceptions’ brilliant MX2 DollyShield for Arduino, but after I get it working, I will try adapting it to be a 3-axis dolly shield rather than a dual-axis.

    My problem is, I have very little understanding of the code, so I want to try setting up some basic circuits, and writing/modifying code to gain a greater understanding of the language.

  350. I’d like to add intelligence to a motion detecting sensor network, triggering different actions based on zones and moving paths.

  351. Coby says:

    I would teach my son electronics and programming. We would probably make a magic box that only he would be able to open using sound. Something similar to the Gum Ball project that used knocking.

  352. Anonymous says:

    I have a son with inoperable cancer both in the brain and in the spine, it has left him unable to do many simple things, I would like to learn more about about the arduino not just to help him but others like him who could benefit from anything which I can contribute to them.

  353. Robert Bell says:

    I’d use it for thermal reporting and automated dispatch messaging to keep the never-ending waffle machine from stopping.

  354. Hello, I would like to try out this kit to build a panel for my house that lets me know I left the garage door open and all the lights on. Also provide control to shut the door, and turn the lights on and off from the panel each night on the way to bed. Maybe even a “PANIC” button that flashes all the garage lights so the neighbors know something wierd is going on…I have heard lots of good things about arduino and would like to try out something other than the picaxe which was the only affordable thing I could get… probably because I keep leaving the lights on in the garage….

  355. I would build a small autonomous car using lego like blocks, and an optical scanner extracted from an optical mouse. As of now, I am trying to build it using electronic circuits, but Arduino would make lot more sense. I have prior experience with Arduino, in the university, but I don’t have it with me personally.

  356. Anonymous says:

    I use a modular analog synthesizer system for making music. I’d like to start building my own modules to augment the behaviour of the system, as well as adding or altering the functionality of existing modules. Arduino would be a great help in this regard (even with its limited analog I/O, there’s a lot of useful protocol conversion, switching, logic, etc. that it could handle).

  357. Dave Foster says:

    I would like to us it for controlling my beer brewing system. Closed loop temperature control for mashing and fermenting.

  358. I want to have a go at building useful modern-day gadgetry into a cheap & simple kit car.

  359. My plan is to make a visual display using EL wire on the Winnitron 1000 ( . The Winnitron is a refurbished game cabinet created by a bunch of indie developers in Winnipeg, including Alec Holowka, the indie developer behind Aquaria. It runs indie games developed in Winnipeg, or with a link to Winnipeg, including custom 2-player versions of Canabalt and Super Crate Box. Since we do all our work independent of funding money is tight. If I win, the Uno will be donated to the Winnitron cause.
    The plan for the Uno is to hook up a simple microphone and have a simple decibel meter, displayed using EL wire. A button will be set up (or maybe it will be sound-activated) to change between modes.
    The display modes would be
    1. Decibel meter
    2. Waterfall effect
    3. EL wire bouce (lights moving back and forth)
    4. Whatever we can dream and design (in true indie form)

    Choose team Indie (me)!

  360. Aimi says:

    I would like to develop a remote monitoring module to analyse the performance of
    30 prototype small-scale biodigesters in Tanzania :)

  361. Eventually, I want to get into the brewtroller project (, so this looks like a good place to start. An automatic cat door controller linked to my cats RFID tags would be cool, too.

  362. I would use the Arduino kit as the core of a home-automation system. Eventually, I will develop an Artificial Intelligence system around this, with voice recognition and speech synthesis for verbal control and feedback. Later, this system will fall in love with my wife, and attempt to kill me, so I will unfortunately have to destroy it.

    Or I could just use it to tinker around and make blinking lights and bloopy-doop sounds, and maybe drive LEGO vehicles around the house for my cat to attack.

  363. I want to learn Arduino so I can solve day-to-day problems and share my discoveries.
    The first problem I have to solve is a way of automating a distant water pump without passing wires between it and the water tank. Because of the high lightning incidence we’ve lost a few pumps when using wires, now we use a clock to turn the pump on and off on a preset time interval, wasting water and energy, but not the pumps.

  364. Jack Harris says:

    I would make the insanium circuit.

  365. rjack says:

    I want to learn arduino because I’m planning to build an army of unstoppable tin toy robots that will crush humanity and I need a good prototyping platform.

  366. Alan Krause says:

    I’m a software guy since the Apple //e days, but I’ve always wanted to get closer to the hardware side and perhaps marry the two as the early day pioneers in the computer hobby groups did. I also would like to introduce my kids to electronics in a fun, can-do environment.

  367. Alex B says:

    I’m from Russia and Arduino is not very popular in my country, I’m studying on design engineer and decided that I would work in this direction, I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about the project, but I can not implement them because in my town difficult to reach the desired components such as microcontrollers and sensors … I hope to win Arduino and start implementing their ideas :)

  368. I would use the Arduino starter kit to teach the principles of physical computing to my nieces and nephews – with a project contest held between them to determine the eventual owner of the starter kit. (voting to be cast by the extended family). After teaching them blinky, digital and analog I/O, debouncing, – I would challenge them to design a project they could use around the house – Room intruder alert, Additionally, I will demonstrate and explain some of the Arduino controlled medical device prototypes I am currently working on – while encouraging their design input.

  369. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to create remote data loggers with or without RF wireless connectivity. I want to learn this for my own sake (its interesting!) as well as possible application with my high school physics classes..

  370. Akshay Bist says:

    I bought two books on hardware hacking & I can’t wait to get started on the projects in them.

  371. I will interface it with a bluetooth module and program it for taking photos periodically with my cellphone to make a time lapse video!
    Besides I will make a time machine by Arduino, go back in time grab Arduino from myself,come back to present and do it again. In this way I’ll have a unlimited supply of Arduino!

  372. I will interface it with a bluetooth module and program it for taking photos periodically with my cellphone to make a time lapse video!
    Besides I will make a time machine by Arduino, go back in time grab Arduino from myself,come back to present and do it again. In this way I’ll have a unlimited supply of Arduino!

  373. I want to learn C for an embedded chipset, and AVR seems like the obvious choice. Arduino would make great practice.

  374. J Flanagan says:

    I was going to say that I want to make an Arduino based weather station that is web enabled. However, from looking at the comments, there are a lot more creative people out there than me. I’m having fun reading the comments, so I’ll probably tinker around with some of the projects in the comments!

  375. Christopher says:

    I have played around with my friend’s Arduino and can make the LEDs blink, but I am unsure what to do next. Having access to all the parts and book would let me put in some real time and create something useful.

  376. DaniMiro says:

    Using arduino is so easy!! you can make everything you want, from a simple termometer to a cute robot partner. The only thing that stops you is your own imagination!

  377. Anonymous says:

    I want to start learning electronics and Arduino seems to be the best place to start. Some projects are an Arduino controlled deadbolt for my front door, a more secure garage door opener, and a variety of light projects for use around the house and as toys for my young kids.

  378. JEFF says:

    My family has allergy problems, some of which are a result of the family dog bringing things that we are allergic to from the outside. I would like to use an Arduino to make a doggie door controller that would activate when said doggie comes inside and blows the allergens off prior to entry (similar to the Wal-mart entry door blow you get when you go inside the store). If this turns out to be a bad idea in the making, I still would be able to do fun projects with the kids and keep them interested in electronics.

  379. erinlennon says:

    I’m a reformed geek who wants to be re-integrated into geek society after years of lapsed membership. Plus, I think it’s my best shot at getting sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.

  380. Edwin says:

    I’m excited to learn more about electronic controllers, and start with controlling a 7-segment LED display for numbers and letters. Afterwards, I’d like to try controlling one or two motors, and then see what other kinds of projects I can dream up.

  381. perfectlemur says:

    I have been wanting to learn Arduino for a while now, the latest Make edition really got me excited to learn Arduino. I have three projects that I’m interested in building that I think Arduino could really help with. The first is an interactive light show that changes based on inputs from a user. The other two are both brewing related, I would like to build a fermentation controller that turns on heating and cooling for several different beer fermenters to keep them with in the temperature range that the yeast works best at. The last is to automate my brew day by controlling electronic boilers and propane boilers and measure volumes, release hops at certain times, control the cooling to reach the correct temperature at the end. The options for the last are almost limitless and would be a lot of fun to build though likely take more time to build than I would ever save in doing the work unaided, oh well that’s not the point!

    Thanks for this great give away.

  382. I’ll try to interface it with a spare car dashboard I have, linking it to test drive unlimited 2.
    Also, when the water in my pond gets low (detected with a water level sensor) it can start a pump to add water from a well.

  383. Ed Baker says:

    I’m halfway through my Make: Electronics book and Arduino is the next logical step.

  384. Sheri Baker says:

    Please give this to my husband. He’s a supergeek for robots.

  385. Gene says:

    I’m interested in Arduino in order to make environmental control systems for my pet reptiles and my chickens. Both systems will control lighting and heating, with changing daylight length based on season of the year.
    The chicken coop will also have an automatic door opener and closer, using a stepper motor to actuate it, and sensors to report food and water levels.
    The reptile system will control ambient temperature, and a basking light temperature separately, as well as humidity and water levels, independently for two separate terrariums.
    I want to use Arduino for this because I think this level of complexity is too much for me to implement with “bare” microcontrollers, given my current level of skill. I’m learning, and the Arduino will further that learning.

  386. Evan Cameron says:

    I would use it to design a controller for the solar heater for my pool

  387. Kevin says:

    I am a total newbie to electronics and am fascinated with the arduino. I think it would be a great learning tool which I could then use to someday teach my kids, once they are older. Potential projects include automatic door opener for chicken coop, perhaps integrated with iphone to act as an opener, and also motion sensor for lights around the house. Thanks!

  388. Anonymous says:

    I will learn to solder stuff! I will build something to feed my kitties so I can sleep in. I will create a complicated light show for my arcade cabinet, the “Box O’ Awesssoommmeeee” that will respond to my body. I will tear apart a camcorder and build a wearable camera that I can control with my voice and record what I’m working on.

  389. I’ve always been a programmer/hacker at heart but software has become a bit boring and I want to learn more about electronics. So I will take my software skills 3D with Arduino! There are so many cool projects but one that I really want to do is make the coolest Bender (of Futurama fame) Halloween costume! It will be complete with lit telescoping eyes, eye shade, a speaker behind the mouth to play back various quotes and small buttons and touch sensors around the body that will activate the sound bites such as a small switch behind the teeth that will belch after pressing a drink to it for 5 seconds. And we all know what Bender will say if someone touches the rear end! ;)

  390. mo Mordicus says:

    Hi Everybody,
    I’ve just finished the mechanical part of a spinning rgb smd led display. It will consists in a globe displaying rgb image and small video in a good resolution (Resolution will be define after some practical tests…). I have never work with arduino and i’m very curious of it. I’ve read some tutos about it and it appears to be an unexpected brain to my led player.
    Thnak you very much for your understanding
    Have a nice day

  391. mo Mordicus says:

    Hi Everybody,
    I’ve just finishing ther mechanical part of my new mega extra super spinning smd rgb led player. It will consist in a spinning arm made of smd rgb led. It would be able to display images, small animation or even rss at the best resolution. (Practical tests will allow to know more about this famous maximum resolution). I’ve never work with arduino since now but i’m very curious about it. Tutos are great. I think that Arduino will be the perfect brain for managing shift registers, pc interfacing (may be Xbee …)
    I hope that things will goes well
    Have a nice day

  392. I would like to use Arduino to build a network of wireless sensor and actuator to monitor a datacenter

  393. I recently read an article about the reprap project. It was reported to be an interesting project, but there isn’t anything really useful you can do with it, but bottle openers. I decided to make something useful. This year I want to get my own reprap and I want to construct arduino based roboter kits that can be produced with reprap. My first project will be a 3D-object-digitizer. So that’s it. I hope you like my idea.

    I hope such kits makes technologie interesting (again) for children so they will see a computer can be used for more than facebook and youtube.

  394. local host says:


    actually I’d only use it to impress my wife and show her that electronics can be rather cool! I guess the WAF is big enough for colorful arduino-controlled rgb kitchen light. :-)

  395. gonzalosr says:

    Hi! I just have no experience with electronics, but that is what this starter kit is for, isn’t it?

    I plan to learn from the ground up and teach my son and daughter to make some easy projects.

    Thank you MAKE!

  396. Mothy says:

    I’d like an Arduino to experiment with xbees for controlling robots from a computer interface. I’ve had classes involving microprocessors and low-level computer stuff, but always good to test stuff hands on.

  397. Been making virtual, digital stuff for way too long as my job. Need to make something “real” for a change. Would love to point things in a direction that combines the best of both realms.

  398. Hey, I’m a 15 year old geek from Germany. The last weeks I started getting involved in all this Arduino stuff and I think it would be great to have the opportunity of learning something about it. I’m currently thinking of a homemade “semi-automatic beer-brewing device” as I would call this. If this project is succesful (or even if not) I’d post an article in the MAKE and arduino forum.
    Thanks alot

  399. Andre David says:

    I want to make a baby monitor: with a microphone and a FM transmitter, keeping low power for long use, wake up regularly, sample the room sound, if above threshold, perform a FFT, if it’s a cry, turn on the FM transmitter and let us know via a cheap FM receiver.

    Beauty of it all: once the monitor is no longer needed, it can become something else. Like control laser pointers and drive the cats nuts.

    ps – extra points if I manage to distinguish in an 8-bit FFT the cry of each of our twins…

  400. Anonymous says:

    I want to use Arduino to make small sound generating objects for amusement.

  401. Drew Hard says:

    I’m a huge fan of make and have tons of ideas floating around in my head but have 0 to no electrical experience. I can make things all day but have since been unable to breathe any life into any of my creations. I’ve always wanted to get a starter kit but haven’t been able to scrap together the funds needed to get one. This would be a great way to get into the game and start really making stuff! Probably my first project would to make some sort of interface for my dogs to push different buttons with their noses to tell me when they would like to go out while I’m at work or maybe to turn on a fan for themselves while they’re outside. That’d just be a start of course!

  402. I want to make guitar pedals for sci-fi punk bands. Also, I know nothing of digital logic, and I think it’s about time I get off of my analog high-horse.

  403. Anonymous says:

    I want to learn more about uses the Arduino platform to supplement my mechanical engineering skills from school with mechatronic skills.

  404. Rob Sartin says:

    When I was a boy, a fell in love with electronics and computers. I built. I designed. I coded. I worked writing software for heart/arrhythmia monitors. I played designing a robot with a friend. Over time, I drifted away. I wrote business systems and web back-ends. Eventually, I became a stay at home Dad with 2 sons of my own, now 7 and 11. I want to recapture that spirit of exploration and creation. I want to give that spirit to my sons. I want to explore their imaginations and see what we can build together.

  405. Anonymous says:

    I work with warm glass (slumping) and would like to build an Arduino controlled cutter for sandblasting resist al la cricut.

  406. Erik Chew says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of articles online and I saw that you can control a quadrocopter using an arduino, the Wii’ Nunchuk’s accelerometer, and the Wii Motion Plus’ gyro. It may not be the best quadrocopter, but it’s a quadrocopter that Make would love.

  407. I’m interested in exploring the possibilities for microcontrollers in digital art. I have a few specific projects in mind involving music and weather information streamed from the internet. I’m a self-taught programmer without any engineering experience and I’m hoping that Arduino is the right place to start learning about electronic components.

  408. Rich Morgan says:

    I will share the “Getting Started with the Arduino Kit” with the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore FIRST Robotics Teams! I hope to combine the LEGO NXT Mindtstorms with an Arduino to make amazing LEGO contraptions that will inspire them to pursue STEM majors or robotics in college.

    Rich Morgan
    GSJS FLL Robotics Team Advisor
    Team #3546 GSJS Humanoids

  409. Asa Foster says:

    Hi Make,

    I am a junior at Carnegie Mellon University and just learned Max/MSP and Processing this year. I want to use an Arduino system to build mechanical puppets that are controlled with the Kinect. I will hopefully be working with the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum on their MakeShop (as well as applying for their residency) and would love to build something for the kids!

  410. Anonymous says:

    I have been wanting to get into the world of microcontrollers for a while now and have been doing alot of research and found this is the place to start. I have a background in computer programming but not so much in electronics. My first project I want to give a try is to make a hydrographics dip tank and have the Arduino control the water temperature and the water filter as well as some timers.

  411. I’ve completed most of the projects in the Make:Electronics intro book and have been eager to try out an Arduino. I would first start by building a system to control and sync christmas lights as a starter to move up to full displays. Also I would play around with making my daughters favorite toys more interactive. Finally robotics and automation are always fun.

  412. I would love to learn this interesting tool. I have wanted to make a cheap wire cutter/stripper, where you punch in how many wires you need, what color, length, and the thingie spits them out. Did I mention I hate making jumper-wires for my breadboards?

  413. Our robotics club is just starting out, I noticed many are able to create the mechanical parts for their robots easily but none make it to our monthly sumo wars. I realized because many have little or no knowledge about programming and sometimes electronics.

    If we can have a kit like that it would be easier to demonstrate how (electronics) stuff works. And would be easy for them to grasp.

  414. Ken Matlock says:

    Besides the obvious exception of trying to take over the world, the next-best thing I’d do with it is start on home automation. If I can reduce my energy usage and save money at the same time, it works out for everyone!

  415. Anonymous says:

    I would like to learn arduino because I used to use avr’s, but now with school(cs major)i’m busy with writing software. The arduino seems like a good way to easily play around with hardware. one project i want to make is a web controlled usb camera base with a couple servos and interface from the pc to the real world with the arduino.

  416. Anonymous says:

    Wanna make art

  417. Markus says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I would like to put the Arduino to work for my “Wall of Sounds”. The projects consists of a frame with a matrix of CD covers. Behind the CD covers I would have push buttons. Pushing a button (via CD) would start playing that particular CD (mp3s on the computer). Pushing it again would skip the song etc. I want to use all the CD cases with the cool covers.

  418. I want to learn Arduino because I’m an IT teacher, and I want to share it with my students! I’m trying to train a bunch of future DIYers and hackers, and I’m sure they’d eat it up.

    I don’t know what interesting things they would come up with, but I want to create a high speed photography trigger for one of my first projects.

  419. Paul Spirito says:

    I’m a puppet designer and Automata maker. Most of my work so far has been old school mechanics. I have an intermediate knowledge of electronics but haven’t made the jump to Arduino, but would love to. It has endless applications to what I do and can’t wait to start taking advantage of what Arduino has to offer. Thanks.

  420. I’m a software hacker, even though I’m getting an ECE degree and I really want to move out of my “comfort zone” and try something new. I’m also taking an embedded systems course and would love to have an Arduino as a testbench for trying out new ideas.

  421. P3X984 says:

    Why would i not want to learn Arduino?? What i want to make is an interactive light display using RGB LED’s

  422. I am a college student studying computer science/computer engineering; I am in the processing of drafting a smart home system, I hope to use “Project JaNET”, Xbee, and a Arduino would go a long way to make things do-able. Naturally I will be posting the source code and designs. I hope to eventually design and build several boards based off of a ATMega micro-controller for controlling/monitoring Lights(dimmer), Temperature/Humidity, Door/Window monitoring, and much more. My dream is to further the ease of custom built Smart Homes for the average person not just the wealthy.

  423. Raul Castro says:

    I learned automation using discrete circuits three decades ago. I programmed Lego robots in this decade. I would like to go a step deeper into the state-of-the-art. (And to feed a bit the geek in me…)

  424. I am really interested in Open Source software, blogger, magazine editor (…I would say developer but an not the best you can find around). I see Arduino as a good platform to explore open source hardware too. Anyways even if I will not win it I might give it a go either way.

  425. Juan Glez says:

    i’m a second year fine arts student, and i’m aware that this arduino could do a whole. I would like to learn and to use it in my work as art instalations, for controlling lights and times, also for reacting on iteraction to visitants.

  426. Katmando says:

    I would love to play with controlling motors and possible some home automation.

  427. bookmunkie says:

    My awesome, awesome girlfriend saw has excited I got when I watched the Ardino documentary, so she got me one for Valentines Day. I’ve only fiddled with it a bit so far, but since she’s into fashion and clothing I’m hoping I’ll figure out something interesting to do with a Lillypad so I can make something awesome for her.

  428. I’d like to use the system to monitor and record weather information to be used in calculating growing degree days for crops on my farm. Maybe even expand it to a full-blown weather station.

  429. I actually bought MAKE: Electonics because Arduono intrigued me so
    much. I’m a product designer by trade and love to fix things, but
    never knew much about how electronics actually -worked-. Now I’m
    pretty familiar with my breadboard and am still learning a LOT. The
    possibilities and ideas for projects are starting to come, and Arduino
    seems a bit less intimidating. I’d love to win one! I’ve got an old
    skeeball machine in the garage that is just begging to be kitted out
    with lights, sounds, and the little microcontroller that could!

  430. James Riggs says:

    i want to learn ardy because i see the every growing need for electrical/electronics in my full time job. i am the shop foreman for a truck dealer. i use the basics i have learned for kit like this in the past to improve my job performance and those i work with. i have used my knowledge to build test equipment and diagnostics tools. the trucking industry needs people with experience like me and my crew to repair and prevent major failures. i can use this kit to create an even better response to the digital fault we come across in my shop. Plus i want to have some fun with it also.

  431. i want to learn how to make things and i figured this would be the best way to start

  432. I would use it to learn more about electronics because i am very interested in electronics but more in programming and integrating the two i would also use it for school because i am part of the pathways program at mt Abraham high and middle school in Vermont which is a self directed learning program where i make my curriculum based on learning how to program and use the Arduino i was going to get this product earlier this year but was not able to pull together enough money to buy it i was thinking if i got the Arduino i would start with a blinking light and then expand from there i still have my make magazine 25 based on Arduino one of my Favorite project in there is the knock knock gum ball machine so i would attempt to build that also from what Ive read and heard there are unlimited possibilities so in conclusion if i was the one to win this i would use it to its fullest extent.

  433. Kelly Cooke says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino so I can design an automated setup that can use either water guns or a nerf gun to keep my cat off of my kitchen counter and other furniture. He’s smart enough not to get caught, but an automated system would keep him guessing. I’d also like to to do other things like water plants, opening shades, etc. I also have an idea for designing something to help a friend that has a maple sugaring operation. It would be nice to have a setup that turns vacuum pumps on and off at certain temperatures at a certain temperatures. Not sure if it’s even possible.
    Anyway those are my reasons for wanting to win a kit like this. Thanks.

  434. I want to learn the arduino so I can make the pocket laser engraver that is on instructables

  435. Briefly, I have a nephew, the will, and copious free time. An Arduino *beginner’s* Kit is just what I need.

    As to the projects? Good question. I think my nephew has a number of good ideas.

  436. Anonymous says:

    I want to have something coooool to share with my teenage sons. Arduino is step 1 toward battlebots!

  437. Eric Miller says:

    My son would love to learn how to build some sort of robot.

  438. Amy Jenkins says:

    I am a college student, and I am extremely interesting in the posibilities for hacking different devices using Arduino. I hope to work on some basic projects for a while, and eventually try to build a robot using an arduino.

  439. C. Wilson says:

    I would like to learn Arduino because I would like to make things with my kids– although I think my husband would probably play too (read, take over). I can’t say what we would make, because with this geek laden family the sky’s the limit.

  440. Mike Johnson says:

    I want to use Arduinos as the processors for my next series of interactive sculptures at Molch’s Midway & Cabinet of Infernal Mysteries. The Hanged Man, Ghost Sighting, and The Seance will join the Wheel of Misfortune, The Anatomy Lesson, Baba Yaga, and Unnatural Mysteries in our haunted arcade. Each of these objects combines light, sound, MIDI processing, and user controls to make interactive games or museum exhibits. I currently use other microcontrollers but want to get some experience using an Arduino. And there are several shields I want to play with too.!

  441. Ric Helton says:

    I want to win and get started with the Arduino because I want to make things, instead of just reading about OTHER people making things.

  442. Anonymous says:

    I am a self taught hacker and have recently bought a Makerbot Cupcake. Loving it and was hoping to learn how to build an interface for it using an LCD and a Keypad to control it without using a computer. I have most of it worked out as far as parts go, but need to have some more practice coding and integrating the libraries that I need to make it all work.

  443. Ben Vaughan says:

    I’d like to learn Arduino because it seems like the best compromise between ease of use and ability of all the microcontrollers out there. Plus there’s a great community around the Arduino, that at first I’d like to learn from but eventually contribute to.

    Also I want to see if Arduino is suitable for a project I have at work. We make organic solar cells and want to build a motorised XY stage to place our cells on for testing under a solar simulator. Aside from controlling the stage, there are also shutters that need to be controlled, so we can test the cells response in the dark and the light.

  444. bob halford says:

    I would like to build a prototype unmanned model aircraft as a video platform that might be used for disaster recovery work. These may be cheap enough to allow hundreds to be rapidly deployed after earthquake and tsunami damage to determine where people are alive and cane still be rescued. Living in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have a special interest in this.

  445. ken says:

    I would like to learn how to use the Arduino because i am a programmer, and I’ve always been interested in robotics, etc.
    I will probably try to make some type of autonomous system/ function that’ll do my chores or something x]

  446. Tim Dennis says:

    I started with a basic stamp micro controller but would like to switch over to Arduino. All I need is a kit to get me going.

  447. I’d like to learn how to work with Arduino for a few reasons. I’m a coding geek and would love to make use of that for micro/physical devices. Another reason is that I think this would be the best way to get my kids involved w/ geekery since visual + physical interaction work best the younger they are.

  448. Anonymous says:

    I saw an amateur presentation on “the internet of things” at a local engineers club meeting.

    Not only is my interest piqued, the ideas are running rampant. Currently I’d like to hook up a whole slew of sensors. Gps, thermal, laser range finder, UV, VU/sound meter, Geiger counter anything I can think of – and make a Tricorder-esc data logger. The use processing to make a health meter/ infographic about what I’m exposed to through out the day.

  449. Anonymous says:

    My mind needs new challenges, doors to open and paths to explore. Learning Arduino would foster ideas and places for my mind to visit. As an active HAM, I would like to use Arduino to gather and digest information from separate receivers and decide on the best antenna configuration for weak signal work.

  450. Anonymous says:

    Because I want to…

  451. Jeremy Mead says:

    I want to learn about Arduino the same way I wanted to learn more about Linux, there is always something new to learn. As I get older, (ok so I am only on the last little cliff of 49 to 50) I feel that there is more out there to learn everyday. If only new ways that the new generations can abuse the American/English language! Though I try to adhere to my stubborn rule that texting should be done in complete sentences. I have learned how to use my iPod though I have not cracked it open yet. (I am waiting for it to break or die) But I have been repairing LCD monitors and looking inside computers and fooling around with things for a while. It might lead to my next adventure. I went from the water treatment field to being a machinist with a few things along the way. So this is another step as I head off into my future. If I learn the Arduino, now maybe when I am absent-minded in my older age I will create something fun or crazy or just maybe useful! Like something to help us “old” people to figure out how to keep outsmarting the young upstarts! Maybe a real fun device that will spoof the texting crowd and spell out all the strange gobbltygook that they type into plain language as they are sending it!


  452. wooac says:

    I want to use Arduino to control a robot with a high resolution imaging system.

  453. I’ve been using PIC chips, but I’d really like to try something with a cleaner architecture.

  454. Mike Panesis says:

    I’m fascinated by the link between physical and virtual worlds. I would use the Arduino to build a water conservation meter. Also, my 14 year old son recently acquired an interest in electricity and electronics. He compared wind and solar power for his science fair project (even built a wind turbine), and it would be cool to see how the Arduino could be used with renewable energy sources.

  455. I want to learn more about electronics and how to build different things. I’d use it to build effect pedals like Bitcrushers or other digital distortion devices. Or many learn DSP to make a gritty digital/analog hybrid synth. Might need two though, one Arduino for the DSP, and another to control midi.

    Or, I could revisit my old love affair with robotics. The last robot I built involved muscle wire and that was YEARS ago. Might be neat to give it a ‘brain’

  456. Dunyas says:

    Love to start doing some automation. Maybe some really nice display pieces.

  457. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to get my hands on an Arduino and learn what all the buzz is about.

  458. I would like to just learn more electronics and circuitry. I’m fascinated with engineering, and Arduino is an extremely good way to learn and explore this. I hope to work up to making a small, wheeled robot with sensors to play around with. This is especially exciting since I made it more or less myself, not from a kit or a building set.

  459. I am a computer programmer but have always wanted to program stuff that actually does something. In the long term I would like to automate my brewery, but first maybe some POV stuff.

  460. Larry Moss says:

    One of my kids (9 years) has become fascinated with Lego NXT programming. Another (8 years) has been experimenting with Scratch. I’m just looking for another platform that all of us can play with. We’ve been talking about building a home automation system and Arduino seems like something fun to work with.

  461. Edward B says:

    I would like to learn arduino to make some cool gadgets for around the house, I am a bit of a tinkerer and love to make little gadgets, but I am just learning some electrical systems, and the arduino controller would really help be develop some simple control circuits to make lights controlled using the computer, possibly control a small baseboard heater so it heats up while you are showering so its nice and warm when you hop out..

  462. Pat H says:

    I’d like to win because my new girlfriend would freak out if we got one. every since i met her this is all she’s talk about, and this would definitely make her day.

  463. I would love an arduino! I have two projects in mind: the first would be a pen digitizer to use in place of a mouse, and the second would be to integrate some super awesome lights onto the solar car my club is building!

  464. So many possibilities. I’ve used PiCs, would like to learn about the Arduino. I could use it to control remote cameras, or robotics projects. Or my son & I can just experiment.

  465. Anonymous says:

    I am a former electronics major who let the skills lapse after years of work in IT. I would like to spin back up on a system that would let me both prototype quickly and build final systems for low volume and one off projects. Arduino seems to be the current leader in that area and looks like a useful and flexible system with a good community to boot.

    I have several projects in waiting that range from just improving my life in some custom ways to some possible products.

    I would work my way through the book, perhaps blogging my way through it, and then work on some of the projects in waiting. I would publish those projects as open hardware projects for others to build on, at least blogging about them. :)

  466. Andrew H says:

    I want to make a clock.

  467. Jon Peterman says:

    I would use an arduino for a children’s interactive spaceship that we built this last Christmas season and to add lights and motion to a marble run that is built into the ship. some videos of the spaceship can be seen on my youtube channel under peterman921

  468. I am a tinkerer and jack of all trades. Started really looking in the adruino platform when I decided I wanted to build a cnc and am/was trying to find the easiest and most adaptable system for it. I also have quite a few other automation and info type projects; ranging from self-navigating bot to security system interfaces, that I would love to work on if I can get this one done (or do a couple first to get my feet wet :) )

  469. I’m a lifetime geek, current college student, and beginning an internship @ Maxim Integrated Products where I will be coding software to test components in the R & D department of the automotive department @ Maxim. I will also be running the tests on breadboards and testboards that I’ve built. Arduino would be a great asset to my arsenal, and really open up the possibilities to what I can create! I’d love to have this kit, and even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy it :)

  470. Fred Hundt says:

    I’d use Make’s Arduino kit to build a solar-powered automated priming pump for my spring box water supply! After that, I’d automate strange things around the house.

  471. Gonçalo Sá says:

    I would use the Arduino to build building-size LCD (with the windows being pixels) 5×8 in my city (Porto, Portugal) like the one built years ago by the CCC. However this one would be interfacing wirelessly thus providing everyone the ability to post their own message. :D

  472. Anonymous says:

    Since I was young, like 10 years old, I always dream about building an ROV submarine. I have recently found little sketches of submarine plan in the page of my school book. So, I decide to built it! I’ve start by learning a bit more about electronic with Make:Electronics book. A wonderful book, very easy to understand and fun to read. Now, I need a brain for my submarine, a starting point for building all the component and I think that the Arduino is a good choice, easy to use and powerful.

  473. I would love to learn to use an Arduino so I could make the master coffee-control hub that I have always dreamed about. I would connect a thermocouple to my espresso machine’s boiler and regulate the temperature of the water with a simple PID controller and triac or some sort of solid state relay. I would tie in a Bluetooth module, pari it with my home computer, and write a simple script on the computer to have the machine turn on thirty minutes before my alarm every morning via another relay. This will make sure the whole machine is warm before I go to use it.

    I would also have a second thermocouple tied in to the Arduino, this time connected to my popcorn-popper-turned-coffee-roaster. Again a triac would control the heating element, a simple PWM control on a FET-controlled circuit could control the fan that circulates the air and coffee as it roasts, and a simple PID controller would handle the temperature regulation. I could send temperature profiles to the arduino over the Bluetooth connection from the home desktop, and have the computer log data and save custom profiles.

    There’s not much better than properly-extracted espresso from fresh-roasted coffee. Imagine all the tweaking and control the Arduino would lend to something my wife already thinks I obsess too much over…

  474. Brian says:

    I want to get an arduino so that me and my son can learn robotics and programming a microcontroller together. He is 11 and really into robots. He is learning on the LEGO Mindstorms system right now but it is really showing its limitations at this point. I’d like him to have a system that can be expanded and use nearly any kind of sensor or motor controller.

  475. Dave says:

    My 5 year old son and I started making stuff together last year. We’ve built rigs for kite photography, bristlebots, LED throwies and a few model rockets. One of our latest projecta is an automated rover using a cheap (oversized) remote control car chassis. Our early prototyping is fun but, alas, our car needs brains. An Arduino kit could help with that!

  476. Anonymous says:

    I am a freshman Engineering student at Purdue University. I have taken on digital electronics class in high school. I see the potential in the Arduino! I am currently in a C programming class. These projects look like a lot of fun. Not to mention that I will be able to use the skills I will learn in my engineering design classes in the future! Receiving this kit would be a great help to me!

  477. Sam Blumer says:

    What would I do with this Microcontroller?
    The answer.
    Whatever I can think of.
    You can rest assured, that no matter what
    I could make with this. It will have LED’s.. Lots.. of

  478. Taylor says:

    I would love to do a project similar to the one in this video:

  479. Will Stone says:

    I would love to get started with Arduino. I recently started a project that would really benefit from it but sadly I can’t afford to buy something that I may or may not even be able to effectively use. If I could get this kit it would really give me a leg up.

  480. Aaron Woolf says:

    I’d love to get back into electronics tinkering. My last projects were in the mid 90s. (555s, LM386s and Forrest Mims III come to mind!)

  481. Anonymous says:

    I would like this for my grandson who will be 15 in April. He is in advanced tech classes in his vo-tech school and wants to work at designing lighting electronics. He is beyond his years in what he has done and has already accomplished.

  482. I have always been interested in electronics. I would have fun wiring up lights and servos but ultimately the project I would love to make is an array of water sensors for my basement that would send me a text message if one of them detects water. Based on some of the cool Arduino projects I have seen before, I would love to experiment with this.

  483. I found this site about a year ago, while I have done some of the more simple projects on here, I would like to take the next step

  484. I’ve been planning on building an audio mixer with a single knob + lcd readout that will communicate with my mpd server and will be adjustable via bash scripts for sometime now and I think the arduino would be the perfect choice this project.

  485. Anonymous says:


  486. I’m an electronic systems engineer but due to the current labor market have been working on software development since graduating (about 10 years ago) and I think the Arduino platform would be an excellent way to get back to what I really like to do.

    As for projects I’d like to teach my 4 year old daughter (which is very curious) some introductory electronics projects. I also have a dream of creating the perfect robust and heavily customizable Laser Tag system, which will use cool technologies like the iButtons (some of the last technology I worked before moving to 100% software development), motors, Wi-fi/RF, etc :)

  487. Anonymous says:

    I would like this for my grandson who will be 15 in April. He is in advanced tech classes in his vo-tech school and is interested in developing and designing lighting systems and electronic gadgets. This Arduino will be perfect for moving him forward in his creativity and exploration in electronics.

  488. Anonymous says:

    I am a 64 year old retiree that programmed most of my professional career. I’ve used everything from card decks on mainframes to 6 or 8 languages on mini’s, micros, and web servers. I am fascinated with the ability to create and build hardware for a microcontroller, and that it reacts with user created code and sensor input from attached controls/hardware. As a beginner hobbyist this is exciting!

  489. Peter Young says:

    I’d like to learn how to use Ardunio’s so I can build an effective remote control for my Lego trains using the Arduino and some XBee’s. I have no clue where to start and book would be great to get me started on the project!

  490. I’m an engineer who was led astry into the non-engineering world. I need stuff like this to give my life meaning. Oh and my 6 year old daughter is into electronics and she’s tired of snapcircuits.

  491. Timur Tabi says:

    I’d like to get a starter kit so that I can learn how to program an Arduino, and then teach my children the same. I’d also like to experiment merging Arduino with Lego bricks.

  492. David says:

    I would like one of these to control the Christmas Lights The Picaxe unit I have is tooo Slowww (Zzzzzz) and the Arduino looks perfect for the application

  493. sswrighton says:

    I want to learn arduino as a physical aspect to all the software design that I’m constantly working on. some of the things I might want to work on would be custom input/output devices

  494. I want to learn Arduino because doing so will stimulate my aging (71 year old ) brain!

  495. Alton Voss says:

    I would like to learn the Arduino system for my personal energy projects and Bio-feedback projects I would like to construct.

  496. Arduino would be a great way to get kids interested in engineering and programming.

  497. Oscar says:

    I’d like to get my 3 kids interested in electronics and programming and the Arduino Kit looks like the perfect place to start.

  498. Marcel says:

    I’m feeling very claustrophobic tech-wise, and need to get a little air with some new hands-on creativity. Wouldn’t it be great to sit at my desk, and not need to get up to stick my nerdy-head outside to keep up on the sun’s daily progress…?

    The project might be an installation on my balcony, that generates pleasant musical tones inside, depending on the sun’s position. I would use a photocell array as a basic data-capturing input, and clever programming would adjust for seasonal shifts; so, the noon tone, tones at “real” noon, year-round. This might evolve into presenting a real-time, sun position on a remotely hung, framed transparency/picture of the view out my window.

  499. I’m taking an embedded systems course and it has really made me interested in all the projects I’ve been reading about on MAKE and other sites. I have a couple project ideas in mind but I’m not sure how complicated they will be. Some audio distortion stuff with a cool interface and maybe wireless/remote access to my apartment or car.

  500. Jake Tarren says:

    I’m in a CISCO discovery program at my school, and working towards my CCNA and A+ certifications. I already have my IC3. I am also in the school robotics program, FTC 975 Rules, and during the competition season this year we needed an infrared sensor. This would have cost us $50 USD. Needless to say, we didn’t get it. During the competition finals, are autonomous program came within inches of the IR beacon every time but never close enough. Ultimately, our alliance lost at regionals, by one place. A few years ago, a little known magazine called “Popular Mechanics” ran an artical on Homebuilt ROV’s, following Jason Rollette’s build. I saw the article on the Pop Sci website, and realized, like JulienMtl, that I could do something like that, only better. I started building it with my friends, and before I knew it, I had spent all my money on PVC, PVC glue, an a webcam that’s not power over Ethernet, so I could use it with long distance cables, and all the cad5E I could ever use. The only problem is the design I had used relays to power the motors, costing money I didn’t have, so the project was put on the sidelines “until further notice”. In my experience, the hardest part about electronics is learning how to combine all the transistors, resisters, etc, to make a working finished product, emphasis on working. Something like the Arduino would help me learn to combine these components, and push my personal and extra curricular project’s over the edge.

  501. my goal for Arduino: control an automatic feeding/watering system for the chicken coop I’m building for my wife! down the road, there’s a very cool DIY laser-etching system made out of old DVD drive parts that I’ve had my eye on… would be great for creating foam stamps and cutting out stencils!

  502. Jimmy Boone says:

    I Want to learn all i can about The arduino platform so I can develop for it! I have a book of ideas that are perfect for an arduino implementation a few of them are a motion tracking art instillation, a camera for geotaging photos and on installed on the dash of my car to document those fun road trips.

    Cheers :)

  503. ack210 says:

    I haven’t done any programming in over 15 years and would like to get back into it. For a project, I’d like to interface a scanner and a radio direction finder to make an automated noise locator.

  504. As a software developer I’ve always been interested with the physical aspect of programming. I took a lot of joy in taking PLCs and writing C to them and watching them turn on lights and show count downs and take measurements of the ambient humidity in college. I would occasionally drag my wife to TI conferences to get new logic chips or go to talks about new techs like Zigbee. I’ve been really interested here lately with Twitter APIs and mico servers using them to either have my plants tweet to me or tweet to my house to turn on the lights. At work we use a plastic flag system to tell when the restrooms are being cleaned and I’ve been really interesting in making a sensor that can tell me on what floor the flags are out so I don’t waste time running to a closed bathroom ’cause who wants to do that?

  505. Anonymous says:

    I’m a high school teacher trying to put together a curriculum for an elective computer science / programming course that I’d like to eventually pitch. Arduino/Wiring (possibly with Processing) strikes me as a wonderful platform to learn both programming fundamentals and electronics, as well as being a pretty empowering set up to create self-directed learning. Physical computing is much more visceral and (I think, at least) interesting than the standard introductory C++/Java/VBasic classes at this level. It’s good to have a few ‘duinos to tinker with, though!

  506. Mason Lev says:

    I am a scenic design major about to start grad school and have been building models since I was a little kid. Lately I’ve starting to incorporate LED’s into my models to give them a more realistic look. I did this on my Halo Model and I’ve wanted to use the Arduino to incorporate sound as well as light in my latest models but I haven’t been able to afford the start up cost of buying the equipment.

  507. Joshua Stacy says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn about electronics growing up and now Arduino makes it so much less intimidating. There are so many projects I have in mind. Integrating a twitter feed or text into a geocache, creating an RFID security lock for our server room, ardupilot, creating my own robot. The great thing about open source hardware is that the possibilities seem endless.

  508. I would use it to relearn my old electronics background, and improve/integrate my baby boy’s electronic toys for an improved experience for him and myself.

  509. Dileep Reddy says:

    I would largely use Arduino as a stepping stone before moving into assemble-level coding for other micro-controllers. As for uses, I suppose I’d try and automate as many things as possible in my grandpa’s home. He is weak and beginning to lose his vision. It would be nice to break his constant dependency on helpers to perform everyday mundane actions. So yeah, I’d like create a home-armchair interface to ease his life.

  510. Hi! I’m an artist and Graphic Designer (not the same thing!) living, working, and going to school in Starkville, MS. While I’ve always been interested in computers, I’ve never done any programming, and I’m going to pick up this kit eventually to learn how. Now, if I could get it for free instead, all the better. I’ve actually incorporated an Arduino into a project already. With help from a friend of mine, we built a payment system into a photobooth I built myself for my wedding. The plan is to eventually place the photobooth in a bar or some other public area. It works beautifully. We interfaced a two line LCD display and a bill acceptor. The Arduino keeps track of credits and sends a signal to the computer to start the photobooth sequence when there’s enough credits and a button is pressed.

    However, I’m more interested in making kinetic sculpture with the Arduino. I’ve been reading how to control stepper motors, which is what interests me most. I think I could make some great robot-inspired wall sculptures!

  511. I’m an archaeologist turned programmer/geospatial-geek. I’m a late bloomer at all of this, but I’d love to use the arduino combined with a GPS for field analysis of sites based on live queries to a webservice containing remote sensing data over a mobile connection.

  512. Just sounds fun. One more thing to add to the list (serial hobbyist)

  513. Anonymous says:

    My housemates and I are planning to build a sound-reactive LED chandelier for our house next year… we’re planning to use Arduino for audio processing and/or LED control, and since it’s going to be relatively low-budget this would really help!

  514. I just have never even messed with these and I feel like my geekness is in question. So I must win this kit to live with myself. I would love to make an email alert system with the kit.

  515. My 11 year old daughter is very interested in science and asks a lot of questions regarding microprocessors. I would like to help her become entangled with wires just like myself. The Arduino kit would be a great learning activity for her since she is somewhat reluctant to learn too much from her father. I imagine she would read a number of sensors: temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, and monitor switches…send the data to a computer/webserver. I will then show her how to send the data to her phone via a text message.

  516. Anonymous says:

    I want to make the sickest infotainment system EVAR! Arduino to manage the keyless door system and the car sensors (spedo, fuel gague, temp, etc) with a beagleboard brain running the in car OS, Nav and media playback all hooked to 4 inch touch screen displays. OR To make an in home presence system that can tell where you are in your house and change settings (play music from a specific station/playlist, turn the lights to your brightness/dimness levels, adjust AC), just by finding you with sensors hooked to a team of arduinos that run the appliances/fixtures in the house. Imagine your music and mood settings following you where you go in the house! This would also automatically turn off lights/adjust AC/heat for room with nobody in them leading to power savings/better efficiency.

    And yes I don’t even know how to solder yet …

  517. Rob McKim says:

    It’s for the kids. They love this stuff. I was about to order a kit. They want to do a project that involves cats.

  518. Azdle says:

    I think it’d be cool to make a data logger to track the temperature of my Beer while it’s brewing.

  519. What to learn so I can teach young kids, open their eyes to possibilities.

  520. Anonymous says:

    As a first year architecture student, I see the possibilities of technological innovation within this field. The applications of arduino and microprocessing within the cybernetic spectrum is great, but what if we could fuse it with architecture and by doing so change how we inhabit space. It’d be more responsive and interactive – maybe in the future it is through the utilization of programming that we can actually solve some of the real-world problems today such as catastrophe prevention – what if the people in Japan could’ve been saved by automatic hydraulics within the structure? I’m very new to arduino and such, but perhaps this giveaway is my chance to explore the possibilities for a better world..

  521. Anonymous says:

    As a first year architecture student, I see the possibilities of technological innovation within this field. The applications of arduino and microprocessing within the cybernetic spectrum is great, but what if we could fuse it with architecture and by doing so change how we inhabit space. It’d be more responsive and interactive – maybe in the future it is through the utilization of programming that we can actually solve some of the real-world problems today such as catastrophe prevention – what if the people in Japan could’ve been saved by automatic hydraulics within the structure? I’m very new to arduino and such, but perhaps this giveaway is my chance to explore the possibilities for a better world..

  522. I would love to have an Arduino to help teach my daughters about computers and electronics.

  523. David Inman says:

    I’ve always been interested in electronics and use to buy kits when I was younger. I now work in industrial maintenance and have started working with PLCs and motor drives. I’ve been trying to get my 10 year son interested in electronics with the hope that he will choose this as a possible career. I know that he and I will have a lot of fun with this kit learning together.

  524. Anonymous says:

    I am a freshman Engineering student at Purdue University. I have taken a digital electronics class in high school. I see the potential in the Arduino! I am currently in a C programming class at Purdue. These projects look like a lot of fun. Not to mention that I will be able to use the skills I will learn in my engineering design classes in the future! Receiving this kit would be a great help to me!

  525. Anonymous says:

    I always used to tinker around since I was a kid, whenever my parents got me new toys they provided a week of entertainment and after that I took them apart to join my immense collection of parts that I tried to make stuff out of. As I grew and actually started making stuff that worked this became more of a passion that I hope to turn into a career one day. I’m on my way to become a mechanical engineer, currently I’m a senior in high school, but would like to try my hands at electronics. So far I’ve been only working on mechanical devices, most of my projects included some type of engine and so far my biggest accomplishment is completely rebuilding a Jaguar V8. I really want to get into electronics and start building devices that include some type of a controller. Anything that has to do with electricity always seemed like black magic to me and I never got a chance to learn from anyone on that topic. I think now is the time to further educate myself and finally take that huge leap into electronics. As my first project I would like to build the laser engraver I found on after getting myself accustomed with it i would like to build a full scale cnc machine that uses an arduino as a controller. I tried to build my own stepper motor driver from instructions i found online but nothing good came out of it. I think that with the Arduino being such a easy starter level platform and being able to program it any way i want to that will give me a huge head start to learn at least the basics of electronics and maybe some programming?

  526. Achai Broner says:

    Simple. My cat is smelly. Really smelly, and she smells up the whole apartment. I’d like to use the Arduino kit to make a litter box with a fan that turns on after the cat does her business. That would be nice. Really nice.

  527. I want to rule the world! No, not really, I want to try and make one speak DMX-512 and use it for show control in a theatrical setting, like using it to run a turntable in the stage, or operate a fancy prop on cue, or something else like that.

  528. Rob Colby says:

    I want to learn the Arduino because it will give me something to do while I recover from Chemotherapy while waiting to be able to get back out to my shop. As for the project I will do, if I have the parts I would do each one in the book.

  529. Anonymous says:

    I still have a number of electronic part left from the kit I bought for my electronics class. Though mostly transistors and the like, I did get a taste for just sitting down and playing with circuits and seeing what happens. I don’t think I could build something as cool as a Arduino but the projects I could do.
    Okay enough gushing about how cool it would be to have one, the first project I would have to do would be the high speed photography. My best friend has a DSL and I have a Canon Powershot, just the interesting shots would keep me for awhile. Until I found the controling a rc vehical through a web interface. I would buy a rc monster truck just for that. But the ultimate dream would be a rc boat I could control with my laptop.

  530. Richard Brown says:

    I would love to share my passion of electronics with my 7 year old who has recently tought himself multiplication. Together I think this kit could open up some new doors for his advanced thinking and maybe lead him down a tech path.

  531. I fell in love with make a couple of years ago but must admit I have never “made” anything myself mainly because I don’t really know where to begin. I have a basic understanding of computers and mechanics but that’s about it and I would love to expand my knowledge of electronics. From what I’ve read about arduino it sounds like it would be a good place to start.

  532. sziagos says:

    I am an aspiring Maker and have completed quite a few simple electronics kits and projects. I also love working with metal and wood and make a career of doing so. I want to take it to the next logical step and combine my budding electro-geekiness with wood and metal work and see what I can come up with. Arduino seems perfect for this!

  533. Anonymous says:

    I would like one to be able to tell me when PST ends and PDT starts and maybe others could use it too.

  534. Anonymous says:

    For me, Arduino will be like revisiting an old friend. Having graduated with an AAS degree in electronics, I have always had a passion for creating circuits. For over two decades, my career has blossomed into more than I imagined, with so many other responsibilities… that I have lost touch with where it all started…. wires, batteries, transistors, resistors, motors, LEDs and chips that control it all!!! Now, with the Arduino platform to experiment with, I will truly be reliving my original “calling,” if you will. I am looking forward to making my crazy ideas come to life!

  535. Hello Make: and everyone else,
    I am thinking of buying myself an arduino uno because I have aimed to build a flying post-bot, that can deliver small objects from one part of the house to the other without manual input.

    I have always dreamt of autonomous arial vehicles hovering all around me in my daily life. Simple versions of Irobots that can fly over the next building and deliver or get stuff such as drinking bottles, keys, mail or other physical objects people want to share with eachother without actually travelling.

    I think it would be easier to realize this than a real Irobot as of today. I imagine how these UAVs decide for themselves when they need a “sleep” and just put themselves somewhere on a rooftop and let themselves charge up via solar cells. And when they are done, they just go to the next person who needs a delivery done. No more need for thse delivery people and Pizza guys too.

    I think with some IR-sensors, accelerators and gyros and other components I can build such a thing based on an Arduino platform, at least for small deliveries in and around my house. It would be great if I would receive this kit-giveaway for this project. I could also think of hundred other projects to do, but autonomous arial vehicles just get me going.

    How ever this turns out. I hope Make cotinues to grow. I love collin’s lab and the great hacks you present.

    Greetings from Berlin,Germany,
    - ExtremHybrid

    P.S.: Berlin is a wide spread city and I am sick of running around just to pick up electronic components. And Im also sick of waiting for delivery by mail.

  536. Nate says:

    I want to learn Arduino because it will further my knowledge of electricity(which is very little), and teach me how different components interact together. I would like to try all the projects i could get my hands on. Especially projects that I could apply to everyday tasks.

  537. Jimi says:

    I am someone who makes a living with innovation and have recently been inspired by RFID. If selected for the giveaway, I will be working on RFID and NFC related projects.

  538. I want to learn the Arduino, so that I can create arrays of controlled LEDs. Then maybe move onto xMas light displays….

  539. Brian Nelson says:

    I need an Arduino for a few different projects… garage door indicator, backyard game scoreboard, evil robot

  540. I would like to get the Ardunio so as to further, and expand my knowledge of electronics into the PIC and robotics fields. I can see all sorts of uses for these to create a “smart” home that is not intrusive by using sensors placed around the home to turn the lights on in a room when it is entered for example, or to turn on the TV when you go into the living room, then turn it off when you leave for a specified period of time. The possibilities are endless if you have the imagination to create them.

  541. Tanthus says:

    I love to experiment and have been doing so since I was 7 (100 and 1 electronics kits) Haven’t done much in the electronics field lately but a lot in the programming area. Would love to see what I can cram into this processor. Plus wouldn’t mind hooking it up to a bluetooth transmitter and interfacing it to my phone :-) Also interfacing it to my bike sounds like a good idea as well.

  542. Jarmo says:

    I am interested in computer controlled systems. I would like to learn to operate arduino to work with integration with GPS and temperature measurements.

  543. As a musician and a big fan of Rube Goldberg contraptions, I love exploring odd, round-about way of doing basic musical tasks. With an Arduino starter kit, I’d like to build a working, programmable “drummer” that will play an actual drum kit.

  544. Anonymous says:

    I happen to be an artist and a maker. I craft all sorts of interesting things that could be made so much more interesting with an Arduino. I would design all sorts of inventions that I would realize with my electronics skills and my 3D printer. To give you an idea of some things I could make, please take a look at this, that is the Automatic Affirmation Device. A device that offers the healing power of reassurance by only ever saying one thing: YES.

    With an Arduino (and some additional shields) the range of possible projects dramatically increases. Something that comes to mind right now is a device that only responds if it is in proximity to other, similar devices. It would be part friendship ring, part sound sculpture. The sound could only be heard if the friends collaborate together. The Nearby Noise Device.

  545. Anonymous says:

    I have several versions of arduino, decimillia, Lillypad, BBB kit. I would like the have the newer UNO for my project. I have several ideas but they involve electromechanical display technologies. One project is taking a magna doodle and creating a plotter device to draw on the magnadoodle. The magnadoodle board acts like a low resolution, low cost e-paper. I could use a xbee or network board to send messages and images to the plotter and be able to house it in a shadow box to display in a public place. It would have better visibility and sustainability than a LCD (same as e-ink)

  546. John Morris says:

    I sponsor the robotics club at a rural high school in Arizona. I will give the kit to my students and together we will learn how to use it to as a controller for their robots. It is a small club of seven students, but three of them are girls. One is also a dancer and a project that we have had in mind is to let her control banks of colored lights and perhaps music as well with her movements as she dances. We will have to invest in XBee radios and accelerometers as well, but the Arduino kit will be a great help to get them started.

  547. mattjackets says:

    I’ve experimented with AVR micros before, but only with a home-made programmer….which is not the easiest thing to use. I’d love to be able to rapidly change the software on the micro with a USB cable. The Arduino makes this possible! The first project would be a motion control platform for timelapse photography.

  548. Melonie says:

    I’m an art student at university, I mostly do painting but I feel that my art could really take on a new dimension … one involving light and sound and motion!!

  549. Erich says:

    I have a degree in engineering yet I dont work in any form of engineering. I need a hobby. I’m going to buy this bad boy regardless so lets do it.

  550. Erich says:

    I have an engineering degree yet I took a job that has nothing to do with it. I need a hobby so I might as well stop wasting my education. I’m going to buy one of these bad boys anyway, so lets do this!

  551. So I can build a robot to overcome man’s inherent weaknesses to defeat the aliens when they enslave the Earth!

  552. I’ve been wanting to build an IR mesh network with Arduinos, to allow sensors distributed around a house to communicate wirelessly without the expense of RF systems.

  553. I would like to build a robot with my 10-year-old son who is very interested in building and programming robots.

  554. Anonymous says:

    I would like to build a robot with my son who enjoys building and programming.

  555. t says:

    I am already using Arduino to create a robot which will seek out people walking by and trigger a videoblog camera once it is picked up.

  556. I would like to expand my electronics play with some robotics applications. I been playing with PIC microcontrollers a bit using them to mod Xbox contollers. I am ready to make something that moves and does something.

  557. Eliot Tarlin says:

    It is critically important for people to stay in their homes as long as possible as they grow older. This gives them a sense of independence which, in turn, gives them that most important of human feelings: dignity. Using simple technologies, like Arduino, I can develop a system which will help people (myself included) maintain their independence as long as possible.

    I envision a system of motion sensors with a central controller continuously gathering and sifting through location information about the inhabitant. This information is used to learn regular patterns of behavior: At about this time every day the person goes to the kitchen, then sits in front of the TV for three hours, going to the bathroom once, and so on. Once the system has learned the habits of the resident, it will maintain the resident’s privacy by record only out-of-the-ordinary occurrences.

    When the out of the ordinary becomes a matter of concern, say, the person still sitting in the television room well past their usual bedtime, the controller would contact a predetermined guardian and report the concern. The guardian could then check on the person. They might find the resident was just watching a really good program, or they fell asleep in their chair, or there was a medical emergency.

    The Arduino Kit is perfect for learning how the core of this system, the single controller unit which gathers and processes sensor data, needs to function. Having this kit would give me the first step toward this powerful tool for independence.

  558. Anonymous says:

    My 8 year old daughter wants to build a robot with it. … she can do that right?

  559. Mark Cameron says:

    I’d like to learn about Arduino because I still think electronics have some bit of magic involved in their operation. I’d love to be able to really grok what is happening. When I get good at it, I’d love to do some cool Halloween projects with my kids.

  560. I would love to build something that would be shown on makezine blog

  561. I really want to get started programming and books are so thick and heavy.
    I think that maybe if i had an arduino and the project book, that i might get
    some hands on experience that would get me over my writers block when
    it comes to code. Make is great. Keep on doing it, i read daily with
    google reader. thanx,


  562. Paul says:

    I’d like to build a water monitor for the garden, and a light detector to determine the best place to put some solar panels.

  563. Wayne Evans says:

    Why hello there!

    ‘Why (you ask) do I want to learn about the arduino? Well, (and I’m quite aware that THAT is a deep subject indeed) I would have to state a couple of different but relevant ideas.

    19 years ago I stopped fighting CA wildland fires and started working at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. “What the hell does that have to do with arduino” you ask again? Well, I’ll tell ya…

    ‘Years and years ago, in that shire we still call a Faire’ today, a number of us made our living by teaching school children (mostly middle school by the way and if ya don’t understand me than ya haven’t got any imagination…) during the week (tue,wed,fri).

    While it started out as a lark for me, I learned that I have a bit of a calling to actually “teach” something to someone else, even when they are middle school students from Rancho Cucamonga or one of the other schools in the greater Fontucky area.

    What the freekin’ hell does this have to do with the what or why, do you ask? Allow me to explain… The why you ask is that I wish to understand how to debug code.

    For a couple of years after I left the Faire I did tech/customer/helpdesk support AND maintained the print line (28 old school inkjet printers, the kind ya stuck a vial of ink in to the print head each time you ran out of a color that you were responsible for and then fixed the problem, before the highly paid to fix it did).

    During those times I frequently wished that I would not procrastinate as much as I have today…

    Annywhoo, since it is moot anyway I will say I really wish to be able to parse C…

  564. Nick says:

    I would like to build an automated Solar telescope

  565. As a Software-Developer i always want to see whats behind the things. Arduino is a good choice to get into microcontrollers with small steps and get a huge achievment and learning curve.

  566. dani says:

    In a world of pre-fabricated dreams, white expensive devices and huge cpu’s (used for no more than displaying online shops of more white expensive devices), seems that we’re missing the magic. What made all this possible got lost in the vortex of consuming all that this industry produced. It’s cruel irony really, but that’s the truth. I love Arduino for standing up, being fair, poking the dormant part of the brain that wants to blink a led, turn a servo, take that big box of old electronics from the basement and see what’s reusable, make something out of nothing. And have fun with it. What I want to do with it? Find the 7year-old me and make him genuinely happy.

  567. kioopi says:

    I’ve got this flying pig. (found a pic here: It actually inhabited my flat even before i moved in.
    Recently, i broke a fan heater that was controlled with a little IR-remote (yeah, i know, whats more ridiculous the flying pig or the rc-fan?).
    Now, i’d like to make the orphaned IR control the pig and possibly add some blinking lights. (you can never have enough of those, right?) Actually, it would be perfect to have the pig play “Ride of the Valkyries” when flying. But i guess it would be hard to fit a proper speaker in the porky fellow.

  568. from the day 1 i remember me , i wanted to use elctronics to create … anything .
    maybe its time to begin ?

  569. I’d like to learn how to build a tool for my freediving activities that helps me with me training. By building it myself it will do exactly what I want it to do – finally!

  570. I have always wanted to try real life projects with electronics and never had the opportunity to do it. This is a chance for me to do that I would like you to give me the opportunity to further develop myself.
    I found a project for a walking bag recently and I hope that i can try and make it with this kit.
    Thanks, Vera

  571. Growing up, my Dad spent countless hours with me tinkering on breadboards and electronics kits. Now it’s my turn to do the same with my daughter. She soldered her first wires the other day and loved it. The Arduino would be the next logical step!

  572. PC says:

    I believe its time to learn about hardware development. Its amazing that when you start paying attention to something that something seens to be always there. Its time to develop hardware :)

  573. I’m a Physics teacher in a public school. I want to use arduinos because they give me so much bang for my buck. I will use them as dataloggers in Physics labs, to teach programming in my Physical computing club, to teach circuits in Engineering and physics class, and for project based education in the Science and Technology club. Rather than having school equipment that kids can work on I want to set it up so that the kids end up with an electronics kit they keep to continue on their own after class. One of my personal projects will be a device that scans for conversation with a directional mic and then sounds a siren, or maybe even plays back what ever conservation can be recorded. Only a teacher will know how useful this would be in class.
    Weldon “Electronics Wannabe” MacDonald

  574. J Emanuelli says:

    I’d like to learn more about the Arduino to see if it could help my son’s cub scout pack build a better system for timing and managing their Pinewood Derby races.

  575. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking something the kids can “program” to do what they want. like a reverse simon, the kid does the sequence and the box tries to duplicate. basically i’d make a toy that learns from the kid, rather than the kid “learning” from the toy!

  576. Andy Friedl says:

    I’d love to use the Arduino kit to start a hacker space in my city. I’d use it as a demo piece or as a door prize for the opening. If that didn’t work out I’d clearly make a self balancing robot to serve me beer, or something like that.

  577. Daymen says:

    I have a twelve year old who loves mindstorms and Botball and I would like to help him move on to the next level programming / design.

  578. Moped Master says:

    I want to make a simple LED flasher for my moped that is powered by a wind turbine, It would be triggered to display messages to drivers behind me warning that i’m maxed out on my throttle

  579. I would like to win. Because I want to learn micro-controllers besides what I am learning in university.

  580. I am a teacher here in Brazil, and I give classes on programming in the C language. I wnat to learn how to use and program Arduino because with it I could teach my students not only how to program for desktop systems, but also for embedded electronics. And with a “live” kit I could do this in classroom with practical and running examples, and not being only tied to theory. I would like to do basic projects, to teach basic and introductory programming with the microprocessor.

  581. John says:

    I am a retired English teacher who would like to pursue an interest that will keep me mentally engaged with challenging ideas and projects. Learning to create electronics that will interact with the physical world offers a sustainable interest that can be pursued without an expensive commitment to classes. Once I have a working grasp of the Arduino environment, I would like to share it with other senior “makers” who are seeking to expand their interests.

  582. Hi, i have a project called OpenToys
    and i want lo lern more about things that can be done with arduino!

  583. I’m simply just looking to broaden my horizons and do as many little tinkers with Arduinos as possible. I love DIY projects that just come out of nowhere and end up being very satisfying.

  584. johnke7cw says:

    I would like to make a power monitor. To sense when the power to the house drops and time out for a short period then be able to switch from AC to DC 12 volts to take care of the subpump in the basement. Possibly to call my cell phone to alert me to the power outage. Then automatically reverse the procedure when the power is restored to house.

  585. Learning Arduino development would enable me to produce one-off projects to fulfill a specific need, without buying a tailored device. For example: I’v been having trouble with humidity in my basement and it would be a lot cheaper to design and build an Arduino-based data logger than buying a off-the-shelf device.


  586. AK says:

    Hi I’m a PhD student in Neurobiology. I haven’t really explored electronics and things like the arduino until I added it to my google reader news feed a few months ago and I’ve slowly found myself increasingly intrigued by its versatility and applications. I’m interested in human computer interaction (HCI), neuroscience and where online ‘interactions’ (if you can call them interactions) are going. As a result I’ve been trying to buff up my programming and electronics knowledge (I recently switched internet service providers and used my internet search skills to find out how to strip and connect a phone line to turn it into a phone jack, simple I know but thrilling). An Arduino kit would be a great way to get started with these interests, off the top of my head I’m interested in automation within a household and a laboratory (timing experiments, reordering supplies etc.). Thanks Make for posting great projects.

  587. Sam Westwood says:

    For the last 7 years I have had an animatronic zombie haunting the attic of my garage. We call it Bob the Zombie. Unfortunately, a few years ago Bob’s electronics fried. He used to move and moan about eating brains. A couple of years ago he stopped moving, and last year he stop speaking. He has become such a fixture at the yearly Halloween party that I just can’t let him go. I think its time I learned how to use an Arduino and bring Bob the Zombie back to life.

  588. Kiki says:

    I want to build something to interact with my home and people. sensores, light, displays working together for a relaxing atmosphere and feeling.

  589. Make magazine has many projects based on arduinos. They are exciting projects and I am ready to take the next step and start building some of these projects. This would be a great way to begin.

  590. i have been building stuff since the age of 8 and i have many ideas for the arduino and if i win they all will be posted here cuz i love this site imon everday

  591. Anonymous says:

    I am the technology manager at a public library, and I want to learn how to use the Arduino so I can offer programs to the public at the library. I think that a couple of hands on sessions in our meeting room to show people how to program the Arduino, and what kinds of projects they can make with it would be an exciting program and really expose people to the makers way of life. I am also thinking about a contest to see who can build the best project using the Arduino. Maybe I could set a challenge, and determine who best met that challenge. Either way, the possibilities are endless!

    A recent article in the Make Daily email talked about public libraries and makers. In it, the author urged makers to look to their local public library in a new way. This article really excited me to the possibilities, and I want to be a part of the movement of makers to the library. I especially want to engage children and teens to the world of hands-on technology, and yes, the library too!

    Thanks! Matt

  592. Anonymous says:

    I am the technology manager at a public library, and I want to learn how to use the Arduino so I can offer programs to the public at the library. I think that a couple of hands on sessions in our meeting room to show people how to program the Arduino, and what kinds of projects they can make with it would be an exciting program and really expose people to the makers way of life. I am also thinking about a contest to see who can build the best project using the Arduino. Maybe I could set a challenge, and determine who best met that challenge. Either way, the possibilities are endless!

    A recent article in the Make Daily email talked about public libraries and makers. In it, the author urged makers to look to their local public library in a new way. This article really excited me to the possibilities, and I want to be a part of the movement of makers to the library. I especially want to engage children and teens to the world of hands-on technology, and yes, the library too!

    Thanks! Matt

    1. Matt Beckstrom says:

      Sorry, I did not mean to post twice. I got click happy!

  593. poto228 says:

    I never had one.

  594. I work with undergraduate students at RPI’s Tetherless World Constellation and would use the Arduino as a motivator for the students to experiment with simple lightweight ubiquitous computing around campus, esp. “smart” landmarks, place-driven computing, etc.

  595. I have been dreaming of constructing an awesome portable loudspeaker powered by a car-batteri for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark for a long time! Last year we made a small wagon with some small speakers on it, but this year, i want to take it to extremes! My plan is to build a big setup with two or four big speakers, a lot of flashing lights, buttons for making stupid sounds and other crazy stuff, all powered by the arduino. Thank you for giving me the chance to make the best loudspeaker setup this summer.

  596. Daniel says:

    I want to learn arduino to build a laser timer

  597. I want to learn Arduino as an entry into learning electronics. Eventually I want to make an Open Source Blood Glucose monitoring system, but that is beyond the Arduino, I just want to use the Arduino to start learning the hardware side of it, and eventually use it for prototyping.

  598. I want to learn Arduino as an entry into learning electronics. Eventually I want to make an Open Source Blood Glucose monitoring system, but that is beyond the Arduino, I just want to use the Arduino to start learning the hardware side of it, and eventually use it for prototyping.

  599. Anonymous says:

    I’m a mechanical engineer by profession, but lately I’ve been wanting to expand my knowledge into electronics as well. I’d also like to use the arduino as a tool to introduce engineering principles to my younger brothers who are still in high school. I would eventually like to build an autonomous lawn mower. That’s always seemed like a cool project!

  600. TotalMonkey says:

    I’m looking to build a canine backpack insert with wireless access using an Arduino. The insert will be a simple audio device that outputs various pre-recorded voice commands for my dog, activated either by WiFi or R/C remote (whichever ends up being easier).

  601. Jes says:

    Hi, I’m about to retire, so it’s time to start plenty of new creative projects. Since long I’m thinking in growing tomatoes in my garden, computer controlled. I’d like to try the Arduino to control several variables that allow me to keep up with the tomatoes growth, like measuring the soil humidity and water when necessary, roll a cover over the tomatoe plants in case of excessive insolation, trigger a periodic shot of my camera to see them growing in stop-motion…
    If this becomes successful, I could also try to network several Arduinos to control individual plants. One additional idea is to measure the tomato diameter to watch them for growth, but so far I haven’t figured out how to do that…
    Arduino is great!

  602. I am very interested in garage robotics, but I think to graduate from toys to robots I need to move from my LEGO NXT to real grown up electronic parts, like Arduino. And I would also like to try Amarino, that integrates my Android phone to Arduino.

  603. I have always enjoyed electronics and now that I have a 5 year old son, I want to begin working on projects with him and feel that the Arduino will provide many lessons and will yield results that he can enjoy.

  604. I want to control my rgb light tabel with an arduino and a wii controller. So I will learn much more about the arduino!

  605. chicken says:

    I already have 3 Arduinos and have built all sorts of projects using them. I would use this kit to help a friend who recently expressed interest in getting started using microcontrollers. Between the online Arduino community, an in-person resource (me) and this kit, he’ll be all joined up with the Adruino revolution in no time!

  606. Danny Sterne says:

    I already work with some embedded devices, and want to expand my knowledge. I’d like to start using the Arduino with some photography related projects I’ve been dreaming of for some time now.

  607. Emma Roach says:

    I love the idea of making an easy prototype before hard-wiring the final version…arduino is great for this, and I found out recently that arduinos double as AVR programmers, so you can easily swap in the permanent controller!

    most of my imagined projects are audio-based: circuit-bent sound modules, creative midi input devices, etc. I found a retro portable radio that I want to outfit as an alarm clock that gradually awakens with pulsing light display and soothing 8-bit sounds (okay so it’s a little far-fetched!)

  608. Carlos Motta says:

    I’m a just graduated mechatronics engineer, running a technology/electronics website with some career partners ( still under construction). Our main goal is deliver technology and knowledge to indigenous/rural communities in México. Arduino is the best and easiest way to technology basics, so with this kit we can finish a PCB CNC, in order to make more arduinos and give them freely to those communities childs and schools, and forge tinkers/engineers for a better present.

  609. Anonymous says:

    Contest entries closed last night at Midnight. Thanks to all who entered this drawing. A lot of great ideas for Arduino projects here. One awesome benefit of doing these drawings is that we get to find out more about our readers and what sorts of DIY projects they’re interested in, what their desires for content are, etc. So thanks to all who participated. We’ll announce the winner later today.

  610. fakeg says:

    I’m a stay-at-home dad looking to establish a stream of self-employed income. I’m a former comp-sci, current bicycle geek, I want to lean electronics primarily to implement a design for a totally unique and kick-ass bicycle trailer with power assist.

  611. Gregg Higham says:

    There are so many things I’d like to do with an Arduino. Amongst those are: I’d like to interface with a weather station to post realtime weather info on a web page and iPhone. I’d like to help my girl friend add interactivity to her “art” robots. I’d like to make a wall sized set of Cylon LEDs that follow occupants of a room as one eneters or moves around using a motion or infrared heat sensor. I’d like to start hacking some old electronics and repurpose them for useful or artistic (or both) purposes.

  612. Dr. Wharfe says:

    I am a profesional embedded systems engineer. I have been looking for a way to get involved in educating and inspiring the next generation. I think the Arduino will become a valuable tool for introducing people to control and electronics.

  613. Anonymous says:

    Well… Arduino rocks for starter projects, and guess what I just happen to add to my to do list?! :D

  614. I’d like to use an Arduino to control a home made printing press and book binding machine in order to facilitate the reprinting of Make issues 6, 7, 8, 9. The PDF back issues are great, but there’s nothing like bending pages of a book and fill the otherwise empty void in between my volumes 5 and 10.

    otherwise my most pressing need for an Arduino is to build a laser firing ant killer to dispose of an colony that refuses to leave my property…arg…

  615. Aric Brown says:

    So I can bond with my son and we can do all the fun stuff that I never got to do with my dad. He has a great imagination and I believe he is going to become an engineer. With this device he can finally get off of second life and start to build things in this life.

  616. I want to learn Arduino because Ive always wanted to create cool projects like that. I would probably devote it to making an Arduino-controlled set of instruments. I would also try all of the projects from the getting started with Arduino book.

  617. Jason Tucker says:

    I’ve realized that I spent too much time working with non tangible objects and the arduino would be the perfect thing to add more real life interaction with tangible objects.

  618. Anonymous says:

    anyone interested in buying an almost new arduino starter kit??? used for a 5-minute-long project :-( contact me at

  619. John Tripp says:

    I would like to use Arduino to gain experience in the field of electronics. I think it would be a good platform to start off with and I know it can be used for many purposes as well as help me understand more of electronic theory. I might use it for things such as room-lighting automation or to hack into some of my old laptops; like getting them to do cool display tricks, or having an interactive program that could be voice controlled to perform some robotic related tasks. The list goes on and on. :)

  620. I made a 24 led Array with 3 595 Shift registers with a potentiometer to control Speed. My son loved it, but I’d like to get another to start a little robot army.

  621. Robert says:

    Where is the winners’ list? Thanks.

  622. Chris Kimbrough says:

    I would like to win an arduino kit to explore it since my friend mentioned the platform to me.
    Pick me and you will have good luck!

  623. Chris Kimbrough says:

    I would like to win an arduino kit to explore it since my friend mentioned the platform to me.
    Pick me and you will have good luck!

  624. I would love to learn with the Arduino as I have played with Basic Stamps before but they seem limited. I really want to try and make a dc motor controller using pwm, or modify my led color organ I got at the Maker Fair.

    Starting from the top of the bed mattress we have the Mattress Style. First there’s the fabric that covers it. The fabric can be many things including, polyester, silk, cashmere, alpaca and silk to name a few. The fabric used can increase the cost significantly, so, if you’re trying to find the best deal, ask yourself if you really need silk; polyester will last just as long as any other, more expensive fabric – no matter what the salesperson tells you.

  626. hugh sinclair says:

    I teach electronics to high school students at a basic level. I would like to expand into microcontrollers. an Arduino kit would be a great way to get started.

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