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Artec Educational has over 50 years of experience in the design and distribution of teaching materials and educational kits. Their products have been used in kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools all across Japan for decades, and now we’re helping to spread the love to the US!

We currently carry ten of their kits, which are all fantastic for getting started with electronics or building things in general. Check ’em out:

Radio Controlled Cube Car

Assemble it quickly and begin driving! Like most of the Artec kits we carry, this little guy is built out of strong paper board, making it light but sturdy and easy to assemble.
95062bAvailable here.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit

The two arms on this car are connected to switches, so it will back away from a wall or obstacle upon impact.
95061bAvailable here.

Build Your Own Planetarium Kit

Learn all about constellations and our galaxy with this simple Planetarium Kit. Rotate the cylinder to see how constellations change with the time of day and seasons!
95054_mainAvailable here.

Plastic Bottle ECO Lantern Kit

Build a useful lantern from the included kit contents and an empty plastic bottle!
95066lightAvailable here.

Push Button Programmable Robot Kit

You can actually program the movements of this robot with the on-screen buttons — no computer required! Try setting up a few simple obstacles and see if you can navigate the bot around them with a series of the correct button presses.
93564aAvailable here.

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit

Build a simple Vacuum Cleaner with the included parts! This is a great way to learn about airflow in cleaning appliances and get started with simple electric connections.
95060aAvailable here.

Hovercraft Kit

Build a simple hovercraft! This little guy will breeze right across a flat surface, or even over water!
95065bAvailable here.

Electric Shock Game Kit

This Game kit is a great project for the whole family — bend the metal wire in any shape you want and attempt to guide the ring around it without touching. By bending a more complex shape, you can change the difficulty of the game! When touching the ring, an audible alarm will sound.
95052aAvailable here.

Sound Collector Kit

Have the urge to listen in on someone’s conversation? This kit will allow you to do just that, and can be assembled in just a few minutes.
95051aAvailable here.

Metal Collector Kit

Interested in learning more about how metal detectors work? If so, this kit is the one for you. Build it up and a few minutes and start searching the beach for coins (or similarly metal-y objects).
95050 (2)Available here.