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Seems like there are a number of low power ARM SoC boards hitting the market recently. If the Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, and Via APC piqued your interest, you might want to also take a look at the recently announced Gooseberry. It's an Allwinner A10 ARM SoC with 512MB RAM,... Read more »


What better way to show off your love for Star Wars and bicycling than to build a fully articulated AT-AT walker tandem bike costume? Constructed for, and appearing in, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek Pedalpalooza 2012 event in Portland last week, the conjoined intergalactic ensemble defied rationality by lumbering... Read more »


Using a slightly modified Square mag stripe reader, an RCA MODEL SRT-403 Tape Recorder, an iPod Touch, and requisite audio software, Evan Long got a modern digital media player to record and play back an obsolete paper reel-to-reel format from the late 1940s. Read more »


Generating spheres at an absurd scale is sculptor Keith Holamon's obsession. Using a custom apparatus mounted on a flatbed trailer, Holaman laboriously chips away at mammoth hunks of burl to produce massive orbs that evoke a sense of the familiar while being completely alien at the same time. Read more »


Have you ever wanted your very own Street View camera to capture the places not yet covered by Google Maps? With this DIY Street View Kit from German designer Jan Martin, you can now map your favorite walking trail, camp site, or remote location. The kit can be mounted on... Read more »


In this role-blurring piece by Apple Store hacker Kyle McDonald and Make pal Matt Mets, the user/subject closes their eyes and rests their forearm on a moving platform that guides a pen held in their hand to draw a self-portrait. Read more »


If you've got an iPad with a camera, you can now use it to capture 3D objects using Autodesk's new 123D Catch app for the iPad. Similar to the desktop software of the same name, you take a series of photographs of an object or setting and upload them to... Read more »


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