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Adam Flaherty

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Resonant wireless power transfer has been around for a long time, but it never fails to impress. For instance, take this cool DIY wireless iPod charger from instructables user Inducktion. Read more »

Why use a simple knock on the door when you can wire up a laser to tell you a bathroom is occupied? Gone are those awkward moments when taking care of business is unceremoniously interrupted. Thanks to the folks at Intuity, checking to see if somebody is in the WC... Read more »


Managing to fit into two rather large suitcases, Melvin the Machine, from Eindhoven, NL design studio HEYHEYHEY is a portable 38-step Rube Goldberg machine traveling abroad and having a bit of fun along the way. At each stop, if the run is successful, Melvin will finish off with a personalized... Read more »


Fifty Five Hi's cool Shot Glass Card takes the hassle out of trying to find a decent shot glass when it comes time to crack open a bottle. Read more »


Maker, Mike Szczys, sends word of his latest creation, the Binary Burst LED clock. It's a unique clock that tells time using binary code. The clock itself is controlled by an ATtiny44 and is comprised of a bare PCB with LED "spires" that radiate out from the center, like a... Read more »


In an attempt to make brewing his small batch beer even more fun than it already is, Android hacker and home brewer Paul Carff created KegDroid, an NFC/RFID enabled smart tap for his home bar. Presenting the device with a MiFare-based RFID/NFC compatible tag will cause it to authenticate the... Read more »


While this no-weld rail bike conversion looks like it would be unsafe at any speed, it does look like a ton of fun (isn't that always the case?). Something like this could make the hidden corridors and seldom used easements instantly accessible to folks crazy enough to ride it. Read more »


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