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Producing complexity with a few simple objects has always fascinated me. With just an oak spool, clothes pin, felt pen, a bit of wax, and a rubber band, London-based All Lovely Stuff's Drawing Machine does what it says on the tin. Read more »


We’ve seen papercraft passive amplifiers before, but the Whirlwind from instructables member urant folds away flat so you can stick it into your pocket. [via Life Hacker] Read more »


We've covered akiyuky's GBC work before. Here's a recently posted video of a 17 module GBC running 500 balls over a 31m path that took over 600 hours to complete. Make sure you've got the seven minutes or so to watch this video, because it is mesmerizing. Read more »


If you're looking for a nice portable speaker for your iPhone or iPod Touch and are into the retro look of an old lunch box, then you'll dig AudioPail, a portable speaker solution from Eureka Springs, Arkansas maker Brian Wood. Read more »


These days there are plenty of tactile input options for the digital DJ that try to recreate the traditional UI. Most of these are newer devices are vestigial rotary encoders tacked onto purpose-built decks. If you're not a DJ, but would like to recreate the tactile experience of an old... Read more »


A group from Vanderbilt University, lead by Professor David Cliffel, claims that a protein found in spinach, called PS1, when combined with silicon found in solar panels to form a biohybrid cell, end up being 2.5 times more efficient then cells lacking the protein. Read more »


Named after the University of Southampton's Iridis super computer, Professor Simon Cox's Iridis-Pi is a supercomputing cluster consisting of 64 Raspberry Pi single board computers enclosed in a modular LEGO rack enclosure. Read more »