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Adam Flaherty

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This handsome iPhone handset from artist Scott Freeland would look right at home on any side table or credenza. Read more »

If you're used to shooting video with a video camera and are having a hard time adjusting to shooting with a DSLR lens, then you're probably looking for a cheap follow focus for your kit. If you'd like to save a couple of grand and forgo any personal aesthetics, you... Read more »

Apple has done a decent job of showing off the internal structure of their new MacBook Air notebooks in their promotional videos, but if you really want to get down to bare metal, there's nothing quite like an iFixit teardown. Read more »

Montreal based gearbender Nathanaël Lécaudé of Studio Imaginaire tipped us off to their latest creation involving an Eigenharp, an Arduino, and some RGB LEDs. Tones generated on the inst Read more »

Her name is Daniela. Built by Portuguese master craftsman Carlos Alberto and named in honor of his daughter, this faithfully reproduced Vespa motor scooter is hand crafted almost entirely out of laminated hardwood. What's truely amazing is that it's an actually fully functioning scooter! Read more »

Hobbyists looking for an official LEGO app to control their project are in luck. LEGO just announced their official NXT control app for the Android operating system. Called MINDroid, the app is available from the Android Market and will allow you to communicate with your creation over BlueTooth from your... Read more »

Square, Inc. makes a magstripe reader that attaches to your smartphone's minijack and allows you to process credit card transactions with their handy service. It's a pretty cool setup if you're interested in payment processing. When you're not using it though, you're stuck with this eraser-sized plastic fob that you... Read more »


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