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Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

I make cool stuff and write about other people making cool stuff on If you have something you think I should see, send me a tip.

Latest from Adam Flaherty

Check out this fantastic life-sized robotic RIC Android from RT Corporation and Brilliant Service. The arms and head are controllable, walks on two legs, and can be controlled via an Android smartphone. Read more »

Think Reactable from Björk's Volta tour meets Revenge of the Nerds jam band meets a steel drum playing organ grinder. That about sums up this fabulous technobusker apparatus that's sure to attract numerous patrons. Read more »

Subscriber RocketGuy tipped us off to this EPFL School of Engineering project involving a fleet of swarming flying robots. Using an ant-inspired swarming algorithm running on a Linux SBC, this network of swarming micro air vehicles is purportedly the largest of its kind. Read more »

MeeGo running on the Nexus One. As agreeable as Android can be, it's nice to know that there's a formidable alternative on the horizon. Read more »

Check out this cool street side knife sharpener setup. I've been told this used to be a common occurrence back in the first half of the twentieth century. Read more »

Justin Huynh over at Liquidware has pieced together another Beagleboard gadget. This time around he's focused on building a DIY Beagleboard Ebook reader out of snap-on components and the open source FBReader software. It won't fit in your pocket, but it more than makes up for it in hackability. Read more »

Sometimes you don't have the option of calling for an ambulance. That's when something like the Zambulance comes in. Made by Zambian bicycle manufacturer Zambikes, this modified bike trailer is outfitted with a mattress and a tent-like curtain to offer shelter from the heat and rain. What used to be... Read more »


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