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Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

I make cool stuff and write about other people making cool stuff on If you have something you think I should see, send me a tip.

Latest from Adam Flaherty

I've come across a few different ways to attach a lens to a smartphone and I have to say that this macro lens mod from Bangalore maker Bharath P has got to be one of the more novel. Using some epoxy putty he mounted a lens from a cheap pair... Read more »

If you've got an extra WiFi access point laying around and would like to stream audio to your stereo from sites like Pandora,, and Slacker Radio, then you'll appreciate this informative how-to video from Tinkernut. Based on work available at MightOhm, this segment will get you up to speed... Read more »

Miami Maker Marc DeVidts just sent word about his fantastic iPhone controlled LED suit that he recently wore to Dragon*Con 2010 in Atlanta. From the looks of it Marc has created an undergarment that contains an array of multicolored LEDs that, when worn under light-colored clothing, shine through to create... Read more »

Check out this Bluetooth NES controller Sk3tch pieced together from parts and an Arduino with a blueSMIRF Bluetooth module. Read more »

It's time again to fire up the ol' grill. Check out this itsy bitsy BBQ grill made out of an Altoids Sours tin. Instructables user vmspionage was inspired to build the little guy after seeing the eBq. [via Slashgear] Read more »

This audio sequencer from Damien Kee can be made with a standard LEGO NXT 2.0 kit and includes software and PDF instructions. Read more »

If you'd like to get more control over you flash and a regular bounce card doesn't cut it, then try this handy DIY FlashBender by Bob Jordan. Read more »


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