Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan is a scientist, author, hacker and tinkerer, who is spending a lot of his time thinking about the Internet of Things. In the past he has mesh networked the Moscone Center, caused a U.S. Senate hearing, and contributed to the detection of what was—at the time—the most distant object yet discovered.

Latest from Alasdair Allan

The first Arduino Uno made in the USA.

Over the Memorial Day weekend the first Arduinos were to be made in the USA were hand built by Limor in the Adafruit offices in New York. Read more »

eBike Battery Monitor

We spoke to Charles "Chuck" Swiger the winner of the first ever PSoC Challenge contest who brought his eBike along to the faire. Read more »

The new Arduino Zero.

We talk to Atmel's "Wizard of Make", Bob Martin, about the Arduino Zero which will be available in the first week of June. Read more »

ARM and Coffee

We spoke to Zach Shelby from ARM about the Internet of Things and his team's in-house project, an Internet-connected espresso machine based around an mbed. Read more »

Gagan Luthra  from Cypress Semiconductor

With the release of their PSoC 4 BLE kit Cypress is doing something intriguing. We spoke with Gagan Luthra from Cypress Semiconductor about the Cypress PSoC range and the the projects they've brought here to Maker Faire. Read more »

The SeeedStudio Xadow-based Smartstrap for the Pebble Time.

We take a look at the SeeedStudio Xadow-based Smartstrap for Pebble Time. This is the first time that the Smartstrap has ever been seen in public. Read more »


Today at Maker Faire Sam Ortega — the Program Manager of NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program — announced a new $2.25 million competition to design and build a 3D printed habitat intended for deep space exploration. Read more »