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Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

Latest from Andrew Salomone


The thought of spending a snow day lounging around in a knitted adult onesie, like the one that Redditor JackOrion made for their sister, is starting to seem pretty appealing! Read more »


Cher of the craft alternative came up with this ingenious DIY yarn holder after she acquired a toilet paper holder for free from a house that she was helping renovate! Read more »


Any cup can be a solo cup with this shrewd crocheted and felted cozie featuring the classic 90s "jazz" Solo Cup Company design! Read more »


Artist Melissa Jay Craig mixes fungus and literature in a whimsical installation of paper scultures called (S) Read more »


If you like eating well, but are on a serious budget, then you may want to give chef David Chang's "Ramlet" recipe a try! Read more »


Artist Sonia Singh gives upcycled dolls "makeunders" by repainting their faces, making them new shoes, and dressing them in homemade clothes made by her mother. Read more »


You wouldn't be long getting frostbit digits trying to text without these smart phone mittens from Becky Stern over at adafruit! Read more »


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