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Anna Kaziunas France

Anna Kaziunas France

Digital Fabrication Editor of Maker Media.

She runs the digital fabrication hardware testing for Make:. If you're a vendor who would like to submit a tool for review (3D printer, CNC, laser cutter, fab software etc.), contact her directly at: anna [@] makermedia [dot] com.

She's the section editor for Make: Skill Builder. Make: celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your will. But — In order to really tweak and bend something, you need to understand it! If you'd like to write a tightly focused piece on a core maker skill in science / engineering / craft / art / architecture / robotics / fabrication etc. (whatever) that you'd like to teach to other makers — and have Make: work with you to illustrate for magazine publication — let her know!

She's very interested in your ideas for practical digital fabrication focused books — anything that turns codes into things — hardware and software.

She’s also the Dean of the global Fab Academy program, the co-author of Getting Started with MakerBot, compiled the Make: 3D Printing book and ran the 2015 and 2014 3D Printer Shootout Weekend testing events.

She likes things that are computer-controlled, parametric, and open source — preferably all three.

Find her on her personal site, Twitter, , and Facebook.

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