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A kid's homework table lifts up to reveal a NASA-inspired mission control center. Follow along for help in building your own. Read more »

Kid's Room Spacecraft

I built a spaceship for my four-year-old's room. It has a control panel full of interesting displays and whiz-bang space sounds. A joystick controls lights and sounds for the engine and thrusters. The payload bay has a motorized hatch and and contains a robot arm for deploying payloads like toy... Read more »

Mission Control Desk Panel

I built my son a Mission Control console that closes up and works as a regular homework desk. It plays space-related sounds and has many lights, knobs and switches. Read more »


The CheerBot is a robot that roams the house and looks for certain colors using its camera. When it finds one of the colors I’ve told it to seek, it changes the color of the lights on my Christmas tree to match. It also submits the color to the Cheerlights... Read more »


Build a robot that controls your Christmas lights and similar lights around the world Read more »


The PiLarm is a an all-in-one alarm system that uses a Raspberry Pi, motion sensor, and camera. Pictures of intruders are tweeted and emailed before the revolving light, siren, and computer voice warn the intruder away. Read more »

Wombats are fast. Hey, let's go ride bicycles!

My Brainwave-Controlled Zen Garden is similar to a standard desktop zen garden in that you rake sand to calm yourself. In my version, though, the rake and resultant patterns are controlled by your actual brainwaves. If you are tense and worrisome, the rake moves randomly and quickly, scribbling odd patterns... Read more »