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This awesome mod was built by Peter Dickison and is of course meant to look like a nuclear bomb from your average action movie. The metal working is great, let’s take a look at it in more detail, shall we? Here’s one of the many plans shown on the site... Read more »

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My PC mod pic of the day was built by a young German modder named “Froop”. It’s an awesome Chernobyl-based PC case he calls “Unit 4”. It also has some themes from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. For a closer look at all of the painstaking detail he put into this, see... Read more »

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My pick for today’s PC Mod is the Atari 800 ITX, built by Andy Huston. There is a lot of bias at work here as the Atari 800 was my first computer / gaming system, and I actually still have it sitting on my desk. Though it is sad to... Read more »

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Today’s mod pic is the animated Hulk PC mod that advertises Maximum PC. Instead of being a modded case, it’s more like the guts of a computer that got caught in an action sequence. Most of the pictures of construction are embedded in a Flash, so it’s hard to use... Read more »

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Since I have actually built exactly 1 PC case mod in my life I figured I should show it during this series. It was built in early 2004 when I needed a portable computer to do the looping for my independent film but was too cheap to buy a laptop.... Read more »

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Today’s mod pick of the day celebrates a single artist – Jeffrey Stephenson. His PC mods are generally made from wood and other retro materials and look quite awesome. Let’s take a look at some of the ones I found the most intriguing, shall we? This one is great. I... Read more »

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Hello folks I’m back again with my PC Mod pic of the day- Project: Passive, built by Ville ‘Willek’ Kyrö. This guy went ahead and build a PC that uses all passive cooling, that is, no fans whatsoever! Let’s take a quick glance at what he did, and I’ll tell... Read more »