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Bill Gurstelle

Bill Gurstelle

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Before homes were electrified, people lived in constant danger of clothing and surroundings catching on fire from the oil lamps and cooking fires used in daily life. As the study of chemistry became more rigorous, scientists began to think about how to protect people from this hazard. The person who... Read more »


This 15th-century English nun wrote the book on the technology of recreational fishing. Read more »


Use the fascinating Möbius strip to make a spill-proof coffee cup carrier. Read more »


Scare the wits out of visitors with this pneumatic spook Read more »

Airic robot aarm developed by Festo AG uses air muscles controlled by tiny piezo proportional valves, 2007. —Credit: Festo AG & Co. KG

A father’s love inspired this A-bomb maker to invent a pneumatic actuator that’s used in robots today. Read more »


Re-create the incendiary reaction that welded the world’s modern railways. Read more »


Make the mechanism that put the movies on the big screen. Read more »


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