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Bonsai plants are, in their essence, little trees. Yet the art of bonsai has a much greater scope: it strives to replicate nature. It is an art that emulates the elements and their action on living plants. A tree is just a sapling until the roots grow, the water comes... Read more »


Soil blocks greatly reduce transplant shock, leaving you with more survivors in your garden. Read more »


“3D printing is not becoming local fast enough.” From the editors of MAKE magazine, the Maker Pro Newsletter is about the impact of makers on business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Please send items to us at [email protected]... Read more »


With wi-fi printing and OK print quality, the reliable, easty-to-use Cube makes a move for the mainstream. Read more »

The Make It Last Build Series, Sponsored by Microchip and Energizer NOTE: This contest is closed but we’ve had several requests for the project materials by folks who want to build these projects, so we’re reposting them here. Enjoy! Welcome to Make It Last, a project build series and contest,... Read more »