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Build an Airsoft gun target and BB catch to save your walls from destruction and to improve your accuracy. Read more »

Build a stand for the Master's and young Padawan's Light Sabres. Read more »

Since my wife’s perfume collection was literally taking up the bathroom, I built a lighted shelf in the bedroom to accommodate the many bottles she has. It also gives off a very nice glow at night. Read more »

I first came across this puzzle a few years ago at my uncle’s estate sale; apparently it was his father’s. I’m not sure if he made it himself or just came across it but I thought it was quite unique. I’ve made them out of hardwood and softwood. They also... Read more »

This recipe is great for holidays or any other day. It’s easy and fun to make, and the little ones will go crazy for them; I know we do. Read more »

How to custom make your own multi-purpose wooden bench with recycled or scrap pieces of lumber, to any size of your liking. Can be made for several purposes such as patio furniture, fire pit stool or even small enough for potty training, or big enough to be a workbench. These... Read more »

How to fabricate, out of mostly recycled materials, an ultraviolet nighttime bug trap, since ultraviolet light attracts most insects. Tired of nighttime critters and drowning in bug spray? Try this blacklight device to control mosquitoes and other nighttime insects. Read more »


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