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Cube 2

Safe and easy to use, but a closed system holds back its potential. Read more »

MakerBot Replicator 2

Last year’s impressive machine improves — with key upgrades from the open source community. Read more »


Sci-fi fans have grown up dreaming of stepping into a virtual world that’s indistinguishable (in sensual terms) from this one. Just load up a program and you’re in different a time, or another world. As technology has advanced, we’ve seen virtual worlds and characters become increasingly realistic, but we’ve only... Read more »


Imagine being about to 3D print customized characters, enemies, and props from your favorite computer games. That's the idea behind Sandboxr. Read more »


We're all familiar with wildly waving your arms in front of a Kinect to control an on-screen avatar, but the special hardware required ultimately limits the reach of this technology. But webcams are now built into nearly every laptop and mobile device on the market. What if you could wave... Read more »

Flying a brain-controlled drone. More zen than you think.

Since last we saw NeuroSky’s mind-reading game controller (at last year’s GDC), developers have been hard at work finding fun and interesting ways to use the device. I got a chance to try a few of them out and to move things with my mind. First up was an Unreal... Read more »


Blake Maloof is at GDC this week searching for new developments in gaming and gaming hardware that might be of interest to makers. Read more »