Blake Maloof

Blake Maloof

I design games for work and for fun. I recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, and am now employed as a designer at Toys for Bob.

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3d rendering of a red square pencil topper with indented circle eyes and a grill-like mouth.

Use Tinkercad to design a robot-head pencil topper in minutes. Read more »


For the tech-savvy, Printrbot offers expandability, speed and acceptable prints at a reasonable price. Read more »

Robert Desk

If you're a maker and a parent, you probably let your kids take things apart. According to Toys For Bob's lead engineer, Robert Leyland, developer of the Skylanders Portal of Power, you're doing the right thing. Read more »


If you’re hanging out in the grassy knoll between the Diet Coke and Mentos Stage and the Life-Size Mousetrap (perhaps staking out a good spot for the next show?) you might see or hear some little flying machines buzzing over head. Whether it’s a quad copter from AeroQuad or a... Read more »


Ever since Skylanders was released last holiday season, one of the most commonly requested additions to the franchise has been articulated toys. Custom toy maker Jin Saotome decided not to wait. He’s created a bunch of highly articulated Skylanders mods, many featuring plastic representations of their powers. Now he’s produced... Read more »


Case modder Richard “DarthBeavis” Surroz is here at the Asus DIY Labs booth showing off a creatively shaped computer case he’s made. This surreal android has the guts of a gaming computer and the face of the artist as a young man. You can check out some of his other... Read more »

Commodore 64 Keytar

If you’re walking around Maker Faire you may see a woman skating around with a strange looking instrument. That’s maker extraordinaire Jeri Ellsworth with her bass guitar made out of a Commodore 64. And did I mention she’s playing it while on roller skates? That’s talent! Read more »