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The Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser is a small entry-level laser cutter with a attractive pricetag (starting at $2,350). This machine is intended for both hobby level projects and small production work and is capable of very intricate designs. Read more »

Epilog Mini 24

For easy of repair and a design mindful of same, we nominate Epilog Laser for the 2012 Makey Awards in the Repair Friendly category. Read more »

These three great starter kits for making small tabletop siege weapons pack quite a kick. They’re simple to build, and include well-documented, easy-to-follow instructions. All components are made of quality materials accurately machined and drilled. The Ballista kit (pictured) is built of laser-cut hardwood and is a real blast to assemble and fire.... Read more »

This awesome three-axis CNC kit is a must-have for small projects such as circuit boards, engraving, or machining various small parts out of plastic or wood. Everything you need is included, except for a few hand tools, a vise, and a computer with a parallel port for running the software. The... Read more »

Medieval Battering Ram

Desktop battering ram? I think yes. This small kit is a lot of fun to build and use. It takes some time to put together and uses a fair amount of wood glue, but the instructions are clear and easy to read. The kit comes with two ½”-thick boards that... Read more »

Atlatl Kits

If you’ve ever wanted to hurl spears to bring down a woolly mammoth, then these two kits from Thunderbird Atlatl are the way to go. The Nanticoke and Kanakadea kits are both high quality and simple to build, so with a little time and effort you can make a very... Read more »