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Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger

Bob Knetzger ([email protected]) is an inventor/designer with 30 years of experience making fun stuff.

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How to make your project better through smart design. Read more »

Fig. C: Magnify!

Gelatin is used in lots of things like food, candy, and pharmaceutical and paintball capsules, but it also has interesting optical properties. Read more »

Final toy in package.

Often when pitching a company an idea for a new product, it’s not what you have, it’s what they think you have. That was the case when I presented this “game-in-a-hat” toy idea. My idea: a preschooler-sized hat that uses a motion sensor and sound circuit to play a simple... Read more »


Marvin Glass was the man behind Mouse Trap, Operation, Lite-Brite, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and dozens of other iconic toys and games. Read more »


A few years ago, I had to come up with a batch of gifts to give to friends and family — fast! Our backyard garden gnome was the inspiration: I’d make felt gnome hats for everyone. All I needed to make the pattern was a little math and a piece of... Read more »


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