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Cartesian diver toy "Diving Tony" was a cereal box favorite. You can make one quickly from just a few parts. Use clear PETG tubing and a piece of solid styrene to make the diver follow your commands. Read more »


Perhaps the most iconic 80's music toy was the Magical Musical Thing from Mattel. The TV commercial featured a kid playing melodies with one finger on the toy’s keypad strip — and finishing by playing it with his head! Now you can make your own custom version! Read more »

M36 TIN bulletin chalk board

Make a simple blackboard/bulletin board that cleverly uses a yardstick to divide the two. It's quick, easy, and makes a great gift too! Another great project from Make: contributor and toy inventor Bob Knetzger. Read more »

Ouija Be Mine image5

Ouija Be Mine? Here’s an animated pop-up Valentine's card you can make in a few minutes. When you slowly open the card, a hand sweeps across and moves the heart-shaped planchette over the Ouija board, spelling out the message: “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!” It’s both mysterious and romantic, perfect for any... Read more »


Ordinary kaleidoscopes must be pointed toward a light source to work. This one has built-in illumination, so you can hold it right up against a printed page. Read more »


It’s a hard road, but hardly impossible. The following five experts have found success with their toy creations, and have supplied their tips and advice to help smooth a successful toy-making pathway for you. Read more »


Make this fun mini projector just in time for Halloween. It throws a shadow image of a black cat — which then disappears, leaving only his spooky grin! Read more »