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Brianna Kufa

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This guide explains the steps for: Leg Holders-Model Feet- Model Legs- Model Secondary Arms- Model Primary Arms- Left Primary Arm Model, Right Primary Arm Model Additional Materials Required: 3/4" Steel Nuts (14) 3/4"x1.5" Bolts (14) Read more »

Sketchup Model Additional Materials Required: Steel Nuts (2) Read more »

Additional Materials Required: Soil Loading Drawer Wide Cylinder Supports 3/4"x2" Bolts (8) 3/4" Galvanized Nuts (8) Read more »

Materials Needed: Steel: .25×2 Flat: 12” (1) – Controller Mount .25×3 Flat: 6”(1) Controller Mount Bottom Piece .25×6 Flat: 12” (1) Valve Mount .25×6 Flat: 15” (1) Controller Mount .125x29x13.5 Sheet (1) Dirt Keeper Plate .125x29x17.5 Sheet (1) Brick Holder Plate Sketchup Model Read more »

Hopper Support Model Grate Support Model Additional Materials Required: 3/4"x1.5" Bolts (2) 3/4" Nuts (2) Shaker Mount Read more »


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