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If you’ve been following along with Craft Wars on TLC, this wreath might look familiar. Created by Margot Potter, she’s put together a how-to so you can make this at home. Read more »

Fellow Fellow’s Claire created this sweet serving tray, made with paper strips, for Say Yes to Hoboken. What kind of paper would you use for a project like this? Read more »

If you want to makeover your bathroom, or any room for that matter, a few DIY tricks can make a big difference without a lot of money. Take a look at Monica Wants It’s recent bathroom makeover where she found that paint, stencils, and even Glue Dots, can go a... Read more »

Do your shoes need some bling? Try making your own feather shoe clips, just like Jenny of Hank and Hunt did for Ruffled. Read more »

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Tackling a jewelry project doesn’t have to be daunting. Check out this how-to bauble necklace from Andrea of Making it Lovely for inspiration. Read more »

Maker Faire Detroit vendor Jodi Lynn Burton created this set of Sally Ride magnets that’s perfect for any appreciative fan. Read more »

Now THIS is an industrial design! This spotted child bicycle seat, on Riding on Roadways, is made from materials found at your favorite hardware store. UPDATE: We’ve received a lot of comments about this post calling us out for safety concerns. To be clear, the original author of this post... Read more »