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Today Parallax came out to MAKE HQ and let us test drive a number of their cool toys. They set up their quadcopters, y-copters, and hexcopters, hooked their ELEV-8 to an Intova camera, and used the video to fly with a first-person perspective. We pulled the feed into a streaming... Read more »


In this episode of Tiny Yellow House, Deek shows you how to turn a cheap piece of plastic dishware into a stained glass window. It’s a simple way to add light, while maintaining a modicum of privacy. He teaches you everything you need to know to add one to the... Read more »

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The days are long, the weather is great, and inspiration is everywhere. I’m taking a summertime hiatus (to work on a majorly cool secret project), but this list of every tutorial I’ve ever written is sure to keep you busy all season. I’ll miss you, see you in the fall!... Read more »

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This is an awesome video tutorial teaching how to give your cake a perfect frosted finish a paper towel! Brooke, aka littledelightsinlife, links to her buttercream recipe, and even answers a question in the comments about her shade of nail polish. She’s a great teacher, and her cake turns out... Read more »

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Today’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 features Duo Fiberworks. I hope you read this piece carefully, because the answers are great. I actually think that one of the mistakes mentioned is hugely inspirational. Anyone who has ever felt insecure about their work should read it, and take it to heart.... Read more »

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Ok, it’s true, I’m old. I don’t watch the MTV Music Video Awards, and I have NO IDEA who this kid is. But I think his Lego King Tut pendant is super sick. Gah, do the kids even say sick anymore? I’ve included a link below to some great Lego... Read more »

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Have you ever fallen in love with a blog just after hearing it’s name? I have! But, in the interest of not having my mouth washed out with soap, I’m leaving out the last few letters. Classy as F***, otherwise known as CAF, is a crafter after my own heart.... Read more »