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This Minecraft themed wedding featured on Geekologie today is amazing. The sculptures set the scene, but it’s the details that take it over the top. The groomsmen’s ties are rad, and I think her necklace is better than a real diamond. [via The Goodness] More: Lego Minifigs as Wedding Placecards... Read more »

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Some days I’m feeling a little bit more punk rock than others. This is one of those days. Not only would a pair of tights like this be fun to wear, I think they would be really satisfying to make. The ripping and tearing is the kind of craft I... Read more »

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If you didn’t have a chance to visit Maker Faire Bay Area, you can still catch up on all the crafty action. I stopped by the Swap-O-Rama-Rama and the Bazaar Bizarre and spoke with crafters in the midst of the craziness. Check out some projects made in the epic clothing... Read more »


Two pieces new to Maker Faire Bay this weekend area will be Light Trikes and Crowd Connect. The team from Frog made digital games physical and physical games digital. They explain the hardware and software behind their epic builds. Come play at Maker Faire Bay Area, this weekend, May 19th... Read more »


The Hardware Innovation Workshop, presented by MAKE magazine, is an interactive event featuring entrepreneurs and the devices they create. The maker economy is unlike any other and has unique opportunities, as well as unique challenges. The Hardware Innovation Workshop will introduce you to talented innovators and new devices poised to... Read more »


This episode of Tiny Yellow House is filled with so much more than just a murphy bed made from garage door parts. It’s actually filled with as many features as Hal’s tiny guest house. Deek showcases the storage, the sneaky bathtub, the kitchen, and of course the garage door murphy... Read more »

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Ah, cashmere, why are you so soft? The goat fiber is one of the most silky, fluffy, and delicious fibers I’ve ever worked with. I vigilantly scour thrift stores for cashmere sweaters, and then chop them up! I make wrist warmers, scarves and capelets with the body of the sweaters,... Read more »