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N55, a conceptual group from Denmark, creates functional art for living, breathing, and growing. Read more »

Using just small hand tools, enormous patience, and lots of toothpicks, Steven J. Backman creates amazingly intricate works of art. Read more »

Daniel Parker devoted most of the last five years to designing and building his own high-altitude airplane. Read more »

Beth Ferguson's SolarPump is meant to be both practical and thought-provoking. Read more »


Dale Sander's “truss telescoping telescope” was inspired partly by his friend Tom Noe, who built the first telescoping Dob scope that Sander had ever seen. Read more »


Sculptor Christopher Fennell created a bus stop shelter out of actual retired buses. Read more »


David Henshaw’s electronic clock tells time in pieced-together English sentences, displayed on rolls of 35mm film. Read more »