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Cabe Atwell

Cabe Atwell

The one-man ace engineering wrecking crew - If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... the Cabe-team

Latest from Cabe Atwell

El Pulpo Mechanico meets spectators (via Sociocide)

When art meets robotics, wonderful things happen, like fire sculptures – interactive robotic sculptures that shoot fire. America, the brave. Read more »


Bowling fan builds his own bowling alley that is reset using a series of strings connected to a cantilever. Unfortunately, players have to retrieve their own balls. Read more »

SMS messages alert the user to where the target vehicle is located

Homebrew tracking device was designed using an Arduino Uno and GPRS+GPS shield. Using it to track persons is highly illegal unless you belong to an alphabet agency. Read more »

Chris’s table was built using reclaimed wood and hand tools only

Craftsman, "chop with chris," builds his wife a dining table for their 20th anniversary using reclaimed and rough-sawn wood. He used nothing but hand tools to build it, even refraining from using nails and screws to hold it together. Read more »

Kinohaguruma’s wooden robotic arm functions using a series of gears and levers

The Wooden Robotic Arm uses a series of gears, pistons and levers to actuate in 4-DOF, all of which were crafted by hand. No, the artist isn’t offering his design for sale. Read more »

Brian Carter’s Barn Door Tracker was designed primarily with Lego parts

Photographer Brian Carter designed a barn door tracker using Legos and a Mindstorms EV3 brick to take incredible photos of the universe. Read more »

Taran Van Hemert’s AT-AT constructed with custom 3D printed Legos

The Imperial Walker was designed using several different Technic sets and houses four motors to control everything from walking to firing rubber bands. He had to design and 3D print some pieces himself because they didn’t exist in any of the sets. Read more »


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