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Though the fossil isn’t real, Andrew Klein’s table is still an exceptional piece of work.

Fossils and tables generally aren’t combined to make furniture, but one exceptional craftsman put the two together for a truly stunning piece. Andrew Klein began his build by bending the lamination to form the three curved legs of the table, which he strengthened and stabilized using a ‘floating’ box to... Read more »


  Palo Alto resident Chris Robinson was pondering how he would protect his family from a tsunami after the devastating disaster hit Japan back in March of 2011. His answer was the Tsunamiball- an escape pod of sorts made almost entirely out of wood. Sure, others have designed their own... Read more »


  There are arguably no more iconic characters in the Horror genre than the Cenobites from the Hellraiser movie series. The evil entities are summoned to this world through a ‘schism’ opened up after solving a puzzle box. The unlucky puzzle solvers then undergo body mutilations that are designed to... Read more »

Plasmatoreum’s Doctor Who Tardis Lamp features the famous Police Call box as well as few favorite characters.

  Doctor Who undoubtedly has one of the biggest fan bases of the sci-fi genre and like all fans, you can never have enough swag from the series. Shirts, action figures and shot glasses are widely available but it’s the swag fans make that’s truly one of a kind, in... Read more »

Su Daocheng’s gas-powered robotic horse was built upon a Go Kart motor, which powers four spring-loaded legs.

  Inventors come up with some unusual creations to help better their worlds and Su Daocheng of China’s Hubei Province is certainly one of them. The inventor designed the robotic horse to replace the real thing for plowing fields, which was inspired by military strategist Zhuge Liang’s ‘wooden ox and... Read more »


Attention to detail is something all model builders strive to accomplish when working on their new builds, which is obviously apparent in each of Headquake’s RC vehicles. The hobbyist recreates every minute detail found on real vehicles and transfers the m over to his hand-built RC models.   Headquake’s builds... Read more »

ST’s STM32F3 motion controller provides tracking for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that drives the Gear VR.

  VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are all the rage for technophiles, which is amazing considering most major electronics companies haven’t released their respective wares to the market yet. For those who cannot wait for those companies (looking at you Sony, Oculus and Valve) headsets, perhaps they should take a look... Read more »