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Cabe Atwell

Cabe Atwell

The one-man ace engineering wrecking crew - If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... the Cabe-team

Latest from Cabe Atwell

Brian Carter’s Barn Door Tracker was designed primarily with Lego parts

Photographer Brian Carter designed a barn door tracker using Legos and a Mindstorms EV3 brick to take incredible photos of the universe. Read more »

Taran Van Hemert’s AT-AT constructed with custom 3D printed Legos

The Imperial Walker was designed using several different Technic sets and houses four motors to control everything from walking to firing rubber bands. He had to design and 3D print some pieces himself because they didn’t exist in any of the sets. Read more »

Yep, that's a light staff - 'Darth Maul Urges  Intensifies' blogger 'Risknc' updates his Light Staff prototype, much to the excitement of the LARPing community. It is a 8-foot staff filled with High Intensity LEDs that put on quite a show. Read more »

The 3D printer accentuates the 3D printing process by making striking woven designs and textures

Oliver van Herpt has created an impressive 3D printer that can make elegant and complex clay pots in a matter of hours. Could this spark a boom in the pottery market? Read more »

A finished bulldog ring, created by covering the wax sculpture in silver, brass, bronze, or gold

Lost-wax casting methods have been dated back to c.3700 BC from known history. In a recent rise to regain this lost tradition, artists, like Daphna have begun creating sweet designs, like tiny animal rings. Read more »


Artist designs Lord of the Rings lamp using the age-old art form of stained glass. The lamp has three scenes, with each side but the face representing the trilogy. Read more »

[Tony’s] $60 Bluetooth Head Mounted Display is compatible with Android and Linux

The $80 Head Mounted Display was made with 3D printed frames and component housing modules with the optics bought from eBay. They are fully adjustable and function with Android or Linux-based mobile devices. Read more »


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