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Cabe Atwell

The one-man ace engineering wrecking crew - If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... the Cabe-team

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Finished, DIY cargo bike with reused 90’s Scott mountain bike frame.

In the DIY community there are tons of projects brewing that make life easier. One such project comes from a maker named Phil, who created his own Cargo Bike Build out of an old mountain bike frame and lots of steel, without any of the correct tools but with tons... Read more »

Amythelamey spent 4 weeks (2-hours a day) cross-stitching her Metroid Samus shirt at a resolution of 80 X 140 stiches or pixels.

When I was young, I used to see my mom cross stitching different pictures over the years and figured this must be what old women (she was in her 30’s at that point) do to pass the time. I soon found out that this in fact wasn’t the case and... Read more »

Steve Edward’s simple DIY Edison breakout board

The Intel Edison debuted a number of months ago, but only recently have custom breakout boards made their way into the wild. Self-proclaimed Hacker and SharedCircuits user Stephen Edward created his Simple Edison Breakout Board to rectify that shortcoming. The Edison, a powerful single board computer, is computationally quick rendering... Read more »

Kobachi’s St. Optimus of Prime stained glass window only transforms the light passing through it.

  Stained glass or colored glass works of art have been around forever and the methods to create that glass haven’t changed much since ancient times. What has changed, are the images themselves as today’s stained glass artists have shifted from predominantly religious themes to those of pop icons such... Read more »

Bernard Hiew’s Vintage Sign Board with Running Lights brings back the nostalgia of going to the movie theater long ago.

Back in the day (think the ’20s and ’30s) movie patrons would dress in their finest clothes and head on over to a night at the theater, which was considered an extravagant affair. In fact, people of the time referred to them as “picture palaces” and had uniformed ushers who... Read more »

  It’s that time of year again when people throw up a tree and decorate it with personalized objects for celebrating Christmas. Instead of using the same mundane store-bought multicolored spheres, more people are turning to 3D printed decorations that have a more personalized aesthetic. The revolution of 3D printing... Read more »


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