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A Mobïus wrap is a unique garment with no inside or outside, and only 1 side and 1 edge. This cowl grows out from the center, allowing for color play with stripes. The cowl can be worn over the shoulders, pulled over the head, or doubled as a neck-warmer. Read more »

Do you ever sit in your cube, listening to the low rumble of keyboards clacking away in the distance, wondering how you can take your geek cred to the next level? Well, I'm pretty sure that a handmade TARDIS phone charging station would do the trick! Read more »

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InBook iPhone Charging Docks Hello Crafters! It’s time to introduce a new chapter of CRAFT. I’ve had a wonderful time being the editor of CRAFT – it’s been such a thrill working every day with amazing crafters who consistently bring fresh awe-inspiring ways of creating to the world of crafting.... Read more »

Nothing more precious than a father-daughter team creating skateboard art together. Read how Jen’s husband at Hey! Jen Renee and his 5-year-old daughter, “Lotus,” put together this sweet pop-art skateboard deck that they will hang on Lotus’s bedroom wall. Read more »

Can you fix this broken heart? From Simply Fun Stuff, here’s a tangram puzzle with a downloadable pattern that works as a last minute handmade V-day gift, or as a night-before-Valentine craft for kids. Read more »

By Emilee Gettle Growing up, I loved class Valentine’s Day parties, complete with decorated shoeboxes and handmade Valentines. I often stocked up on Conversation Hearts, ensuring that my supply would last me until Easter. I had great fun laying them one by one on the table and making up my... Read more »

By Rachel Faucett Everybody loves to be loved. What if that love could be injected? Taking inspiration from an IV bag, I went looking around the house and took a trip to the local supermarket to find all of the supplies I needed. So if you have a relationship that... Read more »