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By Lauren O’Farrell All images copyright Lauren O’Farrell Mushy love stuff ahoy! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day – the time of the year when you bellow, “I HEART YOU!” with something handmade. Fancy stitching something squishy to profess your undying amour? Then it’s about time you met the Smitten Softspot, a... Read more »

With two crafty daughters, my house is always stocked with a bucket’s worth of Perler (or Hama) beads, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to veer from the pegboards they come with and string them into something beautiful. Well now I’ve found just the project. Kate from Mini-Eco... Read more »

This free pattern for fingerless gloves at Tracey Knits is part of a learn-to-knit video series, so it is simple enough even for the novice knitter. Tracey says she chose this pattern for a beginning project because the glove is quick to make, and because you have to make another,... Read more »

By Olivia DeMirjian Photos by Susan Sheridan Over the summer, I went to art class with my mom, who is an artist. Her art teacher showed me a project that really interested me – colorful bracelets made out of paper and glue. She showed me how to cut and roll... Read more »

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s a paper heart garland video tutorial by The Cheese Thief to help add some colorful sweetness to your day. Read more »

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By Paul Stern When I first heard the words pâte à choux in baking class, I thought my teacher had sneezed. Also known as choux pastry, it is pronounced pat-ah-SHOO. Had she said, “We will be making cream puffs next class,” I would have known what she meant. Anyway, the... Read more »

By Rachel Faucett The detachable collar has been all over the runways for the past couple of seasons, from Prada to Free People. I made my own version based on a collar my grandmother wore in the 40s. I wear mine as a scarf in colder months and with a... Read more »