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Craig Couden

Craig is a human man. Definitely a doubt about it! Let's do human things together, fellow humans!

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RedBearLab puts the focus on IoT with the Arduino-compatible Blend Board. It has Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy built in. Blend has an accompanying iOS/Android app that displays realtime inputs (like buttons). You can also control I/O functions directly within the app. Read more »


In the same tactile vein as a Makey Makey, the Bare Conductive Touch is all about interaction with the world around you. The Arduino-compatible board has 12 electrodes that can be connected to Bare’s conductive paint, conductive tape, or alligator-clipped objects around the house (like fruit). It can also act... Read more »


Essentially, Banana Pi is a souped-up clone of the first-gen Raspberry Pis. It has an ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 1Gbps Ethernet port, and is compatible with Raspberry Pi add-on hardware. Read more »


The Arrow SmartEverything packs a ton of features into this IoT development board. It includes an onboard Sigfox module, GPS unit, and BLE, plus sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, and acceleration out-of-the-box. It also sports encryption features, which put it ahead of the curve compared to other IoT boards. Read more »


Sticking with the familiar Arduino form factor, the  Zero adds a more powerful 32-bit processor at lower power consumption. It also features an onboard debugger without the need for additional hardware. Be careful though, the Arduino Zero uses 3.3V instead of the standard 5V. Read more »


The Yún is Arduino’s play for the IoT market, with Ethernet and Wi-Fi support built-in. The Arduino Yún also features onboard Linux and AVR, which allows you to offload the RAM-intensive networking onto the Linux machine and lets the Arduino talk to your hardware. Read more »