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The Yún is Arduino’s play for the IoT market, with Ethernet and Wi-Fi support built-in. The Arduino Yún also features onboard Linux and AVR, which allows you to offload the RAM-intensive networking onto the Linux machine and lets the Arduino talk to your hardware. Read more »

From LITTLE STAR WARS The Force Awakens: Kids Parody

At its most basic level, acting out Star Wars is just fun. These DIY The Force Awakens trailers prove it. Read more »


Watch this shot-for-shot DIY remake of the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read more »

Photo: Hep Svadja

The FAA’s drone task force released suggestions for a web-based registration process for pilots of drones more than 250g (around 8.5oz). Read more »

CD-Rom shoulder pads are in style again in this future year of 2003.

The tech seems goofy, but the concepts are surprisingly applicable to our present techno-culture. Read more »


Make Halloween truly terrifying with these nightmare-inducing costumes. Read more »