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Craig Couden

Craig is a human man. Definitely a doubt about it! Let's do human things together, fellow humans!

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Marshmallow Shooters — Rain down gooey destruction on your foes/family members with this simple, lung-powered toy.

Forget the gifts this Father’s Day! With busy work and school schedules, after school activities, clubs, and personal projects, time is the best present a dad can get. So in the spirit of spending time with dad, here are a handful of engaging projects that are fun to build together so... Read more »

dancing robot Mark Setrakian

Building humanoid robots is hard. It may be surprising, but humans have upwards of 21 senses to master, three of which — balance, proprioception (knowing where your body parts are in relation to each other), and kinesthetic sense (knowing how to move those body parts in relation to each other)... Read more »

fractal wood burning finished

  The Backyard Scientist (who you may remember pouring molten aluminum into a watermelon) has a very cool how-to for burning Lichtenberg fractal patterns into pieces of plywood using electricity. Not only is the process mesmerizing (as you can see above), but the resulting patterns are beautiful. Two microwave oven... Read more »

Microsoft came to Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 with an array of projects centered around interactivity and fun. Faire-goers got hands-on time with a human-sized keyboard (á la FAO Shwartz) and a Selfie Curtain that uses a Windows 10 app to capture images and display them on a huge RGB... Read more »

The Jellyfish Inspired Fiber Optic Dress  by Natalie Walsh. Photographed by Audrey Love

Illuminated clothing is one of the more, ahem, visible branches of wearable technology, so itʼs no surprise that a few feet of EL wire can turn heads and add an extra dimension to your outfit. But take note: Itʼs not how bright you are, itʼs how stylish you look in... Read more »


Powder based 3D printers are on the verge of hitting the mainstream desktop market. Here are 5 printers to keep an eye on in 2014. Read more »

Sam Schickler at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 with Printrbot's Brooke Drumm and fellow Maker Club student Alexander. Via Tales of a 3D Printer

Berkeley, California students Jane Yarnell and Sam Schickler, along with their science teacher Christine Mytko, brought 3D printed scans of microscopic surfaces to the White House Maker Faire. Read more »