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For this project, you need to have a Linux computer, or else the things I describe will not work. Don’t fret, though, because there are plenty of tutorials out there that will help you. Piecing this together from multiple sources has been hard, but I’ve been able to do it... Read more »

Object-oriented programming: a style of computer programming that uses different modules of code that build on each other or work together to create a program. OOP (for short) is commonly used today rather than line after line of code, to make programs more organized as collections of smaller units. This... Read more »

Programming is one of the key components in the technology in our lives today. From things like video games to even the computer on which you are reading this, programs are needed to make them operate. And if you want to learn how to program, this tutorial is where to... Read more »

In this project, I will show how to put the Lejos NXJ firmware on your NXT and load a simple program. Lejos is simply Java for NXT, so if you know Java, you can easily learn Lejos. Any version of the NXT will work. I will be working on Ubuntu... Read more »

For this tutorial, you will need (or at least it is helpful to have) a knowledge of the Python programming language. You will also need an Arduino and, depending on how many of the projects below you want to work on, different electronic parts. Let’s dive in! Read more »

In this project, we will wire in a sensor and add a program that I made myself, so that our TVs greet us when we walk in the room. However, make sure that you have done my previous tutorial that teaches how to use an Arduino clone with a TV,... Read more »

Here you will learn how to wire the Arduino clone up and how to start your first project. In this tutorial, I am working with a breadboardable ATMega Lite Dev Kit from, but this can apply to other Arduino clones, too, such as the Ardweeny kit in the Maker... Read more »


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