Charles Platt

Charles Platt

Charles Platt is the author of Make: Electronics, an introductory guide for all ages. He is completing a sequel, Make: More Electronics, and is the author of Volume One of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components. Volumes Two and Three are in preparation.

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No matter what kind of game you’re playing — whether itʼs Angry Birds, Grand Theft Auto, or an intense session of chess — you want the computer to behave unpredictably. If it always responds the same way in the same situation, that’s no fun at all. This is why almost... Read more »

Jumper Wires

When you’re wiring a circuit on a breadboard, neatness counts. If you use color-coded jumper wires that fit precisely, you can see your circuit clearly and track down errors easily. There are two types of pre-cut jumper wires: the long, flexible ones with little plugs at each end, and the solid... Read more »

Your basic continuous rotation servomotor.

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Normally lurking unseen inside stereo systems, the digital potentiometer needs no adjustment, because it adjusts itself. Its fluctuating resistance can change the color or brightness of a light, the loudness or frequency of a sound, or any other parameters that depend on voltage and current. Read more »

Figure D: Although neon lamps with ornamental electrodes aren’t being made anymore, the old ones last for decades.

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