Charles Platt

Charles Platt

Charles Platt is the author of Make: Electronics, an introductory guide for all ages. He is completing a sequel, Make: More Electronics, and is the author of Volume One of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components. Volumes Two and Three are in preparation.

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Make a better lamp timer that actually knows when it's dark outside, as well as, of course, knowing what time it is. Another smart project from Charles Platt, from his MAKE series Electronics Fun and Fundamentals. Read more »


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What goes on, exactly, inside those AAA batteries powering your LED flashlight? The short answer is: Chemistry. Chemical reactions can encourage electrons to flow out from one terminal and back to the other, doing some useful work along the way. Meanwhile, inside the battery, positive ions, also known as electron-holes,... Read more »


Pick-proof, programmable security without a microcontroller. Read more »

See yourself as others see you with a true mirror. Read more »


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