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Use adhesive “sign vinyl” for silk-screen printing without the aid of chemicals or a darkroom. It's easy! Read more »


Making a didgeridoo mouthpiece is a fairly simple process that you can do at home. Read more »


Charles Guan is an MIT alumnus, and has been making projects that have been festive and amazing over the past few years. Charles has been influential in the MIT Makerspace/club MITERS, where students create all manner of great projects. He and MITERS members have been frequent fliers at various Maker... Read more »


As this weekend's conference on How to Make a Makerspace is getting started, I had a chance to speak briefly with Dale Dougherty. He briefly summed up why we need makerspaces, and what we might look forward to from this emerging community. This weekend, nearly 200 representatives of established and... Read more »


What good are six legs without a body to attach them to? Follow this guide to build your hexapod robot’s body. Read more »


This guide will bring you through the process of building one of Hexy’s six legs. The steps of building one of Hexy’s legs are: Gathering the parts and tools. Peeling the protective paper Identifying parts for the subsystems Assembling the subsystems Drilling the holes in the servo horns Attaching the... Read more »


Here’s an easy technique to create a decent quality circuit board. You can design your own circuit traces, or you can find existing artwork of proven designs. There lots of ways to etch a circuit board, but all of them create a path for the electricity by preserving and removing... Read more »