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Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

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Josh Rosenstock brought his Nomadic Remix jacket and other projects to the recent Cambridge Mini Maker Faire. His jackets work by recording ambient audio from your surroundings and then chopping the sound up and playing it back through speakers sewn into the collar. You can control the recordings and remixing... Read more »

At the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire, we had a whole mess of Makerbots. People were very curious about all the plastic being extruded and had lots of questions of the hardy Makerbotters. I had a chance (since I was in the next booth over) to ask a few questions of... Read more »

Angela Sheehan has taken on a series of projects inspired in part by CRAFT and the Fashioning Technology book and site. She showed her work at the recent Cambridge Mini Maker Faire and brought me through her work. Her site, Soft Circuit Saturdays has a nice collection of clever projects. Read more »

Angela Sheehan runs a site of crafty creations called Soft Circuit Saturdays. She demonstrates lots of neat ways that you can combine circuits with fabrics to entertain all your senses and even protect your tongue. She will be showing her work at this Saturday's Cambridge Mini Maker Faire from noon... Read more »

After class, how do you blow off some steam, sparks, swarf? Over at MIT, they have MITers, a great on-campus hackerspace where students gather to build amazing creations. You can check out some of the more portable physical imaginings at the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire this Saturday, April 24 from... Read more »

Ed Baafi has been working up Modkit, a great new interface that combines the language Scratch with the ability to write programs for the Arduino. Like Scratch, Modkit provides the user with clickable and expandable code blocks. When you have the program the way you want it, you send it... Read more »

Several years ago, my then science department head and former 9th grade science teacher was retiring. Bob Webster brought me many useful and entertaining ideas. He had our whole department making wikis to share information in the early 00's. Through him, I learned more about computer repair, web design, programming... Read more »


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