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Clayton Ritcher

Clayton Ritcher

An Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics double major at Carnegie Mellon University who enjoys coding, tinkering, and building.

Latest from Clayton Ritcher

in use 2 small

The light-up shoes from your childhood are all grown up — these Luminous Lowtops are force-sensitive, full-color LED light-up shoes for adults. Each shoe has two embedded force-sensitive resistors (FSRs) — one under the heel and one under the ball of the foot — and up to 40 RGB LEDs... Read more »

Raspberry Rover

The Raspberry Rover is a small RC car with a Raspberry Pi for a brain. It is controlled over a Wi-Fi network through a TCP/IP socket, and streams back live video from an on-board webcam. It even sports 'Night Vision' for navigation in the dark. Read more »