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Measuring brainwaves is not just for neuroscientists anymore. So, how shall we use our newfound sensory powers? Read more »

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Roll Into Spring with MAKE Volume 26: “Karts and Wheels” Garage go-kart building is a time-honored hobby for do-it-yourselfers, and we’ve got plans and articles to help you build wheeled wonders that’ll have you and the kids racing around the neighborhood in DIY style. Build a longboard skateboard by bending... Read more »

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Ever wonder why they call it an electronics "breadboard"? It's time we try building on a *real* breadboard. Read more »


Ever wonder why they call it an electronics "breadboard?" Grab a hammer, some nails, and a slab of wood and let's find out. Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.20.36 PM Oscilloscopes are surprisingly easy to use once you've located a few basic controls. They can provide newcomers with a whole new way to view the world of electronics & electricty - plus they look impressively cool/awesome while in use! Read more »

An oscilloscope is a surprisingly easy to use diagnostic tool for electronics once you've learned the basics. Read more »

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5mm or 10mm LEDs will work just fine for most projects, but if you really want to light up a room, consider using some of the high-power variety. With forward currents up to a full amp, you'll need a way to dissipate heat - but the results are very much... Read more »