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The Monotron mini analog synthesizer was made to be hacked - learn how to add your own control-voltage inputs and check out some sample synthing played via strobe light. Read more »

Many an experimenter, hacker, tinkerer, & maker have heeded the call of the mighty matrix – and it’s no mystery why. A small army of LEDs elegantly wired in grid formation would be difficult for anyone with an appreciation for electronics hardware to pass up – even after considering the... Read more »


The Monotron mini analog synthesizer is a simple but sweet-sounding synth that sports basic features that give a nod to us hardware hackers. Read more »

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The Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) turns bits into waves using a surprisingly simple circuit built from little more than a few resistors. Learn how to build your own R-2R DAC and use it to generate waveforms with a microcontroller Read more »

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It’s true – I love DACs. There’s something awesome about the role they play, translating information from one paradigm over to another form. Sure, you can pick up a precision DAC chip with serial interface for a little over a buck, but building a barebones version from a handful of... Read more »

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Get acquainted with the Digital Multimeter - an engineer's best friend! Learn how to measure resistance, voltage, current as well as test continuity using the Swiss Army knife of electronics. Read more »

Get acquainted with the Digital Multimeter – an engineer’s best friend! The ability to test resistance, voltage, current & continuity are vital to any electronics maker – even the freshest of newbies. In fact, having a reliable multimeter on hand is a huge help when learning the basics. Even before... Read more »