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The standard explanation for the attractiveness of older technology is simply that They Made It Better In The Old Days. But this isn’t necessarily or even usually true. Read more »

Making, in short, is not about making. Making is about sharing. Read more »

Why is the phone emitting and the world sensing? Why not build the sensors into the phone and the emitters into the world? Read more »

There’s a strain of thinking that says it’s cheating to innovate by remixing or reconfiguring other people’s existing inventions. Read more »

The Encyclopædia Britannica contains facts. Wikipedia contains facts about facts. This is Wikipedia’s secret weapon and its greatest weakness. Read more »

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When it comes to assistive technology and externalities, there is no “us” and “them.” Read more »

There’s never a good reason for the government to keep its everyday workings a secret from the people who own it: the citizenry. Read more »